Win money at Teen Patti Real Cash Game

Win money at Teen Patti Real Cash Game

Win money at Teen Patti Real Cash Game

Indian Poker, or mostly known as Teen Patti has been one of the most preferred games of choice for generations. Teen Patti, one of the top money earning games in India is a popular card gambling game that literally means ‘three cards’. Teen Patti real cash game, hosted by most of the casinos in the world, is a popular online casino game that is fun to play and you will easily understand the game once you start playing it.

Teen Patti, like many other card games available, can be played with four to eight players. Let's take a look at the rules of Teen Patti real cash game. 

Teen Patti Real Cash Game - The Rules

Before jumping right into the mechanics of the game, let us try to understand the concept of minimum wager. For a player, it is best to first identify the value of the minimum wager.  At first, a dealer deals out cards to the players and the players vote by lot to determine who will be the first dealer before the game starts. The next stage is where the players raise the bet amount and the dealer gives out the cards. After all bets have been placed, the dealer carefully shuffles and gives each player a card counterclockwise until they have three cards. The dealer's left-hand player will start the game, while the rest of players will respond according to their respective card combinations. There can only be 2 players left after the betting process has ended. The pot is won by the highest-ranking hand, which is the last two players to open their cards.

The Hand Value is the Basis of Your Win

The rules of poker are partly responsible for Teen Patti's real-cash game. You should be aware of the ranking of each hand when you look at the rules for playing 3 Patti online. Like standard poker, cards have a value and all hands are ranked. Here are the top Indian poker hands in Teen Patti real cash game that you can play, ranked from highest to worst:

  • Trio - It refers to three cards with the same rank. The Aces are the best of the Trios in Teen Patti's real cash game.

  • Straight Run -  Consecutive cards of the same suit.

  • Normal Run - Refers to consecutive cards, and may not be from the same suit.

  • Colour - Three cards from the same suit.

  • Pair - Two cards of the same rank are available.

  • High Card - This is the lowest card in this group and includes three cards not belonging to the hands mentioned above.

When comparing these hands, remember the Indian poker Teen Patti basic rule. An Ace is the highest-valued card, with 2 being the lowest. This principle will allow you to easily win 3 Patti in real-money format. There are many variations of this game, with different betting limits and rounds. While there are some slight differences, the overall objective of Teen Patti is to win real money. You can increase your chances of winning this Indian card game by reviewing the rules, especially the hand rankings. It's much easier to understand the rules and learn how to win 3 Patti. Let’s take a look at exactly that.

Teen Patti Real Cash Game: How to Bet

The game starts when the bet is placed by the player left of the dealer. Blind Players and Seen Players can make different bet sizes, as the stakes depend on their status. Blind players are those who, after they have had their cards dealt, decide not to examine their hand before placing a bet. Teen Patti rules state that if another player is blind, they must participate in the betting, either by placing the same amount of money or an increase. This cannot be repeated more than once. However, if the front player is seated with a Seen (a player who chose to see their cards after being dealt), they should place half of the wager or the equal amount. A Seen player is someone who has decided to examine their cards before placing a bet. Blind players must bet between twice and four times what the Seen player has staked. If the Seen player in front is also playing Seen then the Seen players must stake twice or four times the amount of their opponent. The betting rounds continue until there are only two or three players left at the table. After a showdown, the Teen Patti sequence with the strongest one wins. If the players have equal hands, the player who asked to see the cards wins.

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