Basics of the Doubling Cube for Backgammon Betting

Basics of the Doubling Cube for Backgammon Betting

Backgammon betting

Backgammon is a two-person game played on a board that has 24 narrow triangles known as points. The alternately-colored triangles are grouped together into 4 quadrants of 6 triangles each. The quadrants are said to be a player’s home and outer board, and their opponent’s home and outer board. The home and outer boards are detached from each other by a ridge below the center of the board known as the bar.

What is a Backgammon doubling cube?

A Backgammon doubling cube is a cubical piece, a little bigger than a normal die, with the numbers 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 written on its sides. It is sometimes simply called the cube. The basic idea is to let players bet on the game while playing, and the doubling cube will determine winning amounts. Let's get into the basics of the doubling cube for Backgammon betting. 

At the start of the game, the doubling cube is kept halfway between two players on the bar or at the Backgammon board's side, with the number 64 facing upside. The position of the dice, halfway between both the players, depicts that both players have equal access to it. That means either player can make the first move. 

what happens when a double cube appears?

At any point while playing, a player who understands they have an advantage may double the stakes. They can perform this only at the start of their turn, before rolling the cube. When a double is presented, the opponent player can decline the double, in which case the person resigns from the game and loses the current stakes. 

If the opposing player doesn’t desire to resign, they can accept the double and continue the game at double the earlier stakes. They place the dice on their side of the board with the number 2 facing up - this number 2 depicts that the stakes are doubled now. The position of the dice states that this player now has the doubling cube and only this player can perform the next double.

If the game eventually turns around and the one having the cube realizes that they have an advantage, the person can redouble the stakes up to 4. The opponent player may decline and forfeit the current stakes or can agree and keep playing at now quadruple the previous stakes. There are no restrictions to the doubles and redoubles numbers in each game, except that doubling twice in a row is not possible.

In the end, the loser pays the value of the doubling cubes to the winning player in whatever money units they mutually agreed to play on. For instance, if playing for a dollar a point and the doubling cube depicts 4, then the loser pays $4 to the winner. In a gammon or Backgammon case, this amount gets doubled or tripled.

Wrap up

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