Matka Gambling Game: Everything you need to know about Matka Gambling

Matka Gambling Game: Everything you need to know about Matka Gambling

Matka Gambling Game

A full-fledged lottery game known as Satta Matka, Matka gambling, or Satta, was first introduced in the 1950s, shortly after India gained independence. Traditionally, games such as Satta Matka are an activity in which someone puts their money or possessions in danger.

You should know that there is an element of chance or randomness involved if you want to know the basics on how to play matka gambling. But the main goal just like any other betting games is to win. Many mill employees engaged in Matka betting as Mumbai's textile mills began to prosper, leading to the establishment of betting shops in and around the mill districts, which helped Central Mumbai to become the epicentre of the Matka industry in the city.

The History of Matka Gambling Games

In India, the Satta Matka game has been around since the 1950s. When individuals used to utilize tickets to make wagers on the open and closing prices of the Cotton Exchange of Bombay, it was considered a high-risk endeavour. However, by the 1960s, the Cotton Exchange of New York had prohibited the practice due to many inconsistencies inside the system due to the betting.  Soon after, the Satta Matka game developed into pieces of paper on which bets may be placed on random numbers, which is being played today. For example, the paper chits could contain numbers ranging from 0 to 9, and the bettor would be asked to pick a number from the range and place it in a pot. The chits would then be drawn at random, and the numbers would be matched, and a winner would be announced in this manner.

With the advent of internet gaming, the nature of games began to shift, and the online Satta Matka game has undergone a complete transformation at this point. As a result of the prohibition on gaming centers, Matka enthusiasts were given a fantastic chance to wager from anywhere globally, which proved to be a tremendous opportunity for them. Many websites enable bettors to make various kinds of bets online and participate in multiple games. 

What are the rules of Matka Gambling Games?

Satta Matka was a traditional Indian game. The digits 0-9 were written on paper and placed in a giant clay pitcher in a market. After then, a chit would be drawn, and the winning numbers would be announced. With changing periods came changes in the practice of matka, but the name remained the same over the years. Three numbers are chosen at random from a deck of playing cards at this point. When someone wins a large sum of money through Matka gaming, they are referred to as a 'Matka King.'

Satta Matka Terminology 

The term 'matka' comes from the phrase 'earthen pot,' which means earthen vessel. Historically, such pots were used to draw numbers from a hat.

1. Single

Any digit from 0 to 9 is acceptable.

2 Jodi/Pair (as a group)

Any pair of digits ranging from 00 to 99 may be used.

3. Patti/Panna 

As a betting result, a three-digit result is returned. All three-digit digits are Patti/Panna, which means "Patti/Panna."

4. Display the result or close the result

Results of betting are split into two categories: the first is open, and the second is closed (or final).

5. SP/DP/TP (Single Point, Double Point, Triple Point)

  • 123 is an example of a single Patti.
  • Double Patti, for example, 112
  • 111 is a triple Patti.

6. Patti on a bicycle

The Cycle Patti, often known as the CP, is the final two digits of the Patti. For example, if the Patti is 128 and the Cycle Patti is 28, the Patti will be 28.

7. Farak 

Farak is the difference between a close outcome and an open result (or vice versa). Suppose the pair is 57; farak is 7-5 = 2 in this case.

8. Berji 

It represents the final digit of Jodi's total. For example, if the pair totals 76, 7+6 Equals 13. The last number is 3, which indicates that berji will be 3.


Sure, every gambling game involves an element of financial risk, but if you’re smart and calculated enough with your decisions, the benefits that you stand to reap are extremely prodigious. The same holds true for matka too. It is a test of both your intelligence as well as your instincts, which makes this game highly thrilling and engaging. 

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