7 Up 7 Down Guide: Learn How to Play It

7 Up 7 Down Guide: Learn How to Play It

7 Up 7 Down

With the introduction of online casinos, gambling games are steadily gaining popularity. This is because people can play them at any time on their mobile phones. In any case, some casino games are an attraction in both online and real-life casinos.

Some of these games are more fun than others because of their simplicity and ease of play. One of such games is 7 up 7 down.

This game is probably the simplest betting game you can hope to find. You don't need any experience to play it and the game offers great odds.

Quite a good deal isn't it?

In this article, I will tell you all there is about 7 up 7 down. Although the game is quite simple in itself, there are some things you must know. I shall tell you what the game actually is and how to play it. We will also uncover some basic strategies you can follow to secure some wins and earn money.

So, let's start with our 7 up 7 down guide, shall we?

What is 7 Up 7 Down?

This game, although not very popular, is a dice game. There are two dice in it and the objective of the game is very simple. 

The broker rolls the dice and there are three kinds of bets you can place in it. We shall cover these bets later on in our article. But before we move on, you should know the concept behind this game.  The design of dice is in such a way that the opposite sides always add up to the same number.  And that lucky number is '7'. For instance, if the side with 'one' faces upward, the side with 'six' faces downward. The same is the case for 2 & 5 and 3 & 4. Taking this concept a little further, the game uses two dice. The sum of the numbers on both dice can range anywhere between two and twelve. Since the number in the middle is 7, we use that as leverage to develop this game. The game has three kinds of bets involved which we shall cover in a bit. Once you place your money on one or more betting options, the game begins.  Usually, there is a time limit to place the bet but you might already be aware of the rules and regulations. In 7 up 7 down, there is only a single player at a time who is up against the dealer. However, some casinos and sites offer a multiplayer version in this game as well. Since the game is so simple, there are great odds of winning. Likewise, there are great odds of losing all your money as well.

How To Play 7 Up 7 Down

Like I said before, the game is very simple and does not have many rules you should know. Before I tell you how the game works, I shall tell you all about the components of 7 up 7 down. There is a table which usually has a blue mat on it. The broker or dealer has two dice with him and a dice rolling jar. Once the players place their bets, the dealer starts to shuffle the dice in the jar. The dealer may also add some thrill to this by covering the jar with his hand.  Once the dealer has shuffled the dice well, he will throw them onto the table. The player/players receive the money according to their wagers and winnings.

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Types Of Bets In 7 Up 7 Down

As you already know, there are three kinds of bets you can make in 7 up 7 down. 

You choose any of these options at the start of each game. 

The three kinds of bets in 7 up 7 down are!

  1. 7 up: In this bet, you wager that the sum of two dice numbers will be greater than seven. Like I said before, the sum of two dice can go up to 12. So, there are five numbers greater than seven which are a possibility.
  2. 7 down: This is the exact opposite of the 7 up bet which goes for the higher numbers. In this bet, you wager that the sum of both dice will be lower than seven. In this case, there are also five possibilities from the numbers 2 to 6.
  3. Lucky 7: The sum of two dice numbers might not always be greater or lower than seven. This is because it can be the number 7 itself. It is called our lucky number in 7 up 7 down. The probability of getting such a win is lower compared to the other two options. However, this option also offers a much higher payout so you might want to consider it.


You should also know that if the dice throw is not legitimate, the dealer will throw the dice again. By legitimate, I mean that the dice must always face up directly without any support of sidewalls. Once the result is the one you have put your money on, you will win the bet. It's as simple as that!

7 Up 7 Down Strategy Guide

The game 7 up 7 down is really simple but there are still some things you must know regarding it. You cannot always start betting on a gambling game like a knucklehead. Although 7 up 7 down relies mostly on luck, you still need to follow a betting strategy to earn a profit. As for the game strategy, it depends on the odds this game has to offer. The odds for 7 up and 7 down bets are 1:1. This means that you will get double your money every time you win. Likewise, you will lose your money to the house if you lose a game. However, this is not the case for the lucky 7 bets. This is because that bet offers odds that are 3:1 or 4:1. Thus, with every win, you get four or five times your original investment. Also, the chances of getting a seven are just as much as getting above or below seven. So, if you are feeling lucky, you can go for the higher odds and get a big win. However, the game is entirely based on chance so you can go for either option.  But, you should invest your money carefully so as to maximize your profits and not to earn any loss.

Betting Strategy:

The most successful betting strategy that you can use in 7 up 7 down is the Martingale strategy. In this kind of betting, you double your stakes every time you lose a bet. In this way, you can cover your previous losses with a single win.  Also, if you get more than one win in a row, you are at an overall profit. Let me tell you how the Martingale strategy works. Let's suppose you bet 10$ on your first match. If you lose the money, you can bet 20$ on your next match. Thus, if you win the second match, you are now at an overall profit of 10$. Even if you lose, you still don't have to worry since you can double your bet with the next match. In this way, not only can you cover your previous losses but also earn a total profit.  With the lucky 7 bets, you can even earn a big amount of money with successive doubling. However, the Martingale strategy comes with a slight risk. If you keep on losing and get no win at the end of the day, all your money would be to waste. Also, doubling the money repeatedly can get it up to a very large amount after a few matches. Therefore, you need to have quite a lot of money to back it up. There is also one more thing you should know regarding 7 up 7 down odds.  While the lucky 7 odds might seem extravagant, it is not quite so. Odds of 3:1 almost always earn a profit for the house which you pay for. 

Therefore, you should only choose the lucky 7 bets if the house offers 4:1 odds.

Frequently Asked Question:

These faqs can be helpful for you if you want to master this game. Oppabet is a platform that not only allows you to play online betting games but also helps you learn new games as well. 

1. Can I play online 7 up 7 down for money or for free?

The game 7 up 7 down is available on many online casinos. Usually, you can find only the versions which take real money from you. However, some websites also offer free versions of 7 up 7 down where you don't need to put in money. A very good example of such a site is Betway casinos.

2. How to win online 7 up 7 down?

The game offers random odds and there is not really a surefire way to win. However, you can increase your winning chances by going for the Martingale strategy. You can also increase the odds by choosing two options instead of one. These would include one of the 7 up or 7 down bets along with the lucky 7 option.

3. Where to play 7 up 7 down online?

This game is available mostly on local websites and is not really an option at every casino. So, you might have to search for it but you can find plenty of casinos that offer an online version of this game.

Wrapping It All Up!

The game 7 up 7 down is an easy casino game based mostly on luck. There are not many strategies you can use to make sure that you win. However, there are still some ways to ensure an overall profit in the long run. In this article, I have told you all about the things that you need to keep in mind when playing 7 up 7 down. I have also told you the ways to increase your winning chances in it. 

I hope that the next time you play 7 up 7 down, you are able to earn some big wins to take home.Here at Oppabet, we offer a wide range of card games to choose from! Register for an Oppabet account now and start winning!

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