How to play Andar Bahar? Here is a step by step guide

How to play Andar Bahar? Here is a step by step guide

Andar Bahar

Andar bahar is a simple game that most people play with their family and friends. The game is not really different from the one that you play at home. But the energy level and fun are the same. You can happily play this game with online players or alone. 

If you do not know about the game, then start with free fun. Because with free play you can save your money. But if you have enough money you can play Andar Bahar with actual money. It is an exciting game that can grab all your attention. In addition, the best thing about this game is that it is completely portable. As you only need the card deck without any wheels, gaming table, and chips. Andar bahar is generally a mobile game because it does not have extra equipment rather than cards. You can play Andar bahar on your smartphone, laptop, PC, or tablet.

How to Play Online Andar Bahar?

  • There are 52 cards in a deck so you need good luck to win the game.
  • But good luck is not enough until you do not know the basic rules and tips. 
  • You can use a single deck to play a rapid-fire game. 
  • The odds of winning Andar bahar are 50/50 if you want to keep the game simple and nice. 
  • Players can choose from the two sides of the table.
  • They can either select the left side which is Andar or the right side which is Bahar.  
  • The main idea is to predict the identically numbered card to the selected card when the cards are dealt and cut.

That's it, Andar bahar is this simple. 

Basic Rules on how to play Andar Bahar

As compared to other games Andar Bahar is the simplest game. But still, it has some rules that you should know before playing the game. The rules of the Andar Bahar can vary according to the platform. Like it has different rules in online casinos and when you play it at home. Different locations add different rules. But this is not a big problem because the standard rules remain the same at all places.

Have a look at these simple rules:

  • All players can see the card, which pack of cards is cut to show
  • Players are allowed to place the bet on whether a card with the same face value will appear to the right or the left
  • Then cards are dealt with the Andar and Bahar betting spots. Dealing will start from Andar if the first card is a black suit. On the other side, dealing will start from Bahar, if the card is red 
  • If players add extra betting, then 2 cards will be dealt with each betting spot and players will put their final bets
  • While you watch anticipation for a match, the cards dealt alternatively with each of the betting spots
  • The round will end if an identical value card to the chosen card is dealt with either of the betting spots 
  • You will win the Andar and Bahar round and receive the payout if you have made a bet on the right spot
  • Other players will be lost to the dealer


The dealer's cut shows a card with 5 values. You place a bet on the left side(Andar). Then cards are dealt with both betting spots. And if the card with the same 5 values appears in the left position. Then you will win the round. But if the cards appear in the right position. Then you will lose the bet. 

Game Terms

The best benefit of the Andar Bahar game is that you do not have to remember the tough rules and terminologies.

This game is so easy that people of all ages can play. There are only two things that a player should remember while playing the game.

  • Andar - It is the left betting spot on the table
  • Bahar - The betting spot on the right side of the table

Placing Bets

If you play online, you can place the minimum bet worth ₹10. Also, you can place the maximum amount of ₹10,000 for betting. In addition, you have the option to select the place of the game. Whether you want to play the game online or offline according to your betting budget and preference. Moreover, there are variations in the game due to different places. But remember you will get the guideline before the game starts. First, the card is displayed to all the players. Then they tell you to place the bet. You have a few seconds to select your betting position. If your betting position is right then you will win the game. But if the betting position is wrong you will lose the game.

Additional Side Bets 

Some online platforms provide the facility of additional bets. Due to this, the player can bet against the card that the dealer cuts. These additional bets include guessing the suit of the card or whether it is below or above a certain number. By chipping a certain amount on the screen, you can place the bet on a card. 


When you play the Andar bahar game, payouts are always made on the accurate guess of the player. Payouts appear where the matching card number will appear. However, payouts related to whether the first card was the red or black suit.  And whether the card was dealt Andar or Bahar. The player will receive the 90% payout of the matching card that appears on the same side as the first dealt card. It means you can receive the winning amount of ₹190. If you place the bet of ₹100. But if the card appears on the other side. Then players will get 100% benefit. That means the winning amount will be ₹200.   

How to play Andar Bahar – Game tips and strategies

Here are some tips and strategies that you should follow while playing the Andar Bahar game.

1. Make small bet

Start with the small bets if you are playing the real game for the first time. Because it will save your money if you lose. No matter if you have practiced the free game, the real game will always be to learn new tricks. When you master all the tricks, increase your betting rate and win more.

2. Learn all tricks

Before you play the original games, learn the tricks by playing free. Also, you can learn the tips before starting the game.

As Andar and Bahar is such a simple game. There is no difficult strategy for it but still, you have to learn its rules. So that you can make a profit.

3. Choose right casino

Before playing the game, you must select the right casino. So that you get the option to put additional side bets.

Wrapping up

That's all folks, no matter how simple the game is. Betting is betting. You must learn all the tricks before you play online games. Because only with good tricks can you defeat your opponents. So remember all tips and standard rules before placing the bet. Play Andar Bahar for fun or for real money here at Oppa888! Sign up for an Oppa888 account now and put the tips shared above to the test!

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