Brag - Rules of Card Games

Brag - Rules of Card Games

Brag: The game

Brag is a very old card game as people have been playing it for the 18th century. But still, not many people know about this game. This is the variation or the new version of the Brag game. But the main rules of the game are the same. Some people consider three-card brag as poker because of the similar rules. While some people think three-card brag is similar to teen Patti. 

This is all because of the same card patterns or rules. But in reality, the three games are different from each other. People should learn to play the three-card brag because it is fun to play and rules are super easy. Therefore in this article, we will tell you all the rules of the three-card brag and where you can play it. So without any further due, shall we start the discussion?

Three Card Brag

Three card brag is the modern version of the brag game. This new version of the brag game has some new rules and extra features. But there is a slight difference between the online game and the physical game. This is because of the different casinos and the availability of the staff. In a three-card brag game, three things are included

  • Players.
  • Cards.
  • Preparation.

In this card game, a standard pack of 52 cards is used but jokers are not included. The card of each suite is ranked in the usual high to low rank. 

The high to low rank in cards is A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2.

Furthermore, remember the following three rules of the Brag game if you are new.

  • Do not display your cards to your opponents.
  • Do not give a single clue about your hand.
  • Never fold your turn.

If you do not follow these rules then you will be thrown out of the Brag game. Here the number of players can vary but it is suitable for 4 to 8 people. This is a gambling game and before you start to play the game it is important to know its rules. Also, you should agree on the strake because it is necessary to agree on.

  • The maximum and minimum initial bet - the amount of bet that the first player make to stay in the hand
  • Ante or the initial stake - the amount that every game player put into the pot before every deal
  • The limit on the amount through which each subsequent player can increase the bet
  • Any changes to the basic rules like the use of wild cards.

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Ranking of Hands

The ranking of hands in the three-card brag is from highest to lowest. So have a look at this order if you want to play this card game.

1. Prial:

The Prial is the short form of Pair Royal. In the brag game, Prial is the set of three cards that have equal rank. This is also called the best of three. The order of prials is as follows A-A-A, K-K-K, Q-Q-Q, in the high and for low the order is 5-5-5, 4-4-4, 2-2-2. According to the card rankings, the set is called high Prial or low Prial.

2. Running Flush:

This is the second set in the three brag games. The cards are called the running flush if they are in the sequence and have the same suite. While the run is the three consecutive cards of any suit. In the run, two cards have the same suite while one card can be of any suite. Indeed Ace is high, but when you get the cards like A-2-3 then it is considered the valid sequence. As here A is considered the one. Also, if these cards have the same suits then they are called the running flush. But in the case of mixed suits, the set is considered the run. In addition, sequence A-2-3 is considered the highest run. While the A-K-Q is considered the second-highest. After that, the third-highest sequence is K-Q-J and so on. In cards, the lowest sequence is 4-3-2. But if you get the cards like 2-A-K it will not consider as the running flush or valid sequence

3. Run:

As we already discussed here the sequence can be in mixed suits. If the two cards have the same suit and the one card has a different suit. Then the set is called Run.

4. Flush:

Like the running flush, if you get the cards from the same suit then it is called a flush. But the difference between running flush and flush is that. Flush contains random cards. It means here the condition is that all the three cards must have the same suite. In the case of flush sequence, the highest hand is calculated by comparing each card individually. Here the first card is compared with the first card of other hands. If the highest card is the same. Then the middle card is compared and so on. Therefore, the flush sequence K-9-2 beats the Q-10-5. Similarly, the sequence Q-10-5 beats the Q-10-3 which further beats the flush sequence Q-9-8.

5. Pair:

In a pair set, two cards have an equal rank and the third card can have a different rank. If you get the same card then the set will become the Prial set. When comparing the hands, the rank of the pair is compared first. But if two players get the same pair the odd card will determine which hand is higher. For Example, 9-9-3 beats the 8-8-K, and 8-8-K further beats the 8-8-J.

