Cricket Betting Tips: Predictions and Odds

Cricket Betting Tips: Predictions and Odds

Cricket Betting Tips

Betting has now become a big industry in our world. People bet on many things. The large radius of betting has been always expanding and has made its way into sports for a long time. People have been betting in sports since way back. Such a sport, Cricket has a large betting fan base. Online sites like the top bookies and others have been giving people the chance to bet online in cricket. 

But betting isn't all about placing your money and depending on luck to grab your hand and push you over to the winning side, well mainly it is but there are some tips that people should really understand if they won’t increase their chances at winning in cricket betting.People need to really analyze different aspects of the game to be on the winning side. The whole game can't be covered but different sides and angles have to be covered while betting in cricket. you can never be too sure while betting if you're really going to win or not but one can at least increase its chances at winning by doing some research of its own. There are a lot of wagering strategies when it comes to cricket batting. Every strategy has its unique understanding and implementation. While it is impossible to be perfect at betting, by understanding and studying these strategies and tips a person can really stand out from other betters. There are different formats of the game and each format requires different strategies and tips. While it is impossible to win cricket betting because of the unpredictability of the game, this unpredictability is the main reason we are so hooked to it. 

But these strategies and tips really work their charm. People really should understand these strategies and tips in order to make their betting game strong. For more, we would like you to pay a visit to OppaBet too. 

Factors You Need to Consider While Betting on Cricket  

Winning at cricket betting is usually hard as there are many factors a person must keep in their mind when betting in a cricket game. The weather has a big effect on the results of the match as sometimes due to rain matches get canceled or both the ties are given a point each, the end result is usually a tie in bad weather conditions. The condition of the pitch also changes the outcome of the match and viewing the pitch before the match helps a lot to determine which team is going to have the upper hand. The toss before the match is also one of the factors which determine the game. Although the toss is a small event, the overall impact on the game is sometimes very great. So a person should keep all these results affecting factors and must view all possibilities before placing a bet.

Cricket Betting Tips: Ways to Wager on Cricket

When it comes to cricket betting there are different types of betting formats. Each format has its unique strategies and there are different tips for each format. People should see which format matches their betting criteria and then bet. There are many different ways people can wager their money in cricket.Cricket Parley and Cricket Futures are two different cricket betting formats. You can learn more about them at Oppabet. However, the point here is that both of these formats comprise their own waging ways. Hence, for your ease here is the comprehensive guide to both of these formats. 

Cricket Parley

Cricket Parley is a format that allows a person to combine all his bets and gain potential profit. This type of betting format is usually risky and there are many times that you face loss while betting in this format. For a person to gain a potential profit all of the bets placed within the parley are to be true. If all the bets placed by the better become true then, well what do you know, the person has won himself a large sum of profit. But if just one bet is proved to be false and does not happen then the bettor will face a great loss and his entire parley will be lost. For example, if you are confident that a specific bowler will have a big match and will rule the whole game. 

You can combine your bets on that player's total number of wickets with the bets on him to lead the team in wickets, for him to have a five-wicket haul or the chances of him being the man of the match. If all three of those placed bets were to win, then you would be seen as a hotshot as you would receive a high-odds payout. The number of bets which can be placed in a parley might differ at every event or at every online betting site. At Oppabet, things do remain the same. 

The number of bets placed from the same match might also sometimes differ. Parlay Calculator is an option provided by online betting sites through which you can your potential winning from a single parley.

Cricket Futures

Futures betting is a format that is applied to not only cricket but to all sports. You may learn more about this at Oppabet, however, we are providing some of the info here. This type of betting format is actually an opportunity to act on a cricket betting tip which depends on not a particular matchup or event but in reality, refers to the success of chances of winning of a specific player or team throughout the event or an entire season. This type of betting usually involves predicting the winner of a big tournament like the World Cup or betting of major award winners. 

This type of betting requires a person to study the stats of the teams participating in the event or tournament. As the team with the best stats is most likely to win. In the case of betting on a player to win a major award, a better player should study the player's past performances against other teams in major tournaments. Studying the stats and performances of the player will help to determine if the player is really eligible to win the award. Sometimes doing a little stat reading proves to be fruitful.

Cricket Betting Tips for Prop Bets 

On the odds that you never have heard about the prop bets before, then we surely have got you covered. A prop bet happens to be the opportunity that enables the players to be at an event in the niche of a cricket match in such a way, that the overall outcome wouldn’t be disturbed by the player’s bet. Whilst of the fact that some bettors add props to their card to turn their betting experience into the one where they receive ample amounts of entertainment. Here, we must say that you should try out the Oppabet props to get the entertainment we just talked about.  

