Teen Patti Guide: Tips on how to win

Teen Patti Guide: Tips on how to win

Teen Patti Guide

We have shared with you tips on how to play Teen Patti, now we will show you how to win the game! In one card pack, there are 52 cards. These cards are ranked from high to low like Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2. Between the suits, there is no ranking. There are 5 cards in a poker hand. The hand with the high category beats the one with the lower category. 

If both hands have the same category then the rank of the individual card will decide who is the winner.

The ranking is always based on the five cards that the user selects from the deck. All the remaining cards have nothing to do with ranking.

Teen Patti Guide: Winning in Teen Patti

Winning in teen Patti is not easy as you have to know about all the pairs. So that no one makes you a fool.

Therefore, it is better to learn all the rules of teen Patti before you actually play it. Here we tell you about all the teen Patti combinations that can make you win or lose. So have a look at them

1. Royal Flush

The highest poker hand is called Royal flush. It contains

  • Ace
  • King
  • Queen
  • Jack
  • Ten

2. Straight Flush

It contains 5 cards of the same suite but in sequence. Between two straight flushes, the one hand wins who has a higher top card.

3. Four of a kind

In this type, four cards should be of the same rank as four kings. The fifth card does not matter, it can be of any rank.

This combination is sometimes called poker and sometimes called quads.

4. Full House

Here three cards have the same rank and the remaining two cards have another rank.

5. Flush

In this type, all five cards belong to the same suit. Here the hand who has the highest card. If both hands have the equal highest cards then the second-highest cards will be compared and so on.

6. Straight

In this combination, all 5 cards are in sequence with different suits. 

7. Three of a Kind

Here three cards have the same rank and the other two cards can have different ranks. This combination is known as Trips or Triplets. The hand wins who has higher triplets. For Example: 6-6-6-4-2 beats 3-3-3-K, Q

8. Two Pairs

In this type, there are two pairs of different suits. And the last card can have any rank.  The hands with the highest pair win without considering the rank of other cards.

9. Pair

Here two cards have the same rank and same suit while other cards can have different suits and ranks. The two cards that have the same rank are considered as a pair. The hand with the highest pair rank wins irrespective of other card ranks.

10. High Card

In this type, all five cards have different ranks and different suits. The hand who has the highest ranks.  If the highest cards have the same rank then the second highest cards are compared and so on.

Teen Patti Guide: How to Win in Teen Patti

It is not easy to win at teen Patti until you know all the tricks. Here are some tips that help you to win in teen Patti. So read them carefully and use all rules when you play teen Patti.

1. Teen Patti Guide: Study the Rules

Before playing teen Patti it is important to learn all the rules. Because with rules you can play the game efficiently. And also put your opponents in trouble. In addition, you will know what move you should use in a tense situation.

2. Teen Patti Guide: Practice with Free Games

Many websites are available that allow you to practice teen Patti without spending real money.  The main purpose of these sites is to increase their membership. And allow people to practice teen Patti before they play original games.  Free teen Patti games help people to learn all the tricks that help to win.  When you think you have enough practice with teen Patti then you can play the original game with real money.

3. Teen Patti Guide: Play Blind

Confidence plays an important part in every game. Because it will make your opponents confused and they will lose their confidence. So to confuse your opponent, play blind in starting rounds. By seeing you confident, your opponents will not realize what is the strength of your cards. Therefore, they will fold in a short time. In addition, with blind play, your bets will be small and your loss will be less. Moreover, the blind play brings spice to teen Patti. Basically, in this, you place the bet without seeing your cards. When you do this, your opponents that have a weak heart will think that you have a strong combination. And as a result, they will fold and you win. While some people do not fold easily. In that case, play blind 3 to 4 times. So that you can lessen the confidence of your opponent.

4. Teen Patti Guide: Start with Small Bets to Lower Your Risk

Teen Patti is a time-taking game as in one session you have to play many hands. So start with the small bets so that you lose a small amount of money. Also if you win you can increase your money easily. Moreover, by winning the first session, you will get the confidence to play more and you can bet on higher rates. On the other hand, if you play with high bets then you will make risky bets. As if you win you will make a good profit. But if you lose, you will put yourself into trouble and are not able to play more. So, play with small bets as much as you can. Also, put a limit on your losses. If you touch the limit stop playing.

Because, if you continue to play, you will become bankrupt.

5. Teen Patti Guide: Start with Small Bets to Encourage Players to Fold

First to make the opponent confused, play blind. Also, start with the low bets. So that your opponent can not decide whether you have a good combination or bad. Then after some rounds, increase the bet rate. Because it will confuse your opponent as they will think now you have a better combination.

That's why you increase the price. And in response, they will fold. Therefore, you will win easily. 

6. Teen Patti Guide: Keep a Good Poker Face

A poker face is a simple face where your opponent can not decide whether you are happy or sad to see your cards. In simple terms, you have to hide your emotions. So that your opponent does not get any clue about the cards. Therefore, in betting games, people usually make poker faces to confuse their opponents. But if you play an online game then there is no need to make a poker face. Because no one will see you.

7. Teen Patti Guide: Bluff or Fold if You Have a Bad Hand

Bluffing or poker face helps when you have a weak combination. If you think your opponent has a weak heart, then bluff him. Show him that you are happy by seeing your cards. Because it will confuse him as they think you have a strong combination. During the online game, it is easy to bluff people. As they do not see your body language. But if you are not good at bluffing then fold as soon as possible. So that you do not lose more money.

8. Teen Patti Guide: Don’t Post a Big Bet Directly When You Have a Good Hand

People with less teen Patti knowledge fold easily when they get a bad combination. So if you get a good combination do not place a high bet and tell your opponent that you have high-rank cards. Because in this case, he will fold and you miss the chance to earn more. So start with the small bets even if you have a good combination. Give confidence to your opponent that you have a bad combination. Because by assuming you have bad cards, he will increase the bid and you can earn more. 

9. Teen Patti Guide: Keep an Eye on Opportunities

During teen Patti, it is important to keep an eye on your opponent. See their reactions when they see the card.  Because by seeing their body language you can easily decide your next move. If you have a good combination then place a high bid even if your opponents fold. But if you have a bad combination, fold as soon as possible. 

10. Teen Patti Guide: Never Play with More Money Than You Can Afford to Lose

Set the money that you want to spend on betting. Also, set a loss limit. If you lose continuously then stop the game. But if you win, do not bet too much that will risk your financial position. Always focus on your game and take less risk as possible.

This is possible only when you ignore the other people that play with you and put themselves at a huge risk. 

Wrapping It All Up!!!

That's all folks if you really want to play teen Patti in real life. Then first learn all the basics. After you learn about what actually teen Patti is, start to play free. Because to practice the game, you should not waste money. Many platforms are available that allow you to play without actual money. From these platforms, you can practice as much as you want. When you think you know all the tricks then start the actual game. But you should follow all the tips that we have mentioned in this article if you really want to win. 

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