Winzo Gold - Play Poker on the Winzo Gold App!

Winzo Gold - Play Poker on the Winzo Gold App!

Winzo Gold

Winzo Gold is a popular gaming app with many attractive perks. This year, Winzo Gold is even sponsoring the Gujarat Giants, Bengal Warriors, and Patna Pirates! Winzo Gold is great in many senses, especially because you get hundreds of great games and mind-blowing offers every day. Thousands of gamers participating in poker on Winzo Gold is something comparable only with Oppabet.

Winzo Poker 

Poker is one of the oldest card games known to historians. As early as the 16th century, Germans used to play a tricking game called “Pochen” which was adopted in France with the name of “Poque” before coming to America. By the 18th century, poker had become a favorite pastime for Americans and eventually, it evolved into the modern form that we know. 

Hundreds of gamers play Poker on Winzo Gold - both the gaming site and its dedicated mobile app, both of which you can access to play poker anytime. Winzo Gold has an interactive interface; it is just like playing poker with your friends or other players at a poker table. You can even win real money playing and winning the tables. There is no limitation on how much you can win in a day but even so, always play responsibly and within your limit! This is something popular sites like Oppabet always ask their players – don’t go beyond your limit so you can keep winning.

Oppabet also offers its players a poker’s heaven. So many attractive options - like All Aces Poker, Bonus Deuces Wild Poker, Jackpot Poker, Caribbean Poker, Oasis Poker, and Triple Edge Poker - will keep you engaged and excited. Every table has its own features but as you know, the basics of poker are the same so you have to be skilled in the basics to play with rivals on the table efficiently. Everyone follows a poker strategy that they will never reveal, and you also need to have your strategy for the game. 

Poker rules on Winzo Gold

While playing poker on Winzo Gold, you have to keep in mind four rules:

  1. Before the cards are served, it is mandatory for each player to contribute at least one chip into the poker pot.
  2. A betting round starts when every player bets one or more chips. Again, this is mandatory.
  3. If a player drops (or folds) while the table is in motion, the player loses the chips they have put in the pot. 
  4. A betting session ends if one or more players are dropped or all the bets of the participants are equalized.

Winzo Gold’s interface is simple and easy to navigate. First, select the game from the list of names that appear on the screen. Loading a new game will take some time but hopefully you have already refilled your virtual wallet by then. Then, simply start playing on your favorite poker table!

On Oppabet, you have two options – play for real money or play for fun. Here again, Oppabet offers a better option. If you are new to Poker, you should try some games on play for fun mode; this will give you enough opportunity to learn the games and develop game strategies

Additionally, Oppabet offers attractive promos for first-timers and existing players. Get up to a 50% bonus on your very first deposit with no restriction to any game. You can avail of this bonus by depositing as minimum as Rs.500 in your wallet. They also have special offers on your birthday! So, your total amount for betting on poker tables would be higher than what you have actually deposited. Oppabet’s user interface is the easiest one you have ever found - you can play online on your laptop or smartphone. The Oppabet app is great for playing any poker game online anytime, too.

Endnote for Winzo Gold

Both Winzo Gold and Oppabet have their advantages. When playing poker online, what you need is a heavier wallet with lesser investment and more gaming options in every event. Oppabet’s poker tables are unmatched in the domain with great offers and practice options for new players. Winzo Gold, too, has many players and attractive games. Having a user-friendly interface is important in gaming sites, so always play where you feel most comfortable. 

For all the best poker games, as well as many options for other casino games, rergister now at Oppabet today, where you’ll have fun with safe gambling games that you need to try!

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