Mendikot - Rules Of Card Games

Mendikot - Rules Of Card Games


Played mostly in the western Indian states of Maharashtra and Gujarat, this four-player partnership game entails winning tricks that include tens. Mendi is said to be derived from a Gujarati term (mindum), which means zero but refers to the ten, the only playing card that has a zero (in Gujarati, of course). In numerous South Asian card games, the term dot refers to a win in which the opponents get 0 points. Mendhi Coat, for example, is spelled with the Marathi word for sheep,' while Mendhi Goat, for example, is spelled with the English term for 'goat.'

Mendikot Cards and Players:

There are two teams of four players each, with partners seated across from one another.

  • The deal and play are done in the opposite direction of the clock.
  • The deck is a 52-card standard international deck.
  • A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2 are the highest-ranking cards in each suit.

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The Deal and Making Trumps:

Drawing cards from a shuffled pack selects the first dealer; it is generally believed that the person who pulls the highest or lowest card deals first in Texas Hold'em. When determining partnerships, the cards drawn may be used as a guide. For example, those who get the highest cards form a team against those with the lowest cards. To put it another way, the dealer is almost usually a member of the losing team from the prior transaction. There are 13 cards in total dealt by the dealer, with the first five being dealt with each player in a single batch and the last four being dealt in separate batches. The trump suit (hukum) may be selected in a number of ways, and participants should pick which strategy they will employ before the game begins.

Consider the following three options for Mendikot:

The suit:

A random card is drawn by a player to the right of the dealer after the deck has been shuffled, and that card is shown to all of the other players. This suit (hearts, spades, diamonds, or clubs) has sway in the negotiation since it is trump. 

When all the cards have been dealt, the dealer deals one more hand using the cards that were dealt before.

Band Hukum:

The player on the dealer's right chooses a card from their hand and sets it face down on the table. This card's suit will be trumped.

Cut Hukum:

Remove the hukam by chopping it up. The game starts with no trump suit selected. The suit of the card that a player chooses to play becomes trump for the deal the first time he or she is unable to follow suit. It is known as cutting when you use an extra trump card to spice up an ordinary suit lead.

The Play:

To begin, the player to the dealer's right must lead whatever card he or she has in his or her possession. To play any card, a player must be able to follow suit if feasible. When there are no trumps in a trick, the highest card in the suit wins. To determine the winner, the highest trump must be played. Once the trick is over, the team that won the trick collects the cards and adds them to their trick tally before a new trick begins. When playing with a closed trump (band hukum), players must agree on the version of the rules to employ before the game begins.

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Version A:

In the course of the game, if a player fails to follow suit, the card that was put aside becomes visible, and its suit becomes trump for the transaction. The trump card that was revealed goes back into the player's hand. There is no need for the player who was unable to follow suit to play a trump card to complete the trick.

Version B:

It is possible for someone who can not follow the rules to ask for the trump to be disclosed immediately before playing a card to the trick, although they do not have to. The trick is won by the highest card of the suit led if no one has called for trumps before the completion of the trick. For each trick after the trump is asked for by a player, the card that has been placed aside is shown, and its suit counts as trump. The trump card that was revealed is returned to its owner. Any card may be played in any trick, regardless of whether or not the player who requested the suit of trumps has any cards of that suit in his or her hand.

Even if they were played to the same trick as the trump was revealed, trump suit cards played before the trump was revealed do not count as trumps.


  • With three or four 10s in its tricks, the winning side wins the deal.
  • If both teams have two tens, the team with the most tricks won is the winner.
  • Mendikot is a winning strategy in which you capture all four tens on the board. 
  • It is a 52-card mendikot or a whitewash if you take all three tricks in a row.
  • There does not seem to be a set way of grading the work. 
  • A victory by mendikot is preferred over an ordinary win since it increases your chances of winning.

The outcome decides who will be the next person to deal for the losing team, As Follows:

  • If the dealer's team loses, the deal goes to the dealer's partner unless the dealer loses a whitewash (all 13 tricks).
  • If the dealer's team prevails, the turn to deal is passed to the right of the dealer.


With six or eight players per team, two equal teams may be formed, with each player seated between two opponents. 

When this happens, the four twos are removed from the deck, leaving 48 cards available for distribution among the participants. In Northern India, a game called Dehla Pakad is played in a similar fashion. As an example, in Dehla Pakad, a player may collect tricks after winning two consecutive games.

Frequently Asked Question:

How do you play the Mendikot game?

  • The person on the dealer's right must start the game. 
  • They are free to play whatever card they like as their opening hand. 
  • Everything will work out much better if everyone follows suit. 
  • There are no repercussions for the noncompliance of the other party.
  • The trick is won by the highest card in the suit that was led if there are no trumps. 
  • It is the person who led the highest card in his or her suit, if no trumps were played, who wins the trick. 
  • Tricks are retained by the winner and are counted towards their final score. 
  • They will be in charge of directing the next film as well this time around.
  • You have two alternatives if you choose the second trump declaration option. 
  • Before the game starts, choose and agree on which version will be utilized.
  • When a player does not follow suit, a face-down card is presented, and there are no trumps proclaimed in the first variant. 
  • It is the player's turn now, and they may play any card from their hand.

How many cards are there in Mendikot?

  • The first dealer is a member of the losing team who is selected at random from the pool of candidates. 
  • This player will be the second dealer after the first round.
  • When the game begins, the dealer shuffles the cards and gives one of his or her adversaries a chance to cut the deck in half. 
  • In the end, the dealer distributes a hand consisting of 13 cards to every participant.
  • Find out which card is trump once the cards are dealt. 
  • Preparation for the game should include formulating and discussing a plan ahead of time. 

What is a Mendikot?

  • Mendikot is designed to be played by two opposing groups of four players each. 
  • A regular 52-card deck is required for this game. 
  • Each card in this deck is ranked from 10 to 1, with 1 being the greatest value and 10 being the lowest.
  • There are several methods for selecting partners, seats, and the first dealer all at once. 
  • One of the most common strategies is a card draw, in which the two highest-ranked players partner up with the two lowest-ranked opponents. 
  • At the dinner table, couples should sit across from one another.
  • One-deck games are dealt with by the player with the highest rating.


The game may be halted at any time for any cause by the participants. There has never been a standardized scoring system used to decide the winner. The majority of players just play for the sake of winning the round and do not monitor their progress.

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