Qureka Pro: Earn Quick Cash by Playing Quiz Games Online

Qureka Pro: Earn Quick Cash by Playing Quiz Games Online

Qureka Pro

Qureka Pro is a very popular smartphone app which allows its users to make some quick money by playing some of the most interesting and simple games. Players are given the option of selecting quizzes and tournaments they wish to participate in and answer some of the questions to win instant cash that gets credited to their wallets. 

For players who have a knack for gaming and wish to use their knowledge to win some serious money, Qureka Pro is the app to have. On answering all the questions correctly, they are entitled to receive full winnings and in case of incorrect answers, they receive app coins instead. In Qureka Pro, players are given updated quizzes that are refreshed every hour; this allows them to plan and set alarms to remind them as to when a new question pops up!

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How does winning work at Qureka Pro?

Every quiz featured on Qureka Pro is given a prize amount. As a set game rule, participating in games in the evening, especially in question-and-answer contests, is seen to have a higher winning amount when a player answers all the questions correctly. The players also have the option to select a higher winning amount to increase their scope of win. 

This app has an enthralling range of games that guarantees winning both in terms of coins and real money. Some of the games that are rated as top favourites and enable everyone to earn money are the quizzes and other arcade games. 

Quiz games

Sports Quiz, Literature Quiz, Film & Celeb Quiz, Math Quiz, Politics Quiz, Business Quiz, Geography Quiz, GK Quiz, History Quiz, and World Quiz. 

Fun Games

Fruit Slash, CricketT20, Fantasy Cricket, Ball Shooter, Bubble Shooter, Don’t Crash, Candy Slash, Box Tower, Save Panda, and Earth Hero.

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How can I withdraw my winning amount from the Qureka Pro App?

Qureka Pro allows the players to withdraw a minimum amount of Rs 10 and maximum of Rs 100 using PayTM or UPI in a day, and can also be credited to their wallet whenever they wish. The winning amount can be credited into three main modes: Winning Wallet, VIP, and Fantasy.

Players can easily make some quick cash by playing and winning these games or by simply referring Qureka Pro to friends and family. They can earn up to Rs 5,000 just from this referral scheme!

What attracts players to Qureka Pro?

Qureka Pro is regarded as a gaming app which is quite simple and easy when it comes to functionality. Some of its noteworthy features that make it quite popular among the players are:

  • The app offers large monetary prizes and opens up the platform to gain knowledge and learning. The gaming experience offered by this app is highly satisfying since there is less technicality involved.
  • Its interface is highly responsive and thus, it has been rated as one of the most data-efficient online gaming sites with minimal latency or buffering.
  • This app consumes only 6 to 7 MB of data and has been recorded among the fastest growing mobile games on the market.
  • The users are delighted to limit the playtime between 3–10 minutes only.
  • Winners are entitled to receive coins if they win the competitions along with a coin entrance fee. People play this on a regular basis to win free coins.

Qureka Pro tip before you go!

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