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Cricket Satta: Learn more about it here at Oppa888!

Cricket Satta: Learn more about it here at Oppa888!

Online cricket Satta

Cricket Satta is one of the most popular forms of betting. It is a given fact that betting is usually based on luck, but this does not refrain players from digging out the tips and strategies to find a loop wherein they can increase their odds at winning. Many online casino sites and markets have now facilitated the punters to research thoroughly and come up with certain tips and strategies that if not transform into profits then definitely work towards minimizing the losses.

Among all the betting markets, Oppa888 is a kind of IPL daily match betting portal which facilitates easy betting on a team of your choice from the comfort of your home. Accessing the gaming section from this website is quite easy. It also presents betting tips to newbies and is helpful in determining who is going to win. Cricket Satta is scattered across multiple segments that include live betting, individual player performance, winning of coin toss, total runs, total wickets, total ducks, total wides and others.

How to start as a beginner to Cricket Satta?

When someone talks about Cricket Satta, the first name that comes to mind is Indian Premier League (IPL). It is the most popular and fun tournament which has fetched great gains to many punters worldwide. Betting on such tournaments brings multiple opportunities to derive profits but first punters need to know the rules of IPL Cricket Satta prior to placing their bets. 

As a beginner, it is always a fair idea to explore pre-match betting or participate in-play bets. Online betting sites offer a vast range of Cricket Satta markets especially during online IPL betting season. Since Cricket Satta has a vast fan base in India, betting sites especially in India have dished out a vast range of opportunities for punters to make quick money by betting on different aspects of cricket. 

How to increase chances of winning in online Cricket Satta?

The best part about cricket as a sport is that the tournaments offer a vast range of opportunities to explore and win almost every day. Players need to be acquainted with different ways to gain and follow a pro strategy to begin with their online Cricket Satta journey:

Stick to a betting budget

It is important for punters with every kind of budget to know and define their betting limits. The first step is possibly to know how much money needs to be set aside for a deposit before placing bets. This sets the upper limit upfront and avoids stepping up the mark above risk. 

Assess all the IPL betting odds

As soon as the budget is set, punters must research odds in play. It is important to be familiar with these odds when betting online, which will help in determining the probability and profit that is reaped from winning a bet.


As a beginner to Cricket Satta, if you INR 2,000 on Mumbai Indians to win at odds of 2, you are entitled to win INR 4,000 (which is INR 2,000 multiplied by 2). In case you lose the bet, the stake is also lost irrespective of odds selected.

Survey the team

Cricket Satta is highly dependent on research and profitability is also based on guesses. The core research is mainly based on teams playing in the league and assessing their strengths, weaknesses, and trends in past tournaments. 

Bet on skilled players

As a part of trend monitoring, knowing who all players have showcased a trend of winning makes the bets more profitable.

Live betting

Sites like Oppa888 feature a live betting section that lets the punters bet on a cricket match while the tournament is going on. This is also known as ‘in-play’ betting. This form of betting improves the chances of making heftier profits. Players can withdraw in case they see a shift in odds during a match or can cash out early to increase the profitable moment. Live betting gives a perfect scope to make quick decisions and be on the ball in order to improve the chances of winning. Since Cricket Satta (IPL betting) is timed for seven weeks, the IPL season hosts 60 matches on an average. Sites like Oppa888 can be explored to bet on matches, players, innings, runs and more and reap profits in bulk.

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