The Most Popular IPL Cricket Bets Explained

The Most Popular IPL Cricket Bets Explained

How to bet on the IPL 2023

Whether a new bettor in the sports betting world or a seasoned gambler, betting on the IPL 2023 is open for everyone! The best way to get started with IPL cricket betting is to find yourself a reliable sports betting website to place your bets on; you’ll want to find a sportsbook that has good odds, varied betting markets, and a safe reputation so that you can be reassured that your money is safe. One such reputable online casino is Oppa888, where you can explore many sports betting options and even other online casino games!

Once you’re on the Oppa888 website, signing up for an account takes a simple click of a button! The process takes no more than a day and after it’s been confirmed, you can start placing bets on cricket right away. We’ve mentioned the possibility of betting on multiple markets, and you may be wondering what this means. Like the term itself implies, think of betting markets as a place where you can “shop” for something to “buy” (or place your bets on). Essentially, these cricket betting markets are the different kinds of bets that you can place on the IPL 2023!

In the section below, we’ll introduce you to some of the most popular and common IPL cricket bets you may encounter when betting on the IPL.

Popular IPL cricket bets

Win toss

This is by far the simplest of IPL cricket bets, and one that you will know the result of literally as soon as the game begins. The Win Toss, or Coin Toss, is betting on the result of the coin toss at the start of the match, which determines which team captain can decide whether to bat or bowl first.

Toss combination

In connection with the previous is the Toss Combination, an IPL cricket bet where you can wager not only on which team will win the coin toss, but also on whether that team captain will choose to bat or bowl first.

Match bet

This popular cricket bet is also sometimes referred to as the Outright Winner bet, and is actually THE #1 most common wager in IPL 2023 betting. The Match Bet is a futures bet (where you’re predicting an outcome in the future) where you’re simply wagering on which team will win in a match. Knowledge of match odds will come in handy here!

Double chance

Betting on the Double Chance market definitely gives you a higher chance of winning money simply because you’re betting on two predictions out of only three possible outcomes. In this IPL cricket bet, you’re taking a chance on whether a particular team will either win or draw.

Outright winner

This one is pretty self-explanatory in the name itself! It’s a straightforward betting market, but still with a high risk because you’re betting on one out of ten participating teams in the entire IPL 2023 tournament! Research on team performance will help a lot here but remember: you never know what could happen! After all, in 2022 a debuting team won the championship.

Series winner

The Series Winner IPL cricket bet is a bit of a confusing misnomer, especially if you’re used to betting in other sports where tournaments are also referred to as a ‘series’. In the IPL 2023, however, a series means the set of matches that two teams will play against each other throughout the tournament (usually two or three). Gambling on the Series Winner means that you are gembling on which team will win the most games in their series, or even who will win which match as well.

First inning score

If you’ve got more knowledge of cricket than a beginner to the sport, you might be interested in wagering on the First Inning Score. It’s very straightforward: you’re focusing on one team and predicting what their score will be at the end of the first inning. 

Match score

Just like in the abovementioned IPL cricket bet, Match Score is a wager centered on the one team of your choice, and your prediction of what this team’s score will be at the end of the match (in terms of number of runs, of course!).

Over/under score

The Over/Under cricket markets again ties into Match Scores in that this is a futures prediction on an outcome. Unlike the previous two, however, you’re now considering BOTH teams in the match. Not only are you wagering on what the total score (i.e. number of runs) will be from both teams, but you’re wagering on whether it’ll be over or under a certain number.

First ball/First over

For a different thrill that informs you of the outcome right away, another popular IPL cricket bet option is First Ball/First Over. When IPL betting, this market lets you bet on whether the first ball will be a wicket or a four.

Top bowler

Betting on the Top Bowler market means that you’re betting on which player will be able to take the most number of wickets in the match. Within this IPL cricket bet market, there are also several ways that you can further modify your wager.

Top batsman

Similarly to Top Bowler, the Top Batsman market gives you a chance to predict which player will score the most runs. In the same way, you can customize this IPL cricket bet depending on whether you’re betting on the match, the series, the tournament, or even on just one team or both teams in a match!

Team of top batsman

If you’re not sure about picking a particular player, that’s okay! You can minimize the risk by choosing which team he will be playing for instead.

Man of the Match

In some major tournaments like the IPL 2023, certain awards are given out to individual players at the end. One of these awards is the Man of the Match, which is also a popular IPL cricket bet! You’ll want to do plenty of research and due diligence, so you can be confident in which player you’re betting on to win the award.

Player of the series

Player of the Series operates on much the same criteria as Man of the Match: it’s an individual award that is given to the player whose performance was spectacular throughout the league. However, it is on a larger scale (league instead of just one match) so when wagering on this IPL cricket bet, the risk is much higher!

Player performance

Player Performance once again focuses on an individual player, and it would definitely be prudent to research the player you have in mind in terms of previous match performance! That’s because in this IPL cricket bet, you’re gambling on whether your player’s total runs will be above or below a certain amount.

To score 50 runs

In addition, and especially if you don’t want to think about what the baseline number is for over/under, you can also wager on whether your chosen player will hit 50 runs. So, To Score 50 Runs is a simplified combination of Over/Under and Player Performance!


Now that you’ve been introduced to many of the popular IPL cricket bets on Oppa888, you’re free to explore them on your own and find the ones that work for you! When experimenting with betting markets and cricket odds, always remember to wager low first so that you’re not risking too much money. When you’re more familiar and confident with your skills, then you can take larger risks too. Sign up for Oppa888 today and get started with IPL betting!

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