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When we're bored, everyone loves to play games. In this day and age, you can play a range of games on your mobile, even with some of the popular online games like snakes and ladders, chess, and ludo. Online games have evolved more as time passes. Nowadays, there are online games that test your critical thinking, reflexes, and eye coordination. They also offer puzzles and quizzes that cover various topics including current affairs, general knowledge, and sports.

You may be thinking of trying online gaming. But what if you found out that they can help you make some extra money? You read that right. Many online cash games are free to play and require very little money to get started. However, if you have the right luck and brain coordination, you can make a lot of money.

Here are 6 online cash games that you can play to earn money in 2022


Dream11, developed by Fantasy Sports Info, allows you to play fantasy football online with a meager amount of Rs. 100. Dream11’s online cash games allow you to select players from forwards, defenders, and midfielders. You can also choose a goalkeeper, captain, and vice-captain to help you form your team. Your overall score will increase depending on how smartly you choose them. There are two types of contests available: large prize pool or small prize pool. Players can also follow the live match and watch the players' progress in the game.

2. Paytm First Games 

Paytm First Games, a GamePind product, is the perfect destination for online cash games enthusiasts who like to immerse in trivia, contests, and entertainment. It is very easy to use. There are as many as 300 online cash games including Jumps, Tic Tac Toe, and Ludo. However, some prizes worth more than Rs. 10,000 are subject to income tax rules. It is possible to earn virtual coins, cash and gold, and gems and diamonds but this virtual cash you earn through the game can't be converted into real money.

3. Qureka 

CoolBoots Media offers Qureka, which allows you to make money online by playing brain-based, online cash games such as Daily Live Quiz Shows. You can also win cash prizes every day. You can also play hourly quizzes to win more prizes. Many brain games are available, including Bubble Shooter and Box Tower, Candy Slash (Don't Crash), Fruit Slash, Earth Hero, and Candy Slash. These games will help you test your mental awareness, hand coordination, and eye coordination. These questions can be based on any topic, including History, Science, Trending Current Affairs, and General Knowledge.

4. Loco Live Trivia & Quiz Game Show

 Loco is produced by Pocket Aces Pictures Private Limited. The former marketing leader at Unacademy ed-tech startup was the one who started it in November 2017. It's excellent because multiple people can participate in the game simultaneously, and the Rs 12,500 prize money gets split among the winners. The quiz is held twice a weekday (1:30 PM and 10 PM) and once a weekend (10:30 pm). The host is charismatic and asks 10 multiple-choice questions to users. If they lose, they get 'lives' to return to the game. They receive cash prizes that can be credited to their Paytm accounts in exchange.

5. My11 Circle

My11 Circle is an eSports fantasy cricket match where the player can create a team with 11 players by choosing from a pool of 25, 30, or more players. Just as the live match starts, your points are based on the performance of each member of your team. The final score will give you a ranking at the end. Tech Makhni created this platform, and you can play its online cash games with the small amount of Rs. 25. The tournament includes both domestic and international competitions. You can form and manage your own team, including all-rounders and bowlers.

6. Ace2Three 

Head Infotech India Private Limited offers Ace2Three, a very popular card game and a great interface for online cash games. Rummy enthusiasts can play Rummy for free and earn cash. You can choose from 2- to 6-player tables, and a joker and no joker variants, but each game is only for one deal. The winner receives the chips from all other players depending on his entry value and count. You can also play against other players in Multi-Table Tournaments or free rummy tournaments.

Conclusion for online cash games

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