Octro Teenpatti: Play Teenpatti online the easy way with Octro Teen Patti!

Octro Teenpatti: Play Teenpatti online the easy way with Octro Teen Patti!

Octro Teenpatti

Teenpatti is a popular live casino game that originated in India. However, the game’s popularity has extended beyond India, thanks to platforms like Octro Teenpatti, it is now also played across the globe! It is a card game based on poker, but with some interesting tweaks. It is a simplified poker variation that has the appeal of a poker game without the huge time commitment.

Teen Patti is played with a single deck of 52 cards, without jokers; a table can have 3-7 players. The game begins similarly to poker. Players are dealt 3 cards each in an counterclockwise direction. The dealer is a player as well, and the player who wins each hand becomes the next dealer. Similar to poker, the aim is to win the pot by being the player with the highest ranking hand or not to fold by the end of the game. 

How to play online Octro TeenPatti?

Teenpatti is a popular card game in India, and the game is also known as Flash or Flush. The player who has the best card combination wins the game. It is a competitive game that is played widely by many players at online casinos

The rules of this game are similar to a 3 Card Brag. As mentioned previously, a single deck consisting of 52 cards is used and jokers are discarded. This game unfolds like a poker game where the dealer distributes three cards to every player. The player who sits next to the dealer starts the game by placing bets and this process continues with others who bet accordingly on their turns. 

Unlike the other card games, this game allows players to place bets without limit on the rounds. The last two players who survive till the end should show the cards and the player with the highest-ranking card wins. If other players fold before, the betting ends abruptly and the remaining players win the game automatically.

Betting on online Teen Patti

Before you start betting on Teen Patti at an online casino, you should know the betting rules, as well as some terminologies used in the game. The minimum bet amount is known as the Boot amount: this is the minimum amount that the players have to put forward at the table before a betting round begins. 

Players can bet even after seeing the cards, which is called a Seen. The betting type where players bet without seeing cards is known as playing Blind. The amount the players can bet depends on the present wager and whether the player will play Seen or Blind. On an online Teen Patti website, Octro Teenpatti provides a wide range of payment and withdrawal options so players can make minimum deposits and withdraw winnings safely and quickly. Most online casinos accept payments through credit and debit cards, e-wallet payments, and bank transfers, too. 

Mobile Teen Patti

Finding a Teen Patti mobile website is not a challenging task. You can find a reliable casino like Octro Teenpatti, which offers this game on the go, using your tablets or smartphones. Whether it is Windows, Android, or iOS phones, you can visit a Teenpatti mobile casino website and play the game without having to download it on your phone. You can play it instantly on your device; all that you need is a web browser on your phone for logging into the selected casino and beginning to play the ultimate Teenpatti. 

Enjoy the competition 

Teen Patti is a competitive game which attracts many players from all across the globe. Though this game has the same features as poker, learning the rules of the game can make a huge impact when you play for real. The advantage of learning the rules of the game is that they will have an edge over the competitors and you can take full advantage of the rewards and features.

 If you love Octro Teenpatti, you should know that it is the world's largest multiplayer teen Patti game. It’s full of fun and excitement, and you can enjoy the game on the most dynamic gaming sites. 

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