How to play Jhandi Munda Game?

How to play Jhandi Munda Game?

How to play Jhandi Munda Game?

If you are into gambling kind of games, then we think that Jhandi Munda game might grab your attention. You might be wondering which the major tips and tricks are that can help you win this game, here you can check out the details!

For the information, Jhandi Munda game is a traditional game that is carried out and commenced in the country of India. 

This game had its origin right from the premises of Arunachal Pradesh. Among all of the Indian gamblers, this game is quite popular. If you have played the game of crown and anchor, then you might feel and get the glimpse that this Jhandi Munda game is also played in a similar style.  The history of this respective game dates back to the time of the 18th century. 

Here we have mentioned the best tips and tricks and top of all strategies on winning this game, you can see the details:

How to Play Live Jhandi Munda Game Online

There is a specific way to play the Jhandi Munda game online and on this platform, you can grab and get to know about that respective guide. This game gets linked and associated with the concept of street play. In addition, people prefer playing this game when they are free. This one is an age-old game and it is still popular all over the world and especially in India. 

You can now play it virtually and that is the best thing about it. As the online version of this game is available, you have to play it wisely. Furthermore, you should possess the required skill to win Jhandi Munda.  Moreover, to win this game, luck matters more than your skills and potential but you should not discard the importance of tips, tricks and skills. The online version of this respective game encapsulates itself with an extensive number of varieties. In addition, you need to go with the bigger bets if playing this game online. Furthermore, you have to make use of exclusive statistics so that you ensure and guarantee to make a stronger position in this game. If you have planned to play the Jhandi Munda game on the online platform, then you will get lots of advantages.  The very first benefit is that this game is safe to play. The online version of it is legal and legal to play and accompany itself with some of the governed legal structures. All of the game earnings are safely and securely given to the players who won the game. Most importantly, before playing this game online, you have to understand that it comes in the form of a 6 dice game. Each of these dice has symbols embossed on them. To play this game, there is no need to immerse yourself in the world of rocket science. Just play this game casually and wisely and you will understand its concept with ease. A few of the online versions of this game only consist of 3 dice. You need to bet on the symbol and if you will win, then you get the 1:1 payout. This is how the game proceeds!  On the other hand, if the same symbol tends to appear multiple times, it means that you will be getting bigger payouts. Keep in mind that each of the symbols shows 1 in 6 chances of landing. Moreover, you can learn about the terminologies that are linked with this gameplay.  If you have questions on these terms, you can let us know and we will further clarify them for you:

  • Jhandi/Jhanda: This one is a Hindi word and it showcases the flag symbol right there embossed in the dice.
  • Munda/Burja/Mukut: Keep in mind that this is a Hindi word meant for a crown symbol.
  • Hukum: This is also a Hindi word and it showcases and displays the spade symbol.
  • Paan: It tells us about the heart symbol.
  • Chiri/Chiriya: This one is the club symbol
  • Eent: You need to consider it as a diamond symbol.
  • Langur: This one is the Hindi word for anchor
  • Hot symbols: These symbols have managed to appear for the most of the time during face-up
  • Cold symbols: These symbols do not win in any rolls
  • Host/Dealer: This one is the person who is going to roll the dice but and also make bets
  • Player: He is the one who will make a bet

For 1 symbol, the payout will come out to be Bet Amount + 1x Stake

For 2 symbols, the payout will come out to be Bet Amount + 2x Stake

For 3 symbols, the payout will come out to be Bet Amount + 3x Stake

For 4 symbols, the payout will come out to be Bet Amount + 4x Stake

For 5 symbols, the payout will come out to be Bet Amount + 5x Stake

For 6 symbols, the payout will come out to be Bet Amount + 6x Stake

Below you can see more of the details on this topic. Just remember that this is an easy to understand game. 

Take a little time out and understand these six dice, that is all!

Jhandi Munda Game Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

Now, you can know about the tips and tricks linked to this Jhandi Munda game. If you are one of the beginner level gamblers, then you have to follow these strategies and tips. In addition, a few of the novice gamblers have advised to bet on three different symbols at one single time. In this manner, you get a 50% chance of landing and being able to win that symbol. But you should not follow this piece of advice in reality because this is not true and does not work! We have already told you that each symbol and dice has 1 in 6 chances of winning and landing. If you are going to bet 1,000 Rs. on each of the symbols and only one symbol lands, then you will only get Rs 1000 and eventually lose the rest of the rupees. Moreover, if 3 different symbols land, then you will get 3,000 Rs. Hence, luck matters a lot. Below you can have a look at the details of these strategies and let us know whether they worked for you. It is up to the player whether he wants to go for a low-risk strategy or he prefers to pursue a high-risk strategy.