However, adding these prop bets to your actual bet is surely a profitable way to begin acting on small bits of research, cricket betting tips, and the recent ongoing trends that you have been witnessing lately. Some of the examples of the common cricket prop include the man of the match bet award, most sixes wager, most boundaries wager etc.  All in all, this is the section that you really don’t want to miss! 

Cricket Betting Tips for Different Match Formats

There are different formats of Cricket and each format has different strategies and betting tips. A person has to have an analytic approach towards the betting game. Each strategy and the tip of each format has to be fully understood in order to increase the chances of winning. Each format of the game is to rectify in order to place bets

1. Twenty 20 Cricket

This format is considered to be tricky for betters. The matches in this format usually involve high run rates and the aggressive playing style of crickets. But it is important for betters to remember that the T20 format of cricket is a condensed format and the matches are short. These teams don't usually score big. If the chances of a player to make a century and score a hundred runs has a great value attached to it then it is important to remember the time period and the style of the matches. 

Aggressive style does allow players to stay on the crease for a long time and they usually get out before scoring a century. There are some formats even shorter than T20 like T10 leagues which are sometimes quite entertaining.

2. Test Match Cricket

Test Cricket is the total opposite of the T20 version of the game. This format is days long and usually very time taking. Players opt for a slow and steady playing style, unlike the one in the T20. Wins in test matches sometimes differ by 200 runs. 

Due to the lengthy matches, this format is considered to be great for live bets and in-play. Unlike the other formats of cricket, teams have to first grant a "Test Status" awarded by the International Cricket Council to actively participate in Test Match events or matches. Currently, there are only 12 teams that have the Test Status. Australia, England, and Pakistan are some of the international teams that have the prestigious Test Status. So if you are looking forward to placing bets on a cricket match between the United States and Oman then Test Cricket is not really made for you. The potential results of a Test Match are different from the other formats. In case of a draw in the T20 format teams are to play against each other in a super over which is an intense part of a match. 

In test cricket, a tie can occur when the whole team is bowled out or the team exhausts its innings before chasing the score. Draws are very common in test cricket. The option to draw a match gives the team batting last to opt for a defensive approach and draw the match.

3. One Day International Cricket

This format is similar to the T20 format of the game but the limited number of overs increased from 20 to 50 for each innings. 

While famous series like the Ashes are considered to be the pinnacle of cricket, if you are looking forward to placing your bets on the World Cup then you must be pretty familiar with the ODI format. One-Day International has a set of unique rules which can be a key factor in affecting your betting. These sets of rules include field restriction and power play. At certain points of a match, the fielding team is required to place a certain number of players within the 30-yard circle. This rule prevents a team from completely setting up a defensive field by placing all of its players on the boundary. This type of format is usually the favorite of people as most of the bets are placed in this format. The Cricket World Cup is the most settled upon this event.

As stated above, this event holds immense importance for cricket fans, thus considering their needs, OppaBet really has taken an extra step towards this betting format and promises users to provide them with a profound experience.  Hence, Oppabet is the platform you need to have by your side for sure. 

Cricket Betting Tips FAQ

1. How can I successfully bet on cricket? 

The real successful betting tips that work well with either an experienced bettor or for someone who bets on cricket often is none other than holding a good amount of knowledge about the sports you are placing your bets on. 

Knowledge is only a powerful weapon that you can use to strong-arm your existing bets and allow you to win a majority of your bets. 

If only you take the time to review the cricket betting tips or the general betting guides present on the platform of Oppabet, then you will surely understand the whole of the match format, along with the cricket betting tips that have been used in the games lately. 

The more information you would be having by your side, the more profound experience you might receive. 

2. What are the best cricket betting tips? 

In the article above, we have outlined every viable cricket betting tip that you can use for yourself.  

The cricket betting tips that count to be one of the best ones are that you should have whole information about the sports you are betting upon. 

In addition to that, you should use other things like prop bets in your actual bets to receive more perks and advantages over your cricket bet. 

You can receive more information about these cricket betting tips at the platform of Oppabet. 


While wrapping it all up, this is all the information that you need to know before getting started with cricket betting. 

Cricket betting happens to be one of the famous betting sports in the world. This is why, while jumping into the world of cricket betting, you need to make sure that you are prepared to deal with everything that your opponents might throw at you. 

Do give these cricket betting tips a shot at the platform of Oppabet, and the experience you may receive would surely be a profound one! Sign up for an Oppabet account now and apply these tips!

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