IPL Fantasy: A Fantasy Cricket game that will blow your mind

IPL Fantasy: A Fantasy Cricket game that will blow your mind


Fantasy cricket is very popular among people, and IPL fantasy is the king of all fantasy games. Fantasy participants wait for the IPL league when they can play non-stop for three months and earn real money from it. Now, there are many questions for a newbie about Fantasy league. What is IPL fantasy? How can he play?

Here, we have answers for all the questions of a new participant who wants to play the game.

What is IPL Fantasy cricket?

Fantasy cricket is basically a strategic thinking game where a participant can enjoy the real match along with playing it virtually. A participant can predict which player will perform well and which one can take the highest wicket. When the predictions go correct, the participant can earn real money.

It is not considered as pure betting. In betting, a person can earn money based on pure luck. But fantasy cricket games work on a player's strategy. They need to see different factors like pitch reports, previous and future records of the cricketers, and many more. When the predictions of a participant go correct after doing extensive research, he wins real money.

Rules of playing fantasy cricket

There are many apps where a participant can play fantasy cricket. And the rules remain the same for almost every app.

You can choose players from both participating teams, and it has to be within 100 credit points. Every player will have certain credit points based on their previous performance. When you have chosen your team, you will have to choose your captain and vice-captain. They play a crucial role in your win. A captain will give you 2x of the points in the match and the vice-captain will give you 1.5x points in the match. So, if your captain and vice-captain perform very well in the match, then you can have a high chance of winning money.

You would have to select at least four batsmen, one all-rounder, one wicketkeeper, and a minimum of two howlers. So, you have to pick the best team for you by making the balance.

You will get to see your score after the match. Here you will have a clear idea of what has happened with the team you have chosen and where your score lies. You will get your rank on the leaderboard.

Why is IPL cricket fantasy so popular?

There are many types of fantasy games that happen throughout the year in different sports. Still, IPL is the most popular fantasy game among them. IPL fantasy has literally broken all previous records in fantasy games’ domain. What are the reasons for such a high attraction of participants in the game?

IPL is a cricket league that happens every year from March to May. It attracts a large audience during the period. Indian people remain divided among different cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, and others based on their favourite teams. As India is a popular cricket country, people remain crazy about cricket matches. IPL gives the platform where talented players across the world come and play together with Indian players during the time.

So, there can be certain reasons for IPL fantasy being popular.

Indian people love cricket, but everyone can't become a cricketer. And cricket fantasy allows them to play accordingly. They can choose the players they want. It gives them the feeling of being a cricketer. Here, one can become a captain and choose his players. As a cricket fan, it gives a different level of feeling.

The point system is also considered for IPL fantasy cricket being very popular among people. People love to compete with their friends, family members during this time. IPL goes for around three months, and they can go on competing with one another every day and earn real money. It attracts a large audience in the IPL fantasy game. But it doesn't happen during other cricket matches where matches do not get conducted every day.

Another reason can be that it is very easy to play. People of different backgrounds can play the IPL fantasy game just by downloading an app on their phone. And they can earn real money by competing with others.

Eligibility for playing

Fantasy cricket is legal in India, but a user must be at least 18 years old to play the game. And he must have his pan card

To sum up, cricket or IPL fantasy is a game where a participant can use his analytical skill on cricket to play the game and earn real money. The game works on choosing players to build a team virtually before a match. If the team performs well in the match, then he can earn real money from it. The IPL fantasy game remains a popular game among participants.

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