Solid Tips to Win Your Indian Horse Race Bets

Solid Tips to Win Your Indian Horse Race Bets

How to Win Your Indian Horse Race Bets

Indian horse race is considered a popular sport which presents a vast scope of sports betting and winning. In existence for more than two centuries now, the foundation of racetracks was set in Madras, where it is still prominent today. Speaking specifically about India’s horse race industry, the country has in total 9 race courses, which are largely managed by 6 Indian horse racing authorities. Owing to its huge popularity, there are numerous websites that facilitate online horse race betting across various sports books.

Indian horse race betting, also known as satta, enables the sports bettors to bid wagers on their favourite horses running on their diverse racetracks in a day. This domain of sport betting is enabled by the conventional bookmakers in the form of pool betting, wherein the horse race wagers are set at 28% GST tax category. Regardless, there are a number of popular betting sites which allow the bettors to place bets without levying additional taxes or fees.

Tips to Bet on Indian Horse Race

As a beginner, if you are looking for a website which is great for placing bets on Indian horse race events, Oppabet can be a good place to begin. This site favors betting on a huge portfolio of games on its highly intuitive interface. Betting is much easier on horse racing events since it is a pretty straightforward process. 

  • Create an account on a betting site.
  • Go to the ‘Gaming’ section and select ‘Horse Racing’ under the sports category
  • Check for the horse racing betting odds for all the current as well as upcoming events
  • Check for a track of past win to place bets accordingly

Some of the best tracks Indian horse race betting include Bangalore Turf Club, Hyderabad Race Club, Madras Race Club, Delhi Race Club, Royal Calcutta Turf Club, and Royal Western India Turf Club.

Tips to Select a Betting site for Indian Horse Race

For starting a bet, it might seem like a daunting task to choose a reliable website, but with a few considerations the choice can be simplified. As a new user, you need to undertake a careful evaluation process ensuring that the site you will pick is first of all fully licensed and legally allowed to allow bets. Also, scan for Indian Horse Race options listed, to ensure that they are diverse and come with an option of live streaming, additional free Indian horse racing tips, exciting bonuses and cost-free betting trials.

Cut to the Chase: How to Win in A Bet in an Indian Horse Race?

Perhaps, horse racing is the only sport which is open for the fans to participate in the game directly by means of wagering. This sport experiences millions of rupees rolling on bets each day in which players test their handicapping skills. Some of the crucial steps to win a horse racing are shared below:

- Have access to daily racing form

It is crucial to get an update on each horse running in daily races. Handicapping skills are another matter altogether. This deals with the process of analyzing and concluding as to which horse has the best chance to win. 

- Handicapping skill assessment

Usually subject to testing one’s creative intelligence, which deals with systematic computation that varies with each player. Some other concepts include beyer speed figures, pace projections, track bias, form cycles and value lines.

- Demand value

It is not wise to bet on a person’s top pick or other strong contenders which have their odds below value line. These bets are known as underlays that carry negative propositions in the long term. 

- Place system systematically

It is always advised to always wager 2 percent of bankroll on minimum standard winning bet.

- Make use of prime-betting situations

Always prefer betting on horses who have a higher odds of winning as compared to those who are in the value line. It is always important to press bets by inclining the standard by a minimum of 50 percent.

- Learn Psychology of Betting

Keep a track of racing selections and know the types of bets to produce highest returns whilst focussing on wagering.

To check out more options around Indian horse race, you can also visit Oppabet to sort your choices. You have to register now at Oppabet website if you want to play an Indian horse racing game and earn real money.

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