Satte Pe Satta - Learn how To Play the Game

Satte Pe Satta - Learn how To Play the Game

Satte Pe Satta

Satte Pe Satta is a local card game that is very famous in the subcontinent, especially in India. But while you may think that people only play it in India, this is not true. The game has international origins and people play it all around the world. The different names for this game are Sevens, Dominoes, Fan Tan, or Parliament. 

Different countries have different versions of the Satte Pe Satta card game. However, the main concept and objective of the game remain the same. Satte Pe Satta is very popular due to its ease of play and the thrill it provides. With the short time of matches, you can even hold tournaments and have winners. What's more, is that the game requires more than a single player (up to 8). This is why it is a great choice for you to play if you are with family or friends. Now, you might want to know more about this game and how you can play it. Well,  no need to worry we shall cover everything on this topic.

I will tell you all about the gameplay of Satte Pe Satta, as well as the winning strategies. So let us begin on Satte Pe Satta right away...

How to Play a Satte Pe Satta Game?

The game Satte Pe Satta requires anywhere between 3 to 8 players for a single deck of cards. The game has many steps and rules in it which we need to know.  First, I shall cover the steps of the gameplay itself. After that, we shall head into the remaining information about Satte Pe Satta.

Step 1. Dealing The Cards:

This is a very basic step in almost every card game. Once the players arrange themselves in a circle, the dealer begins to shuffle the cards. After that, he hands them out, one by one, while keeping them face down. Once he has dealt all the cards, every person has almost the same number of cards.

Step 2. Arranging Your Cards:

This is not an essential step of Satte Pe Satta but it sure is an important one. Once you have your cards, you can arrange them on the basis of their suits and orders. In this way, it becomes easier for you to make a choice when it is your turn. 

It also saves some time in the already short Satte Pe Satta game.

Step 3. Starting With The Seven Of Hearts:

This is the first step that starts the game. Once all the players have their cars, the person with the Seven of YHesrta identifies himself. He then places that card down in the middle and the game begins. The players start making their turns after that by going in the clockwise direction.

Step 4. Completing The Layout:

Placing the cards according to the required layout is the main thing all players must do. According to the layout, every suite has to start with the Seven of that particular suit. After that, the remaining cards complete the ascending order of 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, J, Q, K, A. The order begins from 7 so you can either go from 6 down to the 2 of that suit.  The players can also start the order by going from 8 of a suit up to its Ace. You should keep in mind that you must place the cards in their respective suites. Likewise, you cannot place a card out of order if a previous cad is not there.

Step 5. Taking Turns:

The players can only place one card on their turn. If you have a card that completes the order of a suit, you must place it. 

The cards cannot be out of place. So, if you have a 10 of spades and the spades suit does not have a 9, you cannot place it.

In this case, you will wait for someone else to place the 9 of Spades first. Only then can you place the 10 of Spades in your upcoming turn. In this way, the players will keep on taking turns to complete the layout of each suite.

Step 6. Passing An Non-Playable Turn:

If, for instance, it is your turn and you have no card to place. What should you do then? The only way is to pass your turn and wait for someone else to place a prerequisite for your cards. That way, the game will move on and will not come to a halt midway through. However, if you have a card that you can play and you do not do so, then that is against the rules. You cannot pass unless it is inevitable and there is no other option.  In some versions of the game, people use gambling chips to further increase the thrill of the game. In this way, when anyone passes a turn, he/she must place a chip in the pot as a penalty. You can even do this with your currency coins or just simple treats like candies.

Step 7. Continuing Until The Game Ends:

In the mentioned way, all the players must take their turns to complete the order of each suit. However, this is not the objective of the Satte Pe Satta. The game ends when a player has no more cards left in his hand. Once this happens, the winner is the one with zero cards left. The remaining positions go to the other players on the basis of the number of cards they have. After that, you may start a new game and can even hold a tournament of many matches in a row.

Satte Pe Satta Game Objective

The objective of the game Satte Pe Satta is very simple. The players keep taking their turns and place their cards until any of them finishes his cards. This does not have to do anything with the making of the suites which is another objective of the game. Even if none of the suites are complete, if one player has placed all his cards, he wins. This is why Satte Pe Satta is mostly a luck-based game and depends on the cards you received at the beginning. However, this does not mean that you cannot apply winning strategies to the game. We will learn more about them in the later topics.

