A beginner’s guide to playing online rummy game in India

A beginner’s guide to playing online rummy game in India

Online rummy game in India

Rummy is one of the extremely popular card games in India today. Be it a social gathering or any other social event, playing a round of rummy is a must for almost every Indian family. The creation of online rummy truly reflects the wide popularity of the game. Online rummy is basically the game of rummy played through the internet. One of its major benefits is that, unlike offline rummy, time and place is not a deterrent as online rummy games can be accessed round the clock. 

This all-in-one guide to playing rummy online will take you through the basics of how to play rummy, rules and strategies, and tips and tricks for new online rummy players.

Indian online rummy game rules

The online rummy played in India is a version of the original rummy game. If you are wondering how to play rummy, keep reading to know some of the generic rules.

  • A traditional game of rummy is played between two to six players.
  • At the beginning of the hand, each player receives 13 cards. 
  • When playing rummy online with only 2 players, only 1 deck along with 2 jokers is used while in games involving more than two players, there will be 2 decks of cards.

Pure and impure sequences

To play online rummy cash games and win,, you need to form two sequences, and at least one must be a valid pure sequence. A pure sequence consists of three or more cards from the same suit placed in consecutive order. You cannot use a joker to form a pure sequence. Impure sequence is essentially the same but you can use a joker to form the sequence. In order to declare the game, one pure sequence is compulsory.

Tips and tricks for new online players

Like most other card games in online casinos, rummy is a game of chance. However, with enough practice, you can develop skills using which you can excel at this card game. Here are some specific tips and tricks that you must follow while playing rummy online. 

  • It’s advisable to play rummy online for free if you are an absolute beginner. This will allow you to understand the game better and provide you with the opportunity to hone your skills without having the fear of losing money. 
  • Once you feel you are ready to enter real money rummy games, it’s essential to find the tables that suit you the best - cash-based games, tournaments etc. 
  • After you’ve chosen the game of your interest, it is important to start arranging the cards based on the suits. From the very beginning, aim to get the pure sequence. 
  • Discard high point cards to save your game.
  • Joker is an important card in rummy so make sure to use it fully. 
  • Keep a track of your opponent’s moves. 
  • Lastly, rummy is a game of skill. This means that some players will be better than others. However, with constant practice, one can improve skills needed to excel in the game.

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