2 Ways on how to Earn Money Playing Games: Real Money Earning Games

2 Ways on how to Earn Money Playing Games: Real Money Earning Games

Earn Money Playing Games

Computer and mobile games help you to get rid of the tensions of daily life and earn money playing games. Now that online games are here, many more people are starting to develop an interest in them. There is very little limit to the playing ages and almost everyone can play them. In the past, people thought of video games as a waste of time. But this has changed now with new trends in gaming. 

Now, people can earn money playing games and therefore, can even pursue a career in them.

Quite amazing, right?

But this is not all there is to online gaming. You might think that the earnings are only a feeble amount but this is not the case. Gaming at a professional level can earn you as much as 10000$ per hour. As for average players, you cannot expect to earn that much money. However, you can still make enough money to handle living expenses.Now, you might think that most links are a scam in this regard but this is not entirely true. With a good and reliable site, you can start making money at home. What's even better is that you don't need to have a considerable gaming experience either. Oppa888 is a platform that gives you this opportunity to learn about new games such as learning how to play online Tambola and much more. The earning amount depends on the type of game you are choosing. Different games have different requirements, so a game might not suit everyone. Still, you can find a gaming option that is suitable for you.In this article, we will learn about all the types of games you can play to earn money at home.

Methods To Earn Money Playing Games

You should note that not every given link will require you to play games. In some of them, you might have to do other tasks as well. 

However, you can rest assured because the tasks are fairly easy to deal with. Therefore it would not be wrong to say that the money is easy to earn through online sources. Here are the different methods which money-making sites offer you to choose from:

1. Watching Ads:

Many online games offer in-game ads which you can watch to earn rewards. Some money-making games take it up to the next level and offer you real money. In this way, you can watch ads and earn a cut from the sponsored ads. All you need is a few minutes of your time and you will have quite a few bucks at the end of the month.

2. Achievement Prizes:

Whenever you unlock an achievement in a game or reach a milestone, the game will offer you some kind of reward. Again, money-making sites can offer you similar rewards but in real life. These rewards include gift cards, vouchers, and other things you can use to save money.

3. Selling Your Achievements:

This is also an approach that many young gamers use to earn money. If you are good at a certain game, you can probably make achievements quickly. Thus, you can sell your services and achievements to other players who are suffering at the same game. For instance, someone needs game points and the game allows you to transfer them. You could sell your hard-earned points and it would be just like doing business. Also, you could use your skill to level up someone in exchange for money. That way, their progress would become accelerated and they might get you more clients.

4. Winning A Competition:

While gaming tournaments require a professional approach, several games also hold local contests. Once you compete in them and get one of the top positions, you will get rewards. That amount of money will probably be enough to last a good month.

5. Gambling Games:

This is more of an underdog method of how to earn money playing games, and many people do not utilize it. Still, it is gaining quite a lot of popularity with the introduction of online casinos. Now, you can have the thrill and benefits of a real-life casino all at home. By betting on gambling games successfully, you can make an easy profit from them. Most of these games require luck and are quite risky. You might have to lose money from time to time. However, the overall exchange is quite fair. In fact, with some roulette and slot games, there is a 90% chance of making your money back. Not to mention, there can be up to a 50% chance that you will make a profit. However, betting on games requires experience and some strategies which might take time. So, be patient and take the risk if you wish to start making easy money from games.

6. Playing Skill-based Games:

This is the most mainstream method which comes to mind when making money from games. By involving yourself in games like COD, DOTA, Tekken, etc you can earn big sums of money. You can do this by competing in their worldwide tournaments held every year. However, there is a slight drawback to playing such games. Now, with the huge amount of competition, it is very less likely that you can compete. Most players of such games spend thousands of hours before they get to a recognizable level. After that, it greatly depends on the sponsors and the support you have. However, once you get to the level where you can compete in a tournament, you are set. If you perform well in such tournaments, you can even make up to millions of dollars. This method can be very time-consuming but the fruits of your efforts will make up for it.

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7. Business In Gaming:

This is one of the more entrepreneurial approaches you can make to earn money. You have many options in such a method as streaming, vlogging, and blogging. You can even get sponsors after some time which greatly boosts your growth. But again, like the previous method, it is very time-consuming and luck-based. You might not get an opportunity or you cannot make the best out of one. That way, you would only be wasting your time and efforts. However, if you are successful, you can even make millions up to millions a year.

8. Gaming Career:

This is probably the most professional method you can choose to earn money through games. If you are interested in coding and programming, you can become a game developer. If you have a natural aptitude for playing games, you can become a beta tester. Also, you can become a game journalist or critic if you are good at providing helpful reviews.

12 Sources You Can Use To Earn Money Playing Games

Now that you know the different methods of earning money through games, we shall head into our next topic. Here, I will tell you all about the twelve best sources which apply these methods. Once you spend some time on these games, you will start earning money. Sign up to Oppa888 and get the best online betting games to experience for winning loads of money. 

1. Compete In E-sports:

If you are good enough at gaming to beat your friends, you can compete in e-sports gaming. It is one of the biggest platforms to support online gaming. It holds competitions daily in which you or your squad can participate. Cash prizes are available for all games. The average earning of an e-sports professional is more than sixty thousand dollars. Moreover, the gamers who win competitions earn millions of dollars in a year. For example, the Fortnite world cup held in 2019 had a cash prize of 3 million dollars which a 15-year-old boy won. However, E-sports have a high standard and it is very difficult to enroll yourself in a tournament. You need to have a playtime of at least a thousand hours. Only then you can even think of competing with the top contenders.

