Gamezy, a trusted platform to play fantasy cricket online

Gamezy, a trusted platform to play fantasy cricket online


Suppose India and West Indies are scheduled to play a T20 match tomorrow or sometime today. 11 players from each side make 22 players in total and you are familiar with the final 11 players of both sides. If you love the game of cricket and stay updated on these teams, you are probably able to pick your top 11 players to make your cricket dream team. This is the foundation of fantasy cricket. 

Depending on your selection, at the end of the game it is determined how many points you scored. If you remain within the winners’ list, you earn a lump sum. Apps like Gamezy offer attractive cash prizes for the winners that allow you to multiply your investments. 

How to play fantasy cricket at Gamezy? 

Gamezy is the next generation fantasy sports site. Here, you can play fantasy cricket for the whole game, two innings, and even for a few overs. Here are the five basic steps of playing fantasy cricket:

Step 1

You will find several matches of the day played worldwide. Select the match you want to participate in. If several tournaments are taking place simultaneously, choose the game you want carefully. 

Step 2

The app will show you all probable players from both teams with their current points (as per early performances). Gamezy also provides statistics of every player in detail. Select your ideal 11 players from the list. There may be certain rules in the selection process, such as having to choose at least 4 players from one site or choose at least one wicketkeeper and three bowlers, etc. 

Step 3

Select the captain and vice captain. This is an important part of fantasy cricket. A captain gets 2x points and the vice captain gets 1.5x points of what they actually get in the real game. 

Step 4

Just 10-15 minutes before the match, the final squads of both teams are announced. Check quickly whether your selection includes players from these final squads or not. If any player you have on your list is excluded from any team, replace them immediately. 

Step 5

Now you just need to watch the game and monitor your position from time to time. As the game continues, your points change. 

Step 6

As the game ends, you’ll be able to find your winning amount, which is credited to your account. You can withdraw the amount after it accumulates to a bigger value like Rs300 or more. 

A few aspects important in fantasy cricket

Your success in fantasy cricket on Gamezy depends on a few aspects, so here are some quick tips:

  • You have to know about the game well. Today, cricket is played in different formats like a test match, 50 overs one day match, and T20. You have to be aware of all these formats well. 
  • Know the performances of the players well before you select them. Today, getting individual player statistics is not a hard task. Moreover, Gamezy offers full information about the players. 
  • Know the pitch condition as well. It is natural that in a batting pitch, the batsmen will get the advantage. Again, pitch characteristics change from country to country. In Australia and South Africa, the pitches support first bowlers while in India and Sri Lanka pitches are batsman-friendly. 
  • Know the weather conditions. If the match is going to take place at night, the second half may support fast bowlers. If the location is humid, spinners and batsmen will have some advantage. 

Choose the final 11 of your fantasy cricket after considering all these aspects in-depth. If you love cricket and regularly follow the games, you will not find any difficulty in selecting your team. As you gain experience with fantasy cricket, participating in it will become more and more exciting. With Gamezy, you have many opportunities to win large amounts in different ways. 

Final Words about Gamezy and Fantasy cricket 

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