Low Risk 2 Symbol Strategy

First of all, we have this low risk 2 symbol strategy that you can opt for while playing the Jhandi Munda game. In this regard, you have to place 2 bets right there on any 2 symbols. If you get successful in landing both of the symbols, then you will eventually get the profit. As an example, 1 match for each symbol will give you 1,000 Rs. Profit and odds for this event will come out to be 25%

High-Risk Strategy

Moving to the high risk strategy! This you can surely implement and follow while you play this Jhandi Munda game. In this strategy, you just have to bet on one and sole symbol. You will get a total number of 3 chances for landing the symbol and no extra chance will be given. The players get 50% chance of landing and 50% chance of losing. In addition, while you play the traditional version of this game, all of the six players get the chance to bet on one symbol. But a different scenario is seen in the online version. If you have planned to go with the highest paying bets, then your payout will come out to be 35:1. However, if you want to win these highest paying bets, then you need to land on the right number right out of 37 or 38 options. In this strategy, the risk is high but the reward is also high. We can share with you some of the basic scenarios so that you can get an idea how this strategy runs! Like, if you have gone for 1 match and your payout is 1:1, then you get Rs 1000 profit and odds for this event will eventually come out to be 50%.  If you prefer playing two matches, and the payout is 2:1, then you get Rs 2000 profit and odds for that respective event will be 5/5%.

How to Play a Jhandi Munda game with Real Bets and Money?

In this section, you will come to know how to play this game of Jhandi Munda with the help of real bets and money. Most importantly, it is on lots of online platforms and also online casino operators that you will see the presence of this game. 

If playing online, you should get in touch with the reliable casinos and trustworthy gambling sites where you can play this game. If you have chosen the legal gambling site, then you will get the best experience on playing this game.

While accessing these online gambling sites, you have to register yourself. Sign up, enter your email ID and other details and play the game that you wish and desire to do so. The online version of Jhandi Munda game allows you to adjust the betting size and also betting volume. You can even schedule your gameplay with ease.

Guide and Rules of the Jhandi Munda Game

If you are looking for a useful and valuable guide and rules linked with the Jhandi Munda game, then here you can check out more of the details. First of all, you can understand that the layout of this game is very much simpler. You can quickly understand these kinds of games no matter, you are playing them for the first time. In addition, this game has a total number of 6 dice and also 6 faces. You will see that each face carries and composes a specific symbol. Moreover, you need to go on betting with each of the symbols and wait for the time and correct moment whether you win and lose. If your symbol manages to make the most number of appearances right there in the phase of roll-out, it means you will win the game. We can give you this information that 6 symbols that are linked and associated with this game are heart, clubs, and also spade, diamonds. Other symbols are the flag and the face.

If you are playing this game virtually, then keep in mind that the number of times your symbol will appear in any roll-out, then this appearance will tell the amount of winnings that you have been awarded with! On the other hand, if your symbol appears twice right there in a roll out, then you will be awarded with twice winnings. This game known by the name of the Jhandi Munda game gives a staggering and amazing value of 97.14% to players. You will be surprised to know that this is the highest probability and highest chances of awarding players who tend to make substantial profits. There are a few of the common strategies that you have to incorporate while playing this amazing game of Jhandi Munda. We know that luck matters a lot while winning this dice game but you have to make the right strategies as well. Here we have identified a certain amount of tips and strategies that you can employ during gameplay of yours. With the follow up of these strategies, you might increase your winning chances. In addition, you can employ all of these tips and strategies while playing conventional and traditional dice related games. As this game is all about the incorporation of symbols, for the reason that you have to comprehend the power of these symbols. The concept may come to be handy if you consider these symbols as hot and cold symbols.

Most importantly, hot symbols are the kind of symbols that appear most of the time in this game. And cold symbols are those that appear a minimum number of times. Through this understanding, you can have a better idea which symbols have more chances of winning and losing! In this game, you have to avoid playing patterns. If you play patterns, then the outcome of the next roll will eventually carry the same odds like that of the previous roll. You should not assume that the heart symbol that appeared in the previous roll will also appear in the next roll. Most noteworthy, this game is all about solid money management practices! If you have planned to play this casino gambling game, then you need to manage your money wisely and bet wisely. In addition, avoid going for an over gambling approach and do not bet higher if you could not afford to do so!

You should not be chasing losses and you should not be betting more on rolls once you have faced a loss or a multiple number of losses. In other words, you have to stay away from the hedging bets. If you go with such bets, then they will quickly and instantly drain your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

- How does one win in the Jhandi Munda game?

To win the Jhandi Munda game, you need to follow smart tricks and strategies. Choose the symbol wisely and know the concept of hot and cold symbols. The winner of this game gets to decide whose symbol appears for most of the number of times during the single roll-out.

- Is it legal to play Jhandi Munda online?

It is somewhat seen that it is legal to play a Jhandi Munda game online. However, some people have believed that there are so far no clear regulations on whether it is right and legal to play this game. Among the Indian players, playing this game has become a popular choice.

- How to apply the best strategy in the Jhandi Munda game?

There are lots of best strategies that may help you in winning this Jhandi Munda game. Like, you can consider the approach of understanding hot and cold symbols. In addition, your luck matters. You can take guidance from other casino related games and see how winnings are declared over there.


Now, you know the best strategies for playing Jhandi Munda. If you have played this game, then let us know your reviews. 

You can share with us how you play it and whether you prefer playing it online or physically! One cannot deny that this game has become the most famous game all across the northeastern premises of India. The simple and basic layout of this game has increased its popularity. So, start playing this gambling game and feel free to share with us how many times you win and lose in it. The time has arrived to transform more of the age-old games in an online format. Now, let us all see which other casino old age games will come out next! You can keep tuned with us so that we can let you know more about the rules, strategies linked with this game.

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