The best sports Books of all time

The best sports Books of all time

Best Sports Books of All Time

Are you one of the sports fanatics that’s looking forward to getting his hands on the best sportsbook of all time? Then you are indeed in the right place! 

Coming up with a list of the hundred greatest non-fiction sports books ever is not an easy task. 

Deciding which book to include in the list and which book to leave out from the list demands many hours of research and unlimited hard work and devotion to perform the job. After that, you might need to deal with numerous changes in the order in which the chosen books would be ranked. 

These are the hurdles we have gone through to provide you with the best sports books of all time and offer you a chance to live your favorite hobby to the fullest. Though some of the people might not agree with the books mentioned in our list, however, we are super sure that here you might discover a gem that you may not be able to come across!  

Without any further delay, let’s explore what hidden features our top selected books come in handy with!

The Austerity Olympics – Janie Hampton 

If you only could just peek at the time back then when the 1948 Olympics were held, you would be amazed to witness the difference between the Olympics of that time and the heavily sponsored juggernaut Olympics we usually have right now. 

The Olympics held in 1948 were held when London was all bombed out. And this is where Hampton takes us in his book! 

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1. This is esports – Paul Chaloner.  

With a constantly increasing number of players and spectators, Esports happens to be one of the fastest emerging sports globally.  In this book, Paul Chaloner happens to be a knowledgeable and a more profound electronic sports guide then you can ever have! Check out our Virtual Sports page if you are interested in Virtual Sports Betting!

2. Looking For a Fight – David Matthews  

Finding it hard to get a get through in the world of closed-off boxing? This book by David Mathews described the journey of his life of how he gets into the shape of boxing from being an average journalist and how he steps down in the world of boxing. 

3. How to Be a Footballer – Peter Crouch  

Who doesn’t know Peter Crouch? He has always been an unorthodox player for England. And is mainly famous for his robot dance goal celebration. This book comes packed with entertaining anecdotes of Crouch, which will surely provide you with the best possible experience. Betting in Football can result in some big wins. If you are interested in making huge money just by betting on football, then visit our sports betting section! 

4. Ali: A Life – Jonathan Eig 

Mohammad Ali is considered one of the gurus of boxing and thus has been an inspiration to god knows how many people. 

This book by Jonathan Eig is a biography that reflects the critical aspects of Ali’s life. This book has earned its place in our article! 

5. The Hand of God: The Life of Diego Maradona – Jimmy Burns 

Looking forward to getting your hand on a book so that you can celebrate the life of the legendary footballer Diego Maradona, then this book would surely be your viable pick. Burns here has used his access to Maradona’s inner circle to picture the life of one of the biggest legends in the football era! 

6. Inside Edge – Christine Brennan 

Christine Brennan here takes you behind the glitz and glamour of Ice-skating and provides you with the chance to see how the life of ice skaters seems to be on the circuit. This book happens to be a complete guide, where the past and present, along with the sacrifices one might need to make to become a pro-Ice-skater, is mentioned! 

7. The Breaks of the Game – David Halberstam  

This book by David Halberstam happens to follow the Portland Trailblazers of the NBA season 1979-80 season. However, instead of focusing entirely on one single team, the author looks at the history of the league comprehensively and compares it with the culture of that time. 

8. My Losing Season – Pat Conroy ‘

This book by Pat Conroy revolves around the time when he was in his final session of college basketball. In this book, you would be able to get flashbacks of the difficulty the author faced while being brought up and how he becomes a real hero in the hyper-macho environment. 

8. All Played Out (One Night in Turin) – Pete Davies  

According to the football experts, the Italia ‘90 WorldCup happens to be the breakthrough in England falling in love with football again. In this book, Pete vividly captures the whole Italia tournament. Not to forget, this book comprises interviews of all the big names as well. 

9. Among the Thugs – Bill Buford  

Bill Bufford has spent most of his time in football hooligans gangs in his early nineties. And with that being said, this book by him revolves around the experience and outbreaks of violence he witnessed. This book is the perfect combo for people who love to read about the fight in sports! 

10. The Great Romantic: Cricket and the Golden Age of Neville Cardus – Duncan Hamilton  

It is this book by Duncan that changes the whole perspective of people about sports Journalists. Being a journalist himself, Duncan here pens a biography that reveals the actual person behind the typewriter. Owning prose of a holy standard, Duncan has managed to create quite a fandom of his own! 

10. The Breath of Sadness – Ian Ridley

The breath of Sadness is not an easy book to read. And without any doubt, it was super tricky for Ian to write this book. 

