Traditional Games of India And their rising popularity

Traditional Games of India And their rising popularity

Traditional Games of India

No get-together or part is ever complete without a round of playing some of the famous traditional games of India. Recently, there has been an unprecedented growth in the popularity of these games in the northeastern part of India. There is no denying the fact that playing games is the pinnacle of entertainment everywhere.

Humans like to indulge in recreational activities, and there can be no better way to unwind than to play. This is one of the primary reasons why the northeast part of India has seen a rise in playing the traditional games of India. 

What are the Traditional Games of India?

The list of games played in India since old times is long. Let us have a look at a few of them. They are:

Andar Bahar 

A top-rated game of cards that is an integral part of social circles in India is Andar Bahar. People have been playing this game since time immemorial. The game found its origins in the city of Bangalore, in South India. Looking at its popularity, Andar Bahar has become a pet choice for software providers. They give the option to play the game against a human dealer in real-time. 


An extremely creative game that is a favourite amongst many in the Northeast is Ghila. The game involves tossing square-shaped boxes with a small stone. The boxes are drawn on the ground. You have to begin the game by throwing the stone on one side (mainly on the right side) and sliding the stone with the leg. The other leg is always up in the air. 


A game that involves cards is always double the fun! Rummy is undoubtedly one of the oldest games that have been played in India for a long time. It is for this reason that it is considered one of the traditional games of India. Be it any special event or a social gathering; you will always find people playing this game. Northeast has its connection with the game. With the internet taking the world by storm, rummy is also played online with tips on how to play the game.

Dhop Khel 

The game of Dhop Khel is played between two teams. Each team has 11 players each, and the players throw the ball at each other in turns. The players run to evade each other. It is a game that involves physical and mental stimulation. 

Here is a little trivia: The ball was made by layering tomato with glue in the earlier days. The glue was taken from a Banyan Tree. Nowadays, the balls used are made of cloth. However, in the deepest parts of the Northeast, some people still make the ball by layering a tomato. 

A New Beginning 

The era of gaming is back with a bang. With more and more people wanting to play games and their favourite being traditional games of India, there is a rise in popularity of these games. The internet has also introduced these via online platforms because of this unprecedented need for people to play. Gaming is a different way of entertainment that has something new and stimulating to offer people every day. People of the Northeast seem to be enjoying all that they are being delivered and the variety of categories available. The games which are gaining the most popularity involve gambling and money. The industry does not seem to be complaining. And neither are we. As long as people get their share of happy times and recreation, it is worth it. Since gamblers from all over the country now have an eye on the gaming prospects in the Northeast, it is not far when we see a sports summit taking place! 

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