Matched Betting: A Risk Free Way to Earn Real Money

Matched Betting: A Risk Free Way to Earn Real Money

Matched Betting

Matched betting has turned out to be the biggest source of income for those who wish to start with limited funds in hand. It is a form of arbitrage (dealing) which stems from bookmakers giving away free bets to motivate punters to bet with them. Bettors who wish to put their stakes in matched betting can collect these free bets followed by approaching a betting exchange and sell these bets for a hike of 70-80% on their face value. In simple words, matched betting is a trick which enables the bettors to make profits by taking advantage of a range of loss-leading promotions. 

Is it easy to make money via Matched Betting?

As simple as it might sound, making money through matched betting isn’t a piece of cake. It is a bit more complicated than how it is defined or sold out to punters. Some of the basics listed in starting up with matched betting are enlisted below: 

  • Simply choose and place a bet using free bonus money also known as back bet
  • Next step is to ‘match’ or ‘hedge’ the selected bet with a lay bet on a betting exchange. A lay bet is a kind of bet which means a player wins in case the outcome on the back bet fails to happen.
  • ‘Matched’ bet also indicates that irrespective of the outcome, a player wins. The winning side can be either at the bookmaker, or at the exchange. Since a player puts his money on one side of the bet, which is the lay bet on a betting exchange whereas the other one is a free bonus bet, the winning profits are guaranteed.
  • Smart way of matched betting is by using two different bookies and placing opposing bets with two different outcomes on the game using bonus bets. This means a 50% extraction rate from the winning amount will be considered as the best possible outcome.

Oppabet is a popular online platform that facilitates betting on a vast range of sports and casino games. Players can visit the=is site to lay or place ‘matched’ bets using the bonus sign up offer or extraction rate which is quite higher than other online betting portals.

How can I begin with Matched Betting?

If you are new to Matched Betting, there will certainly be many questions popping into your mind regarding how to search for trusted matched betting communities. To begin with a risk free matched betting, you can follow the below given steps: 

  • Sign up and go through free matched betting tutorials
  • Place a minimum bet to have a real time experience regarding its operations
  • Get in touch with site owners asking for free premium memberships 
  • Read all the free premium content to get a fair idea on tricks of matched betting
  • If the winning seams feasible, make bulk stacks for money matched betting

Is Matched Letting legit?

Many players have an opinion or a vague notion of matched betting being illegal since winning is tax-free by placing bookmaker offers. However, in reality, matched betting is completely legal. With a smart and sensible approach to Matched Betting, players can earn on an average between $20 and $50 per hour online which is absolutely tax free.

In fact, with some basic research, players can gain access to daily reload offers. Some other benefits that matched bettors swear by include:

  • Access to multiple free and paid tools along with exact winning odd calculators 
  • A vast and trusted matched betting community
  • Income is totally tax free 
  • Betting can be placed from home
  • Plenty of options available in bookies to select and place bets through 

Word of Caution

Since betting of any kind comes with considerable risks of its own, Matched betting isn’t also free from the same. 

  • It’s a time taking process to learn the tact and technique of matched betting 
  • Rushing can cost you heavy mistakes; deviating from the calculators and scripts and going by your own instincts will make you lose money
  • If the guidelines are not followed cautiously or you are winning hugely, it is possible that you get banned or blacklisted by the bookies 
  • Operating from multiple accounts comes under fraud and violation 

Matched betting is a great way to make money. But you need to know how it works and what you need to do to make it work for you. Register now to get started and learn how you can make money from matched betting.

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