This book revolves around how Ian Ridley used to handle the grief of attending county cricket matches alone after her wife died. If you are in for tears, then this is something you need to give a shot! 

11. When the World Stops Watching – Damian Lawlor 

Ever wondered what becomes of a sportsman after he gets retired from the thing he simply loved the most? This book by Damian comes in handy with the interviews of 14 retired athletes, which provide users with a glimpse of how a sportsman lives his former life! 

12. The Game of Our Lives: The Meaning and Making of English Football – David Goldblatt  

When it comes to sports, Goldblatt happens to be one of the eminent historians. And this is why this book by him managed to earn the British sportsbook of the year award. This book comes in handy with a deep history about football and happens to be a masterpiece for any football fan. If you are a football fan, and you are interested in taking on some betting action, visit here

13. Coming Back to Me: The Autobiography of Marcus Trescothick – Marcus Trescothick & Peter Hayter  

Coming back to me happens to be one of the masterpieces that managed to earn the British book of the year award. Though you might be aware that Trescothick enjoyed a stellar career in England. However, this book comprises the depression that Trescothick went through in his career and why he cut short his career. 

14. Beyond a Boundary – C.L.R. James  

Beyond a boundary is regarded as one of the best cricket books. In this book, you would know the results of the investigation James did to find the link between the game and the society of West Indies and the Uk.

This book is undoubtedly an absolute treasure for a true cricket fan.

15. Out of Their League – Dave Meggyesy 

In the 1960s, Dave Meggyesy used to play a vital role as a linebacker for the St Louis Cardinals. And this is the book that he released after a couple of years of his retirement.This book covers all controversial issues such as racism, drug abuse, and violence a player used to face in the NFL. 

16. A Lot of Hard Yakka: Cricketing Life on the County Circuit – Simon Hughes 

Before making his way to become a specialist sports Journalist, Simon Hughes spent most of his time as a county cricketer in England. This book was solely written to reveal how poorly the players were paid while being at the county level. Interested in betting in cricket? Then visit this link to get the real action going! 

17. Heaven is a Playground – Rick Telander 

Heaven is a playground is a book that was written in 1976 by being inspired by the street basketball stars in Brooklyn. This playground happens to lead some youngsters towards the excellent land of college basketball. However, some remain wandering in the limbo of neighborhood games. 

18. The Unforgettable Season – G.H. Fleming 

The 1908 National league baseball season went down with three teams in competition with each other. This season is considered to be an unforgettable one as the contention witnessed was super unique.  This book comprises the events and newspaper reports of this season, which would surely provide you with a profound experience. Need some insights about betting baseball? Visit this link

19. Unbreakable – Richard Askwith  

Unbreakable is the book that reads out loud the inspiring tale of the Czech Countess who didn’t let poverty, Nazi occupation, and discrimination come in the path of her dreams. The self-confidence one receives from this book by Richard is simply exceptional. 

20. Living on the Volcano – Michael Calvin

This is the book that would make you think twice before abusing the manager of your favorite football team. 

Calvin tracks down multiple football managers in this book and tells his readers about the enormous pressure football managers had to go through in his job. The job happens to be so harsh that the author simply couldn’t resist giving this book the name of “living on the volcano.” 

21. Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success – Phil Jackson & Hugh Delehanty  

Read out the list of one of the most successful coaches in history, and we assure you that you would find the name of Phil Jackson in that list. This book comprises the philosophy of his coaching methods and the influences that shaped him to become a better man in his life. 

22. Pocket Money – Gordon Burn  

Pocket Money happens to be the only snooker book that appears on the list of outstanding sports book awards.  By the mid-eighties, snooker was booming, and Burn traveled down the snooker roadshow for a year. 

This book comprises the interviews and stories of famous snooker players of that time and will surely provide you with a profound experience. 

23. The Jordan Rules – Sam Smith  

The people who are huge fans of the last dance documentary series might indeed be interested in making themselves aware of the inside story of the Chicago bull’s first title season. This book is the compilation of the interviews Smith took of his coaches to provide you with a fully rounded account of the event. 

24. The Boys of Winter – Wayne Coffey  

This book celebrates the most seismic American sporting triumphs that were held in the 20th century. This triumph was played when American players beat the huge favored Soviet ice hockey team in the Winter Olympics of 1980. Betting in Ice Hockey can result in some amazing winnings. If you are interested in bettingin ice hockey, then visit this link

25. The Last Shot – Darcy Frey  

If compared to the tone and subject of the award-winning Hoop dream documentary, you would indeed find the content of this book to be much similar. Frey followed four basketball players in his neighborhood and witnessed how they managed to escape their life of poverty and deprivation by