Easy Steps on how to Play Teen Patti

Easy Steps on how to Play Teen Patti

How to Play Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is a popular gambling game that originally started in India, and has spread throughout South Asia over the past few decades. People love playing this gambling game that has a huge fanbase in India. This card game is also known as 'flash' or 'flush', and referred to as a simplified variant of three-card Poker. 

Teen Patti is a gambling card game that uses a deck of 52 cards and is played by 3 to 6 players. Just like other poker and rummy games, Teen Patti also involves betting. The players have to place the bet and give the fixed boot amount before the cards are distributed. The main goal of Teen Patti is to maximize the value of each pot and winning it. A player can win the game by either having all players lay down their hands, or by having the best three-card hand. However, if you are not familiar with this gambling card game, this blog is for you. In this blog, we will discuss how to play Teen Patti. We will talk about the entire rules that you need to know to play the game. So, let's get started.

Easy Steps on how to Play Teen Patti

1. Select a dealer. 

The players have to draw cards to select the dealer. The highest drawn card will receive the honor of being the first dealer. In every game round, the players will take turns in becoming the dealer. In a clockwise manner, the player sitting next to the dealer will become the dealer in the next round.

2. Place an ante.

Each player has to contribute to form the initial pot, i.e., an ante. When the game round starts, every player will fight over this initial pot. This ante will be setting the level of the game because every round is capped to a pot equal to 1024 times the ante. However, this won't happen if the game is played without a limit. 

3. Receive your cards.

The dealer of the game round deals three cards face-down to himself. After that, he deals the three cards face-down to each of the players in a clockwise manner.

4. Start acting with the first player.

The player who sits on the left-hand side of the dealer will be the one playing next. He will start acting. He can choose to play blind, i.e., playing the round without seeing his cards. Or, he can choose to play as seen, i.e., he will play with his cards seen. If he chooses to play blind, he can fold, call the ante or raise to double it. However, if he chooses to play as seen, he can fold, double the ante or raise to quadruple it. No matter what he chooses, it will be known as a stake.

5. Continue acting.

As the game proceeds, each player has to fold, call or raise as a blind, or seen player in a clockwise manner. Also, the amount the player can bet depends on the stake set by the previous player and if the current player is blind or seen. If he is blind, it is either 1x or 2x the stake. Or, if it is seen, it is either 2x or 4x the stake. If the player has acted seen previously, the stake will be half of the stake of the previously acting player who is blind.

6. Request a side-show.

If the acting player is a seen player, just after another seen player, and there are at least three players left in the round, the acting player can ask for a side-show with the previously acting player. However, the decision depends on the asked player. If he accepts, both of them will show each other their cards. Then the player, who has the worst hand ranking, will get eliminated while the game continues.

7. Demand a showdown.

Once the side-shows have occurred or the players have folded, and have only two players left in the game, any of these two players can demand a final showdown. When one player asks for the final showdown, the other player has to either fold or call. If he chooses to call, both the players have to show their cards to each other. The player with the highest hand ranking will win the entire pot. 

8. Enter an alternative showdown.

While playing the pot-limited game, you can get an alternative showdown once the pot limit has been reached. For example, if the pot limit is 1024 times the initial ante, the players will have to show their cards when the limit is reached.  

Now that you have learned the rules on how to play Teen Patti, it is time to put your knowledge to the test!. Play Teen Patti for fun today and see how it is to bet with real money! Once you get the hang of it, sign up for an Oppa888 account now and start betting with real money!

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