GetMega: Play online video games and win real money!

GetMega: Play online video games and win real money!


Earning quick pocket money on a daily basis is now possible for everyone. GetMega is an online gaming and earning app that allows you to earn pocket money daily by playing simple games! As a newbie, in case you wish to begin with minimum cash and see how it works, you have the option to start with an amount as low as Rs 15.

As a popular Android App, GetMega offers great opportunities to earn some cash by playing simple and interesting games online. Even sharing an article concerning this app or referring it to friends or family can also make you win some quick cash as a referral reward. The limit of earning through this app reaches in hundreds along with offering quick withdrawal to the linked wallet or bank account.

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Features of GetMega App

This app has an easy to understand and highly intuitive gaming interface which enables earning by playing some easy mobile games. These include Cards, Carom, Smash, Tic Tac Toe, Speed Chess, and moree. All these games fully explain the rules to ensure that the player is aware of his stakes and wins. 

As a beginner, one needs to sign up on GetMega Gaming app as the first step. This will involve entering your personal details and linking your money wallet or bank account on the app to ensure easy to and fro payments. The winning amount gets instantly transferred to your Paytm or account, as per the preferences set in the profile. 

How much can I earn by playing games on GetMega?

The GetMega app has all its instructions in English and a player just needs to begin with a minimum payout of Rs 15. It is important to have a mobile with Android 5.0 or an updated android mobile version to run this app. The games are simple, fun and favour earning of some money which can also be withdrawn on a daily basis. The amount that a player earns depends on his betting amount. The winning amount will get higher when the stakes are set higher by the players, which means you ‘bet more and earn more’. On an average, if you have spent a good amount of time in playing these games and winning, the amount that you receive in your wallet will fall between Rs 500 and Rs 1,500 provided that your performance is consistently good. When a player signs up and refers this app to someone else, they get rewarded with Rs 350 as real cash.

How can I start playing games in GetMega App?

In order to start playing, a player needs to first sign up using their mobile number or Facebook account. Once they are signed up, they will be able to join a game or tournament of their choice. This requires some amount in their account which can be added by the player from their bank account or wallet or can be the bonus (in the forms of cards) one receives in the game.

Smaller games earn a winning amount of Rs 1 or 2 but to win big, players must participate in big stake games. Such participation requires investing large sums of money in leagues, wherein if you lose, you lose, but if you win, you win big. The winning amount can be easily withdrawn into your Paytm wallet directly. The app has ‘Wallet’ as the second icon on the bottom. A player needs to click on the same and select ‘withdraw’, followed by filling up the details. Players also need to adhere to KYC compliances since the earnings are transitioned. 

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