Satte Pe Satta Game Equipment and Players:

The game requires only a deck of 52 cards and a level place for the cards. The number of players is not definite and can be anywhere between 3 and 8. However, you might have more than just eight friends who want to play. In that case, the number of cards each person gets will be very low. To cope with this, you can use even a second deck of cards. In this way, everyone gets a fair amount of cards and the game will be much more fun. As long as everyone gets to play and the game is thrilling, that is all that matters.

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Satte Pe Satta Game Setup:

The setup of Satte Pe Satta is very easy as you already know.  All you need is a dealer who can shuffle and distribute the cards well. Once the cards go around, the game can start. The layout of the game is also a part of the setup. Each game must start with the Seven of Hearts placed first. After that, you can either place the six or eight of Hearts or you can place the seven of another suite. Once all the sevens are on the table, the players only need to complete the suites in the required order. The recommended order is like this: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, J, Q, K, A. However, some versions can use the Ace as the lowest card instead of 2. In that way, the cards on both sides of the 7 will be the same number i-e six cards.

Satte Pe Satta Game Rules:

Satte Pe Satta is a fairly easy game and it does not have many rules. However, there are a few things every player must follow without fail.  At the beginning of the game, every player must have an equal number of cards. This is so that no person has extra cards that put him at a disadvantage of winning. However, this can be a little difficult if players are in a number that is not a factor of 52.  In that case, the maximum difference can be of a single card. Some unspoken rules deal with this problem. In a streak of multiple Satte Pe Satta games, you can choose different dealers for each game. Likewise, you can also change the person who receives the first card with each game. 

In this way, the odds will be fair for every person in the long run. There is another rule that is probably the most important one.

The players must always make a turn if it is possible. If you have a card that you can place on the table but do not do so, you break the rule. The reason for this is that after a few turns of doing so, the game comes at an impasse.  This prolongs the match time and also increases frustration among the remaining players.

How Winning and Scoring are Calculated in the Satte Pe Satta Game?

As I mentioned earlier, a person wins if he has eliminated all of his cards. This has no relation whatsoever to the making of suites. You might have all the suites left incomplete and still manage to win. This is why the winning factor largely depends on the luck you have when cards are dealt. At the end of each game, the winner has zero cards. However, the remaining positions go in order of the least cards everyone has. In multiple games, you can keep a record of the scores of each match. 

Thus, the person at the end with the least points is the winner and the one with the most points loses.

Winning Strategy

As you already know, Satte Pe Satta largely includes your luck factor. However, you can use some strategies to increase your winning chances. If you have the 5s, 6s, 7s, and 8s of any suites, you can keep them at bay for a while. You can use all your remaining cards first and then go for these cards at the end. This is because keeping them with you reduces the options other players have. Thus, there will be a reduced possibility of them finishing their sets. However, if you have no other option besides these cards you must use them. Otherwise, you will be breaking the rules of Satte Pe Satta. The rest comes with the amount of practice you have. Also, playing more often will increase your winning chances.

Frequently Asked Question:

Here are some of the helpful tips and Faqs to let you get started with this amazing card game. If you want to know more about other card games then OppaBet can be the best option for you.

1. How do you play the Satte Pe Satta card game?

To play Satte Pe Satta, you have to arrange cards according to a given sequence. The players will place their cards according to the order with each turn and complete the layout. However, eliminating all the cards is the main thing everyone is striving for. Once anyone does that, the game ends and the person wins.

2. What happens in Satte Pe Satta?

The game Satte Pe Satta goes on until the players complete the layout and eliminate their cards. This goes in the order starting from 7, down to the 2, and up to the Ace for that suite. You can choose to make a turn or you can pass your turn to the next player.

3. When was Satte Pe Satta released?

The card game Satte Pe Satta has unknown origins and people play it all over the world. It is hard to determine when people started playing the game. As for the Amitabh Bachan movie, Satte Pe Satta, it came into cinemas on 22 January 1982.

Wrapping It All Up!

Satte Pe Satta is a very enjoyable game which you can play with your friends and family. In this game, the more players there are, the more fun it is. But the best thing about Satte Pe Satta is that you can gamble on it. With money at stake, the game becomes much more fun and thrilling than it already is. Register for an Oppabet account now and start playing a wide variety of table games and card games online!

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