Games to Earn Money: Best Games in India to Earn Real Cash

Games to Earn Money: Best Games in India to Earn Real Cash

Games to earn money

Online games have become super fun and addictive to people across all generations. Bringing back the older memories of gaming fun with friends and family, technology has enabled online gaming, which still requires the same amount of focus. Since this online gaming trend has gained pace online, there are many games to earn money, some of which are detailed and explained in this article. 

Since gaming online is quite convenient, players can connect, play, and earn from anywhere in the world. All they need is a reliable and trusted internet connection, since some of these games to earn money are time-sensitive. Not only this, some online quizzes also work on sharpening the intellect along with enabling the players to win some quick cash. The games requiring skill are even legalized in India and withdrawing the winning amount is as easy as counting 1-2-3.

Games to earn money based on gamer

Serving the players in fulfilling their betting cravings, Oppa888 has emerged as a great platform that invites players from all across the nation and grants them access to a wide assortment of gaming choices. In the generation of millennials, game developers have come up with innovative and surprising games to earn money that do not involve heavy investment to begin earning some quick cash. Oppa888 is one such example that has a highly intuitive interface and sports online games across varied categories. Be sure to check it out!

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Popular Online Gaming Platforms: Know Real-time Money Games

Gaming is an innovative and fun way to earn some quick bucks. Considering how the betting business is expanding, the player base for leading betting sites like Oppa888 has increased manifolds. With other online games to earn money such as rummy, arcade, quizzes, shooter games, fighting games, casino, table games and platform games, and survival games, the winning amount stays between the range $500 to $1,500 per month. 

On the other hand, Oppa888 hosts live games events such as online jockey betting, cricket premier league betting and much more, wherein making money is possible in different brackets and ranges and there is no upper limit as to how much a player can earn. You can visit the site and sign up now to avail a great sign up bonus which will help you make a kick start at betting. Other online gaming portals that enable the players to reap some quick cash on a daily basis include the following:


This platform presents its players with games to earn money through short quizzes through which winners get to mint some quick cash. The players enjoy some real fun brain-led activities such as daily live quizzes that can be played on an hourly basis. The popular games include Box Tower, Bubble Shooter, Candy Slash, Fruit Slash, Don't Crash, and Earth Hero.

This site is for football fans who are interested in playing fantasy football by investing as little as Rs. 100. It offers the flexibility to select players such as forwards, mid-fielders, defenders, and a goalkeeper to form a team, play and defeat its opponent to win cash prizes

Paytm First Games

Designed by GamePind, it is the right place for game lovers who also love to join contests, trivia and other sorts of entertainment. It hosts a number of games that include Jumps, Tic Tac Toe, Cut the Rope, Badland, Tom & Jerry Mouse Maze, and more games to earn money!

Loco Live

This online platform is open to multiple players playing at once wherein the prize money worth Rs 12,500 is then divided among all the winners. It hosts quizzes held at different time slots with 10 multiple choice questions. Winners get money credit in their Paytm or bank accounts.


This site is popular as an eSports fantasy cricket that lets the players start a game with a minimal investment of Rs. 25. The amount of win totally depends on the type of contest chosen i.e. domestic or international.

Rummy Circle

This is a 13-card game which is open 24x7. The most notable part of this game is its huge prize pool that touches Rs. 4 crores!

8 Ball Pool

One of the biggest multiplayer pool games, it hosts 1:1 matches, giving the players access to multiplayer tournaments to win a billiards crown. 

Games to earn money with OPPA888!

Of course, there’s on ideal platform if you want to access several games to earn money in just one place. Register Now at Oppa888 and play online games to earn money in India. We have lots of casino games to play like poker, lottery games, rummy, horse racing and more.

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