Kerala Lottery: Best Lottery tips on how you can win it big

Kerala Lottery: Best Lottery tips on how you can win it big

Kerala Lottery

Many areas and states around India forbid their citizens to participate in number games or lottery draws. However, Kerala Lottery has come up as a solution and an exception to this rule. Residents in Kerala have the option of participating in the state-run-lottery , which is possibly the most famous lottery in India. Kerala Lottery came into operation in the year 1967, post which there were no government lotteries in India. As a matter of fact, lotteries before this period were completely banned. The reason why Kerala lottery came into operation was because of the revenue generation plan initiated by Kerala government without increasing taxes or introducing new taxes for the residents. At present, Kerala lottery has earned billions of rupees which is collected by the government whilst enabling bettors to win large amounts on a daily basis. 

What is Kerala Lottery all about?

Kerala lottery comprises seven different lotteries which operate under the umbrella of Kerala Lottery and are run every day of a week. Apart from these, Kerala lottery has six additional lotteries that are hosted throughout the year, especially on special holidays. As a beginner’s guide, you need to go through the following steps to buy and win Kerala Lottery:

  • To begin playing Kerala State Lottery, players are required to visit a certified Kerala Lottery dealer which are more than 35,000 and over 100,000 lottery retailers across the state who sell the tickets to the players. 
  • After purchasing the ticket, the players are required to submit personal details like full name and physical address on the back side of the ticket bought. Additionally, they are required to sign it, to ensure that the ticket is counted as valid.
  • This lottery is different from traditional lotteries, since the players are not required to choose their own numbers. In Kerala Lottery, all the tickets are marked with a predefined number which are determinant if the drawn number is similar and considered as winning ticket. 
  • The ticket costing or price is dependent on the size of the jackpot available on the lottery. 

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What is the winning prize on daily draws at Kerala Lottery?

Day draws held by Kerala Lottery have varying prices with a different estimated jackpot. The details regarding daily jackpot winning as per each day of a week are listed below:

 Note: *Price listed is the maximum cost charged for the lottery in Indian Rupees.

**The winning price is listed on the official Kerala Lottery website and can vary.

What are the Odds of winning Kerala Lottery?

The odds of winning any of the draws in Kerala lotteries depend on which kind of draw a player has chosen to play. Since every draw comes with a maximum number of tickets printed, the odds of winning totally depends on the number of lotteries printed for that particular draw. The timing of drawing for each lottery is usually held between 3 pm (IST) across various locations around Kerala region. The lottery draw officials update the bettors about the draw held online and call up interested parties to come and see the draw in person.

What are the payout options for Kerala Lottery?

The winning prize is less than Rs 100,000. This can be claimed by any regional Kerala Lottery office. But if the prize is more than Rs 100,000, players are required to claim their winnings from a registered lottery directorate office. The prize is required to be paid via bank transfer or via cheque along with depositing necessary documents that are required by the official website.

Is Kerala Lottery worth playing?

The Kerala Lottery has a great foundation on which other Indian states have based their own lotteries. It offers a great deal of jackpots in context of price, alongside being legally approved by the government agencies. 

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