6. High card:

The set of three cards that do not form any of the above sets. To determine the highest card, each card is compared individually like flushes. Therefore, in the first step, the highest card is compared. If the highest cards of both hands are equal then the second highest cards are compared and so on. Until the highest hand is determined. Therefore, J-6-3 beats 10-9-7 which further beats the 10-9-6. For suits, there is no order. That's why two hands may have an equal rank. But in the card game, only one hand can win. Therefore, the calling player will lose in case of two equal hands.

Ante And Deal:

Each player must place the agreed initial stake in the pot before each deal. Play and Deal work in the clockwise direction. Therefore, after each hand, the turn to deal passes to the left. The deal will shuffle the cards if it is the first deal of the gaming session. But for the subsequent deals, if the previous hand was seen and won by a Prial then the cards will be shuffled. In addition, the cards are not shuffled normally between the hands. The cards are added to the bottom of the pack from the previous hands. So that without shuffling dealers deal with the new hands from the top. The dealer will distribute the cards one at a time to each player. The face of the card is down to the player. Moreover, the player can not see what's inside the card until every player gets three cards. However, it's up to the player, if he wants he can see his cards or can play blind. The one thing that you should remember is that never show your cards to anyone who is playing with you. If someone shows the cards then the betting round will end with a see. In this case, the cards of these two players are exposed to everyone that is involved in the game.

The betting:

The betting round begins with the player to the left of the deals after the cards have been dealt. The player can fold or can bet any amount from the minimum to maximum of the agreed amount. When all the players except one fold then the remaining last player will take all the money present in the pot. After that next hand is dealt. When a player makes a bet. Then the next player can fold the bet or must make the bet at least as much as the last player who placed a bet. The best trick is that the player must bet more than the previous play. But in the game session, there is a specific limit to which players can increase the bet value. The betting rounds around the table continue as many times as necessary. In addition, there is also a third option available when only two players are left in the game and all the others fold the bets. The option is that either game player can see the other player's cards. But remember the seeing cost is twice the previous player's bet. If you pay to see the other player's card then they will expose all their three cards first. If your cards are better than the cards of your opponent. Then you can show your hand and win the money in the pot. But if your hand is lower than your opponent's, you will lose the pot. Moreover, you can simply fold the bet and you do not have to show your cards. Moreover, if both of you are your opponent have the same cards. Then the player who pays to see the cards will lose the game.

Running out of money

Players sometimes play the Brag game with the table stakes. You might be thinking what are table stakes? So let's discuss it first.

Table Stakes:

It is the place where all the game players keep their money. This is the amount that players can use to make a bet. Once they set the amount, they can not increase this amount on the table stakes. But if the player wants to add the extra amount then he can only increase the money between hands and with all players' agreement. Moreover, some brag players keep money in their pockets. Also, it is usual to insist each player that takes part in the game put the minimum amount of money on the table. Once the other player puts the amount on the table then you are free to add more money anytime to the game.

Covering The Pot:

It is possible that while playing the game you run out of money and there is nothing left to place a bet. But you want to stay in and continue the game. In this situation, add all the money in the pot and cover the pot with your cards face down. This is known as covering the pot. If there are two or more players to continue the game. Then will continue to bet as they bet before. But now they will put money into the new pot. After you cover the pot, the new pot will be settled and the winner's hand is revealed. Also, the hand of the player who covers the pot is compared with it. In case of a tie, the old pot wins by the higher hand or by the new pot's winner. In addition, you can use the covering the pot method when there are only two players left in the game. The betting ends when one of two players runs out of money and he puts all of his money into the pot. If other player exposes their cards and does not have more money to put in the pot. Then they will win the pot unless that player shows a better hand that ran out of the money. Therefore, sometimes covering the pot works unfairly in the favor of the player who ran out of money. That's why you should make the low bets and save the money to play more Brag game rounds. But covering the pot sometimes saves you from undesirable situations.

What Are The Harsher Rules In The Brag Game?

