An Introduction to Poker Chips and Values

An Introduction to Poker Chips and Values

Poker Chips

While playing Baccarat online, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, or any other poker game, chips are generally used as currency. So, it is vital that you know the value of each chip. Unless you are playing in an actual casino, most chipsets will remain unmarked. In this blog, we will particularly talk about poker discs or chips and their standardized valuation. So, let’s begin!

History of Poker Chips

Since earlier times, gambling games have always used some form of marker to represent cash or other forms of currency. Standardized betting discs or chips that we see or use nowadays came into existence in the early 1800s. 

Previously, people used engraved pieces of bone, ivory, or clay as chips while playing house run games. However, in the modern world, we use custom designed and manufactured coins. Most of them contain a large percentage of clay in their composition. You will see their usage in an actual casino setup. However, in the virtual medium, you will see that virtual chips are used in the poker game. 

How Chips of Different Values Are Used While Playing Poker Games? 

The game of poker consists of three main parts – players, cards, and poker chips. The players and cards are always influenced by the game, but the introduction of chips is also ground-breaking. After all, standardizing the value of the poker discs or chips has let poker spread around much easier. So, no matter where you play the poker game, it will be better to know the values of the betting discs. You will be using these betting discs of various colours to let others sitting on the table your actual intentions. 

Usually, each poker betting disc or chip has a certain value assigned to them in every game. Even though the denominations of poker discs or chips are pretty different in various tournaments, knowing the general valuation of the chips is important. Successful poker players rely on the weaker players to lose touch with the equivalence of poker-world chips and real-world money. 

In most poker gaming versions, you will find that chips of different colours will have different monetary values. Unlike actual casinos, you will not be able to see their values imprinted on the chips while playing it online, sitting at home. So, figuring out their values is important so that you can avoid making mistakes. Well, there is no secret that making mistakes on the poker table can be really expensive, and using the wrong disc at the wrong time can get you in quite a pickle. 

By now, you must have understood that there is no official rule of how disc or chip values are assigned. They are just the common standards that are used for most poker events. The most common basic set of chips that are used in any private poker game or other gambling game comprises white, red, blue, green, and black chips. 

In the following part, we will provide you with a rough idea of the standardized valuation of poker discs of every colour. 

Basic Poker Chip Colours and Standard Values

  • White chips: $1
  • Pink chips: $2.50 (rarely used in poker.Mostly, used in black-jack)
  • Red chips: $5
  • Blue chips: $10
  • Green chips: $25
  • Black chips: $100

Full Poker Chip Colours and Standard Values

  • White chips: $1
  • Yellow chips: $2 (rarely used)
  • Red chips: $5
  • Blue chips: $10
  • Grey chips: $20
  • Green chips: $25
  • Orange chips: $50
  • Black chips: $100
  • Pink chips: $250
  • Purple chips: $500
  • Yellow chips: $1000 (sometimes even for burgundy or grey)
  • Light Blue chips: $2000
  • Brown chips: $5000

No matter what poker game you play, just make sure that you understand the denominations and values of each type of poker disc or chip. Then only, you can think about increasing your chances of winning by beating other players. 

The Final Thoughts

Hopefully, by now, you have a better understanding of these poker chips and how you can use them. Now, if you want to play try playing a poker game after understanding the denominations of poker discs, you can visit Oppa888, register yourself to have a fun and exciting session. It will be a great way to verify whether you have learned about the right thing or not.

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