Loco - The Most Popular E-Sports in India

Loco - The Most Popular E-Sports in India

Loco E-Sports

The e-sports market is booming across the world. In India, e-sports is getting popular day by day. With the increasing use of smartphones and constant growth of the internet, the e-sports market has been gaining momentum in remote parts of the country as well. E-sports is a kind of sports competition where the participants compete with each other in a virtual environment. Thus, live streaming is important in e-sports. 

At the same time, several highly interactive and technologically advanced tools are needed at every point to play in real-time. In e-sports sites like Loco,  different types of national and international tournaments take place throughout the year. Hundreds of e-sports experts play in these tournaments and they compete with each other for real monetary rewards.

Popular e-sports in India 

Most e-sports are battle games called “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena” (MOBA) games. Additionally, there are “First Person Shooter” (FPS) games and “Real-time Strategy” (RTS) games. The world plays several e-sports with fanfare and enthusiasm, including League of Legends, Dota2,  Fortnite, Counterstrike, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Valorant, StarCraft, and Super Smart Bros. In India, all these games are played by hundreds of e-sports enthusiasts every day and can be watched on websites like Loco. They compete with each other to win attractive prizes. 

Consider e-sports like Dota2. It’s a MOBA game where two teams of five players face each other. The goal of each team is destroying the opponents completely by proper strategy and using various tools provided in the gaming environment. 

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is another popular e-sport in India. It’s an FPS game where two teams compete with each other to finish the opponent. Ever since its introduction in 2012, this game has been getting more teams and communities in India. Several champions have created their teams and played tournaments for attractive rewards. 

Player Unknown’s BattleGround, popularly known as PUBG, is yet another popular e-sports game in India. PUBG is popular among capsular e-sports participants as well. 

Loco is a popular online streaming platform in India that allows fans and fellow players alike to both stream their gameplay and watch others who are currently playing online. Visitors to Loco can choose to watch live or replays, and Loco even provides choices based on the specific game you wish to watch.

E-sports industry in India

The industry in India started with just 20-25 developers but at present, India is now ranked 16th in the e-sports market. Considering the growth over the past ten years and the way the popularity of e-sports has been growing, experts assess that the e-sports market in India will be counted among the biggest of the world like the USA, China, and Australia. 

Today, more than 300 high-profile developers are contributing the best to the industry. The top investors of this industry are Paytm, Tencent, and Nazara. India has also hosted several internal e-sports tournaments such as PUBG Mobile Series 2019 and Dota 2 Electronics sports league, which brought in players from all over the world. 

Stakeholders of e-sports in India 

Whether you are playing  and streaming Dota2 or simply watching on Loco, without the active involvement of the major stakeholders, e-sports cannot grow. Stakeholders ensure that the market expands, players are trained, and all necessary accessories are easily available in the market. In a market like India, it was tough for the e-sports proponents to attract customers initially. 

However, renowned e-commerce platforms have made it possible through their relentless effort. In e-sports, high-quality gaming equipment is necessary. E-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal helped e-sports enthusiasts access these high-end gaming tools without difficulty. Moreover, connectivity is another vital aspect in e-sports or any kind of online live gaming. The internet service providers have been trying to provide fast and cheap connectivity to every Indian. 


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