According to what Brag players say there are some harsher rules for the player that does not have money. So according to the rules, the player who ran out of the money that is required to bet must fold. Moreover, he can borrow money from a bystander or another player to place the bet. To do this, that player is allowed to show his cards to the player who folds already and who wants to support him to make a bet. In addition, some brag games have the rule that the player who has the most money will lend money to the player. So that he can continue the game. Some players play with this rule. When there are only two players in the game and one of them does not have enough money to place the bet. Then the player who has money has the following choices

  • Lend some money to the opposite player to allow betting to continue the game.
  • Showing his cars so that he can win the pot unless the other player has the better hand.

Do You Borrow Money To Continue The Brag Game?

From the above discussion, it is clear that when you borrow money you will get into some difficult situations. The first condition is that he borrows money when he is not in the position to repay. The second situation is that the player must fold a good hand. But if you play blind betting then there are better solutions to this problem. The blind player can continue to bet indefinitely against the open player and that player can not see the blind player.Sometimes there is a situation when three people remain in the game. They are betting against each other and none of these players is ready to fold. If they feel like the pot amount is getting big. Then they can agree to a showdown in which all three of them will show the cards and the highest hand will win.

Playing blind

This is an extra option in the brag game that is given to the expert players. The Player has the choice to select whether he wants to play any hand blind or not.  If the player selects the playing blind option. Then he can not see his cards and leave them face down on the table. You can play the brag game in the normal way.  But all your bets will get doubled. It means if you have looked at your cards then you will put half the bet money in the pot. If you select to play blind then before making the bet or fold you have the option to see the cards. Only at that moment, you are not the blind player. If you choose to stay in the game then you have to return to the old rules of the game that nonblind players follow. If you continue to play blind and all other players fold then you will not win the pot. Instead, the pot is used in the next deals and you are allowed to continue with your hand.

In Case of Two Players:

When two players remain in the brag game and one of the players is playing blind. Then the possibility is that one player can see the cards of the other player.  Also, the other player can pay to see the hands or to compare. Following are some possibilities that can happen in the case of two players.

  1. Your opponent is playing blind but you are playing open: The rule in the brag game is that you can not see a blind man. Therefore you can either fold or continue betting
  2. Both the players are playing blind: If you both are playing blind then your hands can be compared anytime. The player turns their cards up one at a time
  3. Your opponent is playing open and you are playing blind: Your opponent can not see your hands. But you can see your opponent's hand if you wish to put double risk in the blind playing. Similarly in the showdown, the opponent will display his cards first and then you will show your cards

Retaining a blind hand

When all the players are dropped out and you are left with a blind hand. Then you should keep your blind hand on the table until the next hand is dealt. In this situation, you have now two cards sets in front of you and you may either

  • Look at the previous hand.
  • Look at the new hand.
  • Do not look at any of the hands.

If you select not to look at any of the hands then you can play bling. Until you select the look at one of your hands and play blind follow the above rules. But if you look at one of your hands then decide immediately whether to fold the hand or keep it. If you look at one hand then fold the other one. Now, you will become a non-blind player and can continue the game with the normal rules. But if you fold the hand that you looked at. Then you can continue to play blind until you do not want to see your hand. In this case, if you win the pot without seeing any of the hands. Then you have to see any hand before the next deal because you can not have three blind hands at a time. Always remember if you are playing blind with two hands. Then you can not see both hands at the same time and select which hand you choose to play. You can only decide whether to fold it or keep it without looking at the other hand.

The Odds

In the brag game, it is not difficult to determine the prior probabilities. According to the calculation, there are 22,100 different card combinations by using the formula 52 * 51* 50 / 3!. Following are the number of ways to make approx odds and each hand

Prial Threes:

  • Combinations: 4
  • Probability: 1/5525
  • Odds: 5524 to 1

Other Prial:

  • Combinations: 48
  • Probability: 1/460
  • Odds: 459 to 1

Running Flush:

  • Combinations: 48
  • Probability: 1/460
  • Odds: 459 to 1


  • Combinations: 720
  • Probability: 1/31 
  • Odds: 30 to 1


  • Combinations: 1096
  • Probability: 1/20
  • Odds: 19 to 1


  • Combinations: 3744
  • Probability: 1//6
  • Odds: 5 to 1

High Card:

  • Combinations: 16440
  • Probability: 3/4
  • Odds: 3 to 1 on

If you did not shuffle the deck well then these odds will get affected by the previous cards.

