William Hill Horse Racing Terms and Definitions

William Hill Horse Racing Terms and Definitions

William Hill Horse Racing

If you're searching for the most popular bookie in Britain, then you’ve come to the right place. With 2x PS15 bonuses for new customers and 3 daily boosts to bets and regular additional race events to place bets on, it's not a surprise to find that William Hill still remains at the top of their game. 

Some of the top William Hill Horse Racing terms and definitions that you need to know are mentioned below - 

Win and Every Way

If you are betting on a horse race, your goal is to bet on the one with the highest likelihood of winning. Simply put, if the horse wins, you also win; equally, if it loses, then you lose. It is also possible to put your money into it Every Way (EW). If you choose to back it EW, the majority of your bet, also known as your stake, will go towards the horse to win, while the remaining portion will go to the horse that finishes. If your horse finishes in the top three, it will be awarded the winning stake of 1/2 of your stake, which is 1/3 or 1/5 odds. 


Accumulator is referred to as the bet that has more than one selection, with the winners from each selection moving onto the subsequent selection. The accumulator's selections have to be successful to get a return.


A Canadian includes betting on 26 different bets, involving five selections for different types of events. The bet consists of the following: 10 doubles; 10 trebles; five fourfolds and an accumulation. At least two players have to be able to win to ensure a payout.


Forecast refers to a bet where the objective is to predict the winner and the runner-up in the race. Straight forecasts are when you guess the winner and the runner-up in the correct order, while a reverse forecast is a combination of two options placing either first or last in any order.

Lucky 15

A bet containing 15 bets, involving four selections for different occasions. The wager includes four singles, six doubles, 4 triples, and a four-fold. One selection is required to win to guarantee a profit.


A bet made up of 4 bets on 3 different selections. The bet consists of three doubles as well as a triple. Two selections must be successful in order to receive the winnings.

Betting odds

Also known as a cost or a price, the probabilities of a horse's performance are expressed in numbers that are created by the bookmaker, or platforms like William Hill Horse Racing: odds of betting on horse racing. Betting odds is the first and possibly the most important betting aspect to know before placing your money in. Using the Cheltenham Gold Cup as an instance, the current favourite is 11/4. If you bet in the centre (4) you'll receive the number on the left side (11) and your stake.

Start price

If you bet but don't accept the odds specified for the date, any winnings you make will depend on your horse's SP, or the Starting Price. The SP are the selection's last odds of the day at the moment the race begins. Some bookmakers will provide chances that have BOG (which will be explained below), and consequently could boost your odds of winning if you do not opt for the SP.

Best odds guaranteed

Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) is when the bookmaker will pay your bet with the initial price (SP) in the event that it is higher than the value you chose when placing your bet. For instance, you could be backing a horse for 2/1, however by the time the race ends, the horse is now 5/1. If it is successful, you will receive PS6 instead of the PS3 that you could get at 2/1.


The most affordable horse on the track, also the market leader, and usually the first choice for most supporters.

Market Mover

Market mover is a betting option which has a price that fluctuates in any direction, either by increasing the odds (drifting) or reducing chances (shortening). Sometimes, it can be profitable to bet on horses who shorten prior to the start of the race.

Calculator for betting

A horse race betting calculator allows you to evaluate the possibility of winning. All you have to do is enter the details of your bet, like stake, odds as well as the type of bet and the simple calculator will calculate any winnings you might have earned. 

William Hill Horse Racing is very effective with the highest odds that are guaranteed for every UK or Irish horse race. There are three bet increases a day that can provide you with higher winnings as well as more places in certain races. All of this adds up to a top-quality service. William Hill betting markets are serious about horse racing and have a global scope in their coverage. 

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