Andar Bahar,  the Loyalists' game

Andar Bahar, the Loyalists' game

Andar Bahar is the Most Reliable Game, and its Loyalist know that

Emerging from the streets of Bangalore, Andar Bahar has become quite a popular game in recent times in India. The game is assumed to get its birth in Bangalore and has other names like- Katti, Mangatha, etc. The game was designed in such a manner that its traditional way of playing does not involve any money. And unlike other live casino games, this game has a separate fan base that is loyal to it, than anything else. Another best part about this game is that there is no limitation to the number of players playing this game.

How to Play Andar Bahar?

Like any other card game, luck plays an important role in this game. A single deck of all the 52 cards is utilized for the rapid-fire round and every player has a 50-50 chance to win the game. They head ahead with two sides on the table, namely Andar (left side) and Bahar (right side), the cards are then cut and dealt. The deal is to speculate which side will be the identically numbered card to the chosen card. So straightforward, isn't it?

Why is Andar Bahar Getting Popularity?

Andar Bahar is a very easy-peasy game that has come from the Indian streets to the online casino gaming platforms. And as online gaming in India booms with each passing day, so is the popularity of this game. Playing Andar Bahar increases your chance to win. As after playing the games a good 50 to 100 times, you get to learn the strategy of the online operator and its pattern. That helps you speculate the next move and betting on the right chance.

Why is Andar Bahar such an Addictive Game?

Being a game of luck and institution, once the player starts to win a few chances, his/her addiction to the game increases, gradually. And betting games are often addictive ones, especially when the player starts to win a few games. This game is easy to learn with no complications and a lot of hope to win. Being such an easy task, this game is a hit to anyone who is into casino gaming online. So, now when you can play this famous Indian street game online at the comfort of your desktop, laptop, and even your smartphone with internet connectivity, what is the wait for? Oppa888 is one such gaming site that will host you for Andar Bahar and here, you can learn new tips and tricks to play and win the same.

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