Carrom, the famous board game

Carrom, the famous board game


Love playing Carrom as your preferred pastime? Lots of fans of the game are now playing online through a downloaded app, which still offers the same level of excitement of playing with real opponents.

The latest trend is to play Carrom online and earn money. How can you play online and earn money with this board game? Let’s talk about this in detail. 

Carrom game applications 

Hardly anyone could be found in India who has not played Carrom or, at the very least, hasn’t seen or doesn’t know the rules of the game. Basically, everyone has played this game at some point in time. It’s a family game and a favorite indoor game for millions of people in India and abroad. 

Today, dozens of online applications are available for smartphone users, where you can start playing simply by downloading and registering with them. Applications offer great features that enable players like you to play online with other players in real-time or play along with the app’s AI. 

Different Carrom games played worldwide 

Three types of Carrom games are popular worldwide:

Family point Carrom

This board game originated as a game with a goal to have families spend some quality time together. That tradition persists, especially in India. Here, four participants can strike any disc. For pocketing a white disc, you get 10 points, the black disc provides 5 points, and the queen provides 25 points. The game can be played as individual players or in pairs. 

Point Carrom

It is almost similar to the family point variation but both black and white offer 1 point each and queen 3 points if covered. The player who reaches 25 points first is the winner. 

Professional Carrom

This is played at the national and international levels. ICF is the highest body of professional Carrom and is the organization that forms the rules of the board. Most online tournaments are played abiding by ICF rules. 

How can you earn money from Carrom online? 

Before you think of earning money from your favorite board game, you have to know which application is appropriate for this purpose. Authentic sites bring a fun experience, help you explore lots of game options with ease, and will provide opportunities to earn real money. If you know the game well and trust your skills, you will start earning from day one. Here is the fastest and most fun way that you can earn money from the Carrom board game.

Find various tournaments and online challenges on the application, as these offer real money when you win. At the same time, you get the opportunity to play with other players who are practically experts as well, with their own strategies. Playing tournaments online is definitely a different level of excitement and enthusiasm. 

Hundreds of players are participating there every day. But keep in mind that you may have to deposit a certain amount where Carrom tournaments are arranged. Some percentage of participating money goes to the administrator and the remaining is distributed among the winners. So, suppose you invest Rs.50 for a head-on challenge with another player who deposits the same amount. Now, out of Rs.100, the winner may win Rs.80 and the application will keep the remaining money.  So, by investing Rs.50 you get the opportunity to win Rs.80. 

Tournaments are where more money can be won when you top the list or remain on the winners’ list. Since many players join tournaments and it runs for several hours or days, your experience will always be different and you never know what to expect. In some sites, you also have the opportunity to socialize and strengthen your network. 

Play online games like Carrom on dependable sites 

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