What are The Most Popular Esports Games in India?

What are The Most Popular Esports Games in India?

With the dawn of the digital age and the continued development of technology over the recent and coming years, it comes as no surprise that esports games have become increasingly popular. Nowadays, the esports industry has evolved past simply playing online games against the game’s built-in AI; indeed, it’s even gone beyond just playing with your friends. Majority of the esports games available now are on a global, multiplayer platform where you can play against strangers from all over the world.


Even more than that, esports is no longer just about playing leisurely, either. It’s now a billion dollar industry that hosts several major tournaments across various games, and it has also been gaining popularity as a competitive sport in India. According to the Indian daily business newspaper The Economic Times, esports in India is predicted to be worth just under $200 million by 2025! The Federation of Electronic Sports Associations of India is also set to be building a framework to further expand the industry in the country.


Given all of these developments in India alone, you may be wondering what esports games have contributed to the industry’s popularity. Listed below (in no specific order) are just a few of the most popular esports games in India!


1. FIFA22

One of the more popular esports games is FIFA 22, which was just released last October 2021 as the 29th installment of the FIFA video game series. FIFA 22 simulates a real football match, where players can control an entire team while playing against another player. This edition of the game uses HyperMotion, which utilized motion capture technology on 22 real-life players during a match to best capture their movements. This was incorporated into the gameplay, making it all hyper-realistic! With the FIFA World Cup happening the year after its release, it’s the perfect game to get into the football fever.


In 2022, esports will finally be made into a medal sport at the Asian Games and India will be sending a team to compete for FIFA 22!



Despite being one of the few esports games that’s actually not available in India, PUBG has still retained its popularity. This may be because Krafton, the company behind the original PUBG game, made a separate version solely for the Indian market: Battlegrounds Mobile India! Since its release in July 2021, BGMI now has over 50 million downloads.


Much like other popular battle royale games, BGMI pits 100 players against each other within a designated map, where they must then scavenge for weapons and other tools for survival. Of course, one-on-one encounters with other characters is inevitable, and each player must fight it out against the other in order to be the last one standing.


3. DOTA 2

Of course, we can’t talk about esports games without mentioning DOTA 2 - likely one of the most popular games across the world. Unlike the previous two games mentioned above, DOTA 2 is a team sport, where each team is composed of 5 players who battle it out in an online arena. DOTA stands for Defense of the Ancients, and this sums up the goal of the game: fight against the other team to not only destroy their Ancient but also to protect and defend their own.


There are only a handful of competitive DOTA teams in India but because of the high prize pool in both local and international tournaments, they still bring in a significant profit to the esports (and esports betting) industry in the country!


4. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is better known as simply CS: GO, and is the fourth release in the Counter Strike game franchise. Though there are many first-person shooter esports games on the market, CS:GO is one of the most popular with roughly 11 million players per month and a legacy of dominating interest and prize pools and international tournaments. In India, CS:GO has the most number of professional teams and players dedicated to it, and brings in the highest volume of cash prizes.


There are nine game modes in CS:GO, but each one is played by two teams: the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. Each game mode has different goals that the teams must achieve on top of eliminating members of the opposing team.


5. Garena Free Fire

Battle royale esports games have quickly emerged in the market and Garena Free Fire is one of the most recent. It is quite similar in gameplay to PUBG and Battlegrounds Mobile India, though Garena Free Fire takes place on a smaller map and with fewer players per round: 50 instead of PUBG’s 100 (thus, matches last around just 10 minutes instead of roughly 30 minutes), so it’s better suited for those who want a quick break to play. Garena Free Fire’s graphics are a little more cartoon-like, but gameplay is easier and more diverse. These may be reasons why Garena Free Fire has suddenly become so popular in India!


There are many esports games played across India, but those mentioned here are the games that people really just cannot stop talking about. With the coming growth of esports, you’ll want to get in on the betting game as well! Online casinos like Oppabet provide a safe, trusted, and reliable platform for you to monitor and bet on esports through providers like Pinnacle and TFGaming. Make sure you check out Oppabet and sign up for an account today!

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