DraftKings: Play Daily Fantasy Sports Online and Win Big

DraftKings: Play Daily Fantasy Sports Online and Win Big


Several virtual sports happen over many months including Premier League football or NFL. However, daily fantasy sports happen much quicker, which means you can get a quick way to take a share of the guaranteed prize pool. Fantasy betting indicates gathering a fantasy team of real players who compete against other players.

The team you create will pick up points depending on the real-life performances of the selected players as happens in DraftKings. When you win more points compared to competitors, you can win a cash prize. You have to pay an entry fee to play daily fantasy sports online. The fees are added to the pot, which you can win at the end.

How does a Daily Fantasy Sport work?

One of the biggest aspects of daily fantasy sports is that it is very simple. Players who are familiar with regular fantasy sports will understand it instantly. Though there are a few differences between regular fantasy sports and daily fantasy sports.

It is not a difficult job to learn to play daily fantasy sports even though you have not played a fantasy sport at all. 

Your fantasy team gains points depending on how the real players perform in games. 

The regular fantasy sports which last a complete season are played by groups of colleagues or friends. The contests of daily fantasy sports happen over a single game round and are played online at DraftKings. Any person can join the site and pay money for entering into the contests they want to participate in. The entry fees paid by all players in contests are accumulated in a prize pool and paid to the winner of the contest. 

Kinds of contest

There are different kinds of contests available at the daily fantasy sports sites like DraftKings, though they are categorized into two kinds. They are Tournaments and cash games. 

Cash games

A common kind of cash game is head to head and 50/50. In both the games, there is a winning chance of 50%, though it does not consider the skill level of the opponent players and your skill levels. In 50/50 contests, the entrants who are in the top 50% get an equal payout. When 10 players enter 50/50 then the prize money is divided between the 5 players who have scored the highest. 

H2H or head to head is a 50/50 contest with two entrants only. The player who has the highest score of the two gets the prize pool. 


Tournaments feature more players with the top few players receiving prizes. A tournament that has 100 players awards prizes to the top 15 players. The first-placed player will receive the greatest share of a prize pool, the second-placed player will receive a lower share, and the third-placed player will get a lower share. 

The strategy needed to play tournaments is different from the strategy needed for cash games. To be in the first, second, or third place among the huge competitors, you need a different strategy than trying to be in the first 50%. 

Getting started with Daily Fantasy sports

If you want to start playing daily fantasy sports online at DraftKings, you are familiar with the conventional fantasy sports leagues. This American fantasy gaming site is around for a long time and is very popular. Fantasy soccer leagues are huge in America and the United Kingdom. Daily fantasy sports are widespread all across the world. You will get enough scope to participate in fantasy games on this site. It is a real excitement to see your team winning points and giving you a scope to win high amounts. 


Many players manage to get great results while playing daily fantasy sports online. Players have managed to show their luck and skill and win the guaranteed prize pools for the fantasy betting games. 

Fantasy sports betting works best if you see it as a kind of entertainment instead of a way to make money. As more and more players join in the sports contest, the prize pools become bigger. In any case, apply your acumen and play responsibly. 

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