2. Start A Gaming Youtube Channel:

Nowadays, Youtube is one of the easiest and inexpensive sources of earning money. You can start a youtube channel at home in no time. However, you need to focus on your video content. Since the audience is very large on Youtube, engaging content is a must. Your gaming videos must be unique and entertaining for people. If you make it to the trending page of Youtube, you can gather even more audience and earn decent cash. But like I said before, your content must stand out in the sea of different contents. Otherwise, you will be wasting time on something that is not going to earn you anything.

3. Start A Twitch Gaming Channel:

Twitch is one of the leading platforms for online streaming. It has many kinds of streamers but most of them are gamers. If you are a dedicated gamer as well, you can stream daily on twitch. You just need to make a one-time investment for a streaming setup. This platform offers you 2.5 dollars for every subscriber you have. Moreover, your audience can also donate money if they like your content. Many successful streamers make around 4-5 million dollars a year!

4. Find Sponsors:

Sponsors mean brands that offer you money to promote them. If you have built an audience, you can reach out to sponsors easily. All you need to do is promote their brand by wearing their apparel or showing the products. A huge audience means bigger brand deals are possible. Some of the most well-known sponsors award their gamers with amazing facilities. This includes exquisite accommodation in Villas even. The best examples of such sponsored communities would be TSM, FaZe, etc.

5. Online Card Tournaments:

Card games are one of the fastest sources of earning money. It is a game of luck but if you have experience in building a strategy, your winning rate can increase. All you have to do is search up online card games on google. But you must make sure that they are not a fraud and are legal. The most successful card games for earning money are Solitaire and Poker. 

If you play them on a gambling site, you can bet your money and earn a profit if you win. As for Solitaire, the international community also holds tournaments to win money.

6. Merchandise:

If you want to make your brand even stronger, you can introduce your merchandise. This includes products like clothes, mugs, and notebooks. You should have a unique design that compliments your brand. Just promote it afterward and fans support you by purchasing your merchandise. As for the top sellers of merch, they can make a profit of even millions of dollars per month. Of course, they have an established brand name so you cannot compete with them. However, if you utilize the best marketing techniques, you can still make a fair profit.

7. Sell Gaming Equipment:

If you are a professional gamer, you know the inside-outs of the equipment. You know what makes a gaming mouse good etc. You can design your equipment and sell them. People will trust you and buy it if you are an established channel/brand. This is how you can make more money aside from playing games.

8. Money-offering Apps:

Many apps offer money to its users if they reach a certain milestone. Like InboxDollars app includes brand owners who ask people to review their products. You get paid to review them and offer any suggestions for improvement. Other apps also offer money just to create an account.

9. Cash Contest Apps:

Many apps offer free contests for making money. For example, Lucktastic allows scratching free virtual lottery tickets regularly. You can win any amount between two to fifteen hundred dollars. You can cash out the cheque anytime you want.

10. Games Of Skill Tournaments:

There are certain platforms that host games to participate in and win fast cash. But you need to be skillful in the games that you are playing. You can play solo as well as form a team with your friends. A bigger team has a bigger cash prize which gets divided between the members. These sites have a nominal free of joining. You can register for a tournament with as low as 25 cents and participate in it. Once you win, you or your team gets all the winnings. Skill and team coordination is the key to winning such tournaments.

11. Become A Game Tester:

If you are familiar with the mechanics of games, you can become a professional game tester. Not only is it a source of making money but it is also a full-time job. You need to play games and test all their features. It does take time but you don't need to worry about the time you enjoy gaming. Testing games is a skill in itself. After you are familiar with every feature of the game, you give your feedback. Your feedback includes the strong features of the game and room for improvement. You just need to be detail-oriented and very professional.

12. Exchange In-Game Currency:

Almost every game nowadays has its currency. The coins/currency is for buying extra features of the game so you enhance your chances of winning. But, in some games earning these coins is not easy. But here you can make a way of earning money. You just need to store huge amounts of these coins. Later, you can sell them to people who need them desperately for an extra feature. For example, someone offers you 100 dollars for 50000 v-bucks (Fortnite coins). You can earn 50000 v-bucks playing Fortnite for free.

Get Paid Real Money

Sources of earning money through games provide you with money through several channels. This largely depends on the type of platform you are going with. The most common channel for this is PayPal. However, some platforms like youtube can directly send your cash to your bank account. As for the amount of income you generate through gaming, it can greatly vary. 

You should be realistic about your expectations and not take any rash steps. You might want to consider leaving your job and giving all your efforts to online gaming sources. However, there is a very low chance that you can generate enough income. 

This is why you should always find a primary source of income first. After that, you can spend your leisure time gaming.

Wrapping It All Up!!

Earning money has expanded from traditional methods of employment to modern trends. This has made it easier for the younger generation to choose their careers. Gaming is something that has deep roots in human history. While most people still think of it as a source of enjoyment and relaxation, it is much more than that. Through different kinds of gaming apps, you can now easily make money at any place and any time. This is even better as you earn money for doing something that you enjoy. Although you need some time and experience to start earning a fair amount of money, it is not a big deal. 

This is because time and experience are a requirement for any field of work. While earning money from games might seem like a good idea, you have to be extra careful in it.

This is because now there are a lot of cases of cybercrime and fraud. If you put your information upon a fishy website, someone might use it against you. Therefore, you must always choose a reliable source for generating money through games. Oppa888is a trusted and reliable platform where you can earn money playing games. All you have to do is to register for an account, play live casino games and start earning money playing games!

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