IPL Betting: Disclosing Winner’s Strategy

IPL Betting: Disclosing Winner’s Strategy

IPL Betting

IPL betting has become a simultaneous event with this sports tournament wherein bettors are presented with a huge scope to invest and earn a whopping amount of money. Since cricket IPL betting is a widespread practice in India, there are many bookmakers online that support people’s passion for cricket whilst allowing them to make some quick cash.

But since this domain is quite vastly invaded, making money through IPL betting isn’t as simple as it seems. Nevertheless with some quick tips and considerations, one can make money without taking high risk.

How to get started with IPL Betting?

As a newbie to IPL betting, it is important to choose a reliable and trusted bookmaker such as Oppa888, to initiate an investment without fearing foul play. To get started with these online bookmakers that host a vast collection of online sports betting options, the following steps need to be followed:

  • Select and download an app or you can simply go to online sports book app to begin with the registration process
  • Create an account by entering your personal details, ensuring that your KYC is complete. This will save you a lot of trouble in your transactions.
  • Make a selection of ‘Cricket’ from the Sports section and go to the event i.e. IPL Betting.
  • Now enter an amount or kind of bet that you want to wager your money
  • Pay online using an accepted mode of transaction by that respective bookmaker. Oppa888 accepts payments via MasterCard, VisaCard, NEFT and multiple other mediums from online IPL bettors.
  • Place your bet and wait for the results. In case you win, the profit will be transferred to you within the prescribed time stated by the chosen bookmaker.

Quick Tips for Making Cash through IPL Betting

Below we have collated some expert tips and advice to help you understand the working of IPL betting. These might seem basic but putting these intro implementations definitely increases your chances in cricket online betting.

  • Be aware: Betting might seem like something which is based on guesses but that’s not the case exactly. Winners have a streak of gaining knowledge by reading articles, books and trends when it comes to placing bets. There are many books written by authors like Stanford Wong, King Yao and Elihu D. Feustel discussing the strategies and risks of IPL betting.
  • More than one account: It doesn’t mean to have multiple accounts at one book since it might land you into trouble. It’s always wise to open 3 to 5 accounts at different sports books since not every bookmaker is competitive on price and with some winning is more like shopping and luck. It also means that you need to place lighter bets to lose less on your losers and make more margin on your winners.
  • Arbitrage: Having accounts with different bookmakers also facilitates sports betting arbitrage which means you can put money on all the outcomes of an event to earn profit under all circumstances. One must definitely check that the sports book has no restrictions on it.
  • Sports picks: Never go for advertisements which hints that a particular team will win and money is assured. Handicappers showing 95% winning streak in one direction increases the crowd on that bet which affects the winning price. Picking risky bets has a high chance of losing money, so staying aware of these is actually saving money.
  • Bankroll administration: To begin with initial betting, players must have a large bankroll wherein the money is split across multiple books/accounts. It is important to have a large bankroll to have a backing to handle losses.
  • Research: It is always wise to conduct due diligence before placing bets. Carrying out detailed research is important to assess data which includes injuries, opening players, weather, drop offs and so on. Also assessing a team’s or player’s past data and winning trends differentiate a bettor from recreational bettors.

Pick the Right Sportsbook for IPL Betting

Selecting a reliable online bookmaker is the first step to ensure legit betting in India. Make sure that you join a sportsbook which is legalised and licensed such as Oppa888 which allows winners to make small bets. Also, picking such a bookmaker will offer deals like cash back which will put money into the player's pocket.

Oppa888 is one of the best online platforms through which you can place bets on IPL games. You have to simply register now at Oppa888 Website, then you can start playing the IPL Betting Game.

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