Strike It Rich with Promotions on Oppa888 and PokerBaazi

Strike It Rich with Promotions on Oppa888 and PokerBaazi

Poker Baazi

Playing online becomes more exciting and engaging when promos are great. Ever since the introduction of online gaming, the popularity of casino, poker, and slot games have been gaining extraordinary popularity. With time, the gaming quality and options have been evolving and new tools were introduced for better quality of gaming and better user interface.

Moreover, the number of sites and apps offering great slots and tables is also increasing rapidly. So, it’s high time to strike it rich! You have awesome options on hand like Oppa888 and PokerBaazi to make it big. Pick the best site to earn handsome amounts playing online.

Promos make a big difference 

Great sites with hundreds of attractive games become the center of attention of regular bettors and gaming enthusiasts when they offer worthwhile promotions. Promo offers are indeed the attraction for the bettors, especially the new bettors when they love the games. You can get rich from the very beginning as long as the promos are attractive. Go through the promos of both popular gaming apps, Oppa888 and PokerBaazi, to choose the best one. 

PokerBaazi promos 

Pokerbaazi mainly offers three types of promos: Sit and Go, Royal Flush, and Refer a Friend. 

Sit and Go poker games, that PokerBaazi calls SnGs, are a set of poker games that are customized for players who have just a short time available but are eager to play. These are selective games that can be availed of at any time - what PokerBaazi calls “play on demand”. You can play these power-packed games with as little as Rs.11. These pokers have predetermined payouts to the top finishers. These games are perfect for all, especially the beginners and those who have limited time to invest in the games.

Cash Smash is another popular promo of PokerBaazi. Cash Smash involves winning extra amounts every day at certain leaderboards within a certain timeframe. For this, you have to follow the leaderboards or keep your notification on to know the Cash Smash offers every day.

Royal Flush, as the name suggests, allows you to win a big bonus when you meet certain conditions. PokerBaazi gives this opportunity to win from certain experiences like having a Royal Flush in Texas Hold'em or Pot Limit Omaha.

Lastly, Refer a Friend is a common promo that you could see almost anywhere, including payment sites and online markets. If you refer PokerBaazi to a friend and they play on this site, you get a certain amount credited to your wallet. You cannot withdraw these amounts, but bet on more poker games. 

Promos on Oppa888

If you want to win big, you have to find great promos having real benefits in poker or any other betting game. Let’s see what Oppa888 offers to their members:

With several games like Ways Fortu, Four Divine Beasts, or 5 Lucky Lions, Oppa888 offers up to 75 free spins every day. Even better - you do not have to pay anything for these spins and if you win the games, the winning amount is yours!

With “Welcome to the Family”, Oppa888 offers a royal welcome bonus for new members with a 50% bonus. So, refill your wallet on Oppa888 with Rs500 and get an attractive bonus! Interestingly, you have no restrictions in terms of the games or time in using this promo. 

Oppa888 offers a “Birthday Bonus” – this is something attractive to even the most seasoned and conservative offline bettors. If it is your birthday, Oppa888 has a gift for you in the form of a birthday bonus. You can enjoy many games with this bonus amount. The amount will be credited to your wallet, which you can withdraw after 10x turnover. 

With every deposit, Oppa888 offers a 5% “Reload Deposit Bonus” up to Rs.25, 000. This happens as many times as you reload with no weekly or monthly restrictions. The minimum reload amount is Rs.700 only. 

Last but not the least, with Oppa888 each of your activities is considered in what’s called the “Activity Bonus”. If you are continuously playing for 2 weeks, Oppa888 will automatically credit Rs.800 to your account. 

Final Thoughts

Promos on PokerBaazi are great, but Oppa888 promos are incomparable! You get real cash as a bonus and most of the situations are unconditional. Bonus amounts on Oppa888 are treated as normal cash that you can put in any game on the site. Isn’t it more flexible and enjoyable than other gaming platforms? 

So Register Now with Oppa888 and get free betting tips to play online casino games like Poker, Teen Patti, Slot and more!

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