5 Unknown Facts about Online Arcade Games

5 Unknown Facts about Online Arcade Games

In most recent years, online arcade games have become amazingly popular, and it is now one of the most profitable industries in the world. There is no such thing as a dress code in online casino games, and you are more likely to find players in their pajamas on the sofa cheerfully clicking away. However, there are some unknown facts about online arcade games, and here are these 5 unknown facts that we think are the best.

  1. Pac Man was so successful in Japan, it led to a shortage of Yen coins.
  2. The creator of Tetris didn't make any money from his game until about 10 years after it hit arcades. He was a Soviet computer scientist, and the USSR got all the money he would have gotten.
  3. The game Bezerk led to the deaths of two players. Both young men died from heart attacks, possibly brought on by marathon gaming sessions.
  4. Space Invaders main game mechanic (the speeding up of the enemies as they are destroyed) happened entirely by accident. Early hardware couldn't handle keeping track of all the ships, so the game ran at a crawl. As the player defeated enemies, the hardware could start to cope, and the game speed up.
  5. The Konami code was developed by a programmer who sucked at playing the game he was working on. He put the code in so he could play long enough to accurately decode the game.

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