Four Card Brag

The four-card brag is similar to the Three Card Brag. But in this game, each player is dealt with four cards instead of three. Before the game begins, the player who looks at their hands will discard one card. So that they can form the best three-card hand. In case there is a tie between two hands. Then the discarded hand will decide which hand is the best. Also, if the discarded card is equal then the player who was seen will win the round. If blind betting is allowed, then the blind player will keep all four cards at the table face down. If you are playing blind and decide to look at your cards then discard the one immediately after looking at the cards.

Wild Cards

Wild cards are also known as Floaters; they are sometimes played in the Brag game. Those cards are wild that vary from group to group. So if you want to play with wild cards then you should agree with the following rules before playing. So have a look at the following rules!

  • Only the black twos are wild.
  • All twos wild.
  • A joker or two jokers can be added to the pack to use as wild cards.
  • Suicide king wild.
  • One eyed jacks wild.

You can use the wildcard to represent any card in the pack. But if two cards have an equal rank. Then a hand without wildcards will beat a hand that contains one or more wild cards. Moreover, a hand with fewer wild cards will beat a hand that has more wild cards.

For Example:

If W is the wild card then W-8-7 beats 8-7-6. The sequence 8-7-6 further beats 8-W-6. Also, K-K-W beats K-W-W and K-W-W beats Q-Q-Q. Wild cards are mostly used in the four-card and five-card brag. But three-card brag can be played without the wild cards so just focus on the rules.


In some cases when there are only two players in the game. You only need to equal the recent bet to see what's in the other player's cards. Here, seeing does not cost you a double bet. After the deal, the remaining cards of the pack are placed face-up on the table. So that players only can see one card. The players who fold the bet then place them face-up on top of the pack and again only one card can be seen. There is a version of the game where when the deal completes a full circle. Then the next dealer got the opportunity to select the game. A change in the variation can then be dictated by the dealer and this can bring a variation in the game. This variation can be Brag to Indian poker. But all the players must agree to this variation. The books from the late 19th and the 20th century describe the different versions of the Brag game with poker-like betting and braggers or three wild cards. No evidence can prove that people play brags in that way. Also, this version looks like a misreading of some printed descriptions.

Other sites, software, and online games

Here you can learn the rules of the game and practice as much as you can without investing real money. So if you are looking forward to playing the brag game and other table games, register now at Oppabet.

Draw Brag with Poker Betting

In online games, there is a possibility of collusion. To reduce this collusion possibility the GameAccount has introduced a variation which is known as 3 Card Brag Poker. It has the same draw and poker-like betting. Two players to the left side of the dealer must place bets before the deal.  These are known as small and big blinds. After the deal, there is a poker-like betting round that has fixed bets. Also, its raises equal to double the big blinds, and a limit of three raises if in the pot there are more than two players. Each of the two players can discard from 0 to 3 cards and deal with replacement cards. After that, there is a second betting round in which the raises and bets are twice as big. But again they are limited to three raises as long as there are more than two active players. Here players do not have to look at the cards they are dealing with. Also, they may call for half price for the time they decide not to see the cards.

Final Words!

This is all the information that you should know about the three-card Brag game. We know that only reading the tips and rules does not help in playing. That's why you should practice the game a lot. To do so select the right platform that allows you to play free. As in free play, you can play multiple matches as you want without investing any money. These training sessions will help you to master the rules and become an expert. So that when you place the real bets you can win all the games. This will help you in generating more profit through games. Moreover, some online casinos offer welcome bonuses. You can use this bonus money to add to your wallet and play more games. In addition, you should make a budget for loss. So that you do not go bankrupt just because of online betting. Make a wise plan and stick to it. Otherwise betting will ruin you and you can not make further progress easily. Therefore, it is necessary to select the right platform to provide free training, extra bonuses, and keep the game fair. This will increase your chance of winning the bet.

So what are you waiting for? First, learn the game rules, practice the brag game as much as you can and make money by playing real bets in-game!

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