Things to Consider while Placing Bets on Online Horse Racing

Things to Consider while Placing Bets on Online Horse Racing

Online Horse Racing

Online horse racing is held at a vast scale in India wherein races, matches and competitions are held across many race courses every day. Bettors treat every race as a chance to invest and make big wins. Betting on online horse racing must be done sensibly to enjoy that thrill along with generating money by connecting with online wagering firms.

As a beginner, it is always best to bet on handicap horses to have an insight to odds and know how much each bet can reap in terms of profit. 

Basic stats to consider for betting on Online Horse Racing

Online Horse Racing can be a lot of fun whilst giving the players best chance at success. Even as a newbie who has no experience or inside knowledge, a player can polish his betting skills which place him way ahead in the betting lead. Some of the basic stats concerning Online Horse Racing are shared below:

- Winning share is approx. 32% for favorites

As a book belief, it is stated that betting on a favorite horse will definitely lower down the profit percentage and in instances where they lose, the losses are unavoidable. Having said that, favorites are bet on for a reason since 85% of winners emerge from first 4 positions.

- Pay attention to jockeys

Online Horse Racing has this crucial observation in which 90% of total races are usually won by horses ridden by top 10 jockeys from the rider’s standings. Also, as an outline, best jockeys are also teamed up with best horses; so it is easy to spot the horse by knowing the popularity charts of the jockey. 

- Don’t bet entirely on odds

Definitely odds are important but that present a rough estimate to showcase their standing post time but avoid taking a betting call only on the basis of this.

Where can I place my bet for Online horse racing?

When a bettor is headed towards the track, he gains access to a race program that is inclusive of crucial information such as horses list, form, gate positions, trainer and jockey stats etc. There are a number of reliable online betting portals such as Oppabet that present the players with a dedicated Sports section to place bets from the comfort of their homes. Other source of betting in online horse racing are detailed below:

- Official website of the track

To get firsthand information regarding surface, top performers or gate position bias are quickly available on the official website of the track.

- Speed figures

A number of online platforms present information carrying exact speed figures by paying a cost which comes handy while betting on dirt races in specific. They let you download a race card to assess what all horses are quicker at specific points in a race.

- Stats websites

There are many online stat sharing websites that offer know-how as per each track, horse, jockey etc. to have a clear view of performance without any bias. 

Top Tips for Betting on Online Horse Racing

Not every player is a pro since the beginning as the game of Online Horse Racing is ever changing. But there are certain factors that need to be kept in mind to minimize the risk of losses. 

- Begin small

Certainly one need not to make higher stakes right at the start till the time one has a taste of online sports betting. Increase your bets as you go along and start winning whilst keeping your sense about not losing more than you can afford. 

- Bankroll management

Keep aside $100 and start betting 5% of it to win bets. Increase your betting while keeping a window for your losses since not every bet will be a win. Save for rainy days!

- Choice matters

Especially in Online Horse Racing, be very mindful of races that present tons of statistics which get confusing at times. So, take your time, be reasonable at odds, and be patient.

- Look for an angle

Have an overall perspective regarding the trainer and jockey form, breeding, speed figures, and only bet when you essentially know that it will be of good value.

- Maximize Your Wins with Oppabet

Once you grasp the horse betting strategies, begin your betting game at Oppabet for maximum gains. 

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