Lotto Kings: Follow our Winning Lotto Strategies and Earn Money

Lotto Kings: Follow our Winning Lotto Strategies and Earn Money

Lotto Kings

Lotto Kings, formerly known as CongaLotto, is an online lottery portal which facilitates players from all over the world to check and win on popular lotteries hosted worldwide. The brand underwent rebranding in the year 2017, along with undergoing a change in its ownership. These days it is referred to as LottoKings or Lotto Kings. It has been in service since 2008 and has recorded more than 200,000 winners receiving prizes ranging from $10 right till $1 million jackpots.

How can I start with Lotto Kings?

To begin with, Lotto Kings players need to open an account to start playing with any of the online lotteries that are available on the website. As soon as the account is created, players can see and click on any of the lotteries visible featured on the home page. Once this is done, it takes the players to the product page on the specific lottery. The players can click important information about the lottery, including next draw date, lottery rules, and current jackpot pool. Players have the option to choose numbers for your lottery ticket, or have the option to choose numbers randomly for themselves. As soon as the numbers are selected, players need to click on the “Submit” button and proceed to checkout. Once a player has officially started with the lottery selection and login process, Lotto Kings tends to post updated information containing the winning combinations so that users can check if they have won. The Lotto Kings presents an automatic system which monitors winning numbers along with notifying winners via email. Unlike its competitors that follow a singular way to function, Lotto Kings makes changes depending on their location. Indian players are not required to purchase physical tickets from an agent. Instead, the website allows the players to place bets on the lottery outcomes.

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Is Lotto Kings legit?

Lotto Kings has been around for a long time, it has garnered a great reputation which is clearly reflected into its large user base. The site is required to comply with a strict set of laws and guidelines. All in all, Lotto Kings is a trusted site to play favourite international lotteries. A list of international lotteries featured by this site include: 

  • Oz Powerball, Oz Lotto - Australia  
  • SuperEnalotto - Italy
  • EuroJackpot, Thunderball, EuroMillions - Europe
  • Irish Lotto - Ireland 
  • NY Lotto, MegaMillions, Powerball, Cash4Life, Super Lotto, Florida Lotto - US
  • Lotto 6aus49 - Germany
  • Lotto - France 
  • Brazil - Mega Sena
  • Canada Lotto – Canada
  • Lotto - UK

Exclusive Features of Lotto Kings 

Lotto Kings as listed above, hosts a vast range of lotteries from around the world, along with a handful of other features:

  • Subscriptions: In case you want an update on when and how to purchase a ticket for an upcoming draw, this is an advanced feature for you. It therefore facilitates subscribing to the favourite lottery so that the tickets need to be automatically purchased for each draw.
  • Syndicates: As a player, if you wish to increase your winning chances, Lotto Kings presents syndicate options, including US Powerball, Mega Millions, and EuroMillions. While these portals have a small selection of games, it presents a massive range of lotteries with huge jackpots but very tough odds. 
  • Millionaire Raffles: Barring the lotteries set on offer, the site presents various raffles which change depending on what is being hosted across different times of the year. These are considered as booster draws which can help a player make a considerable amount if they are lucky enough to win.

How can I claim your winning at Lotto King? 

Winners of Lotto King, small winnings up to $600 and below are directly sent to the user's Lotto Kings account which can be used for future transactions. They also have the option to request that the money can be sent to their accounts via wire transfer or cheque. For a larger set of winning, the website contacts the winner to discuss travel arrangements so that they can show up, present an identity verification process to claim their prize. The websites in lieu take a certain percentage of their winnings or charge a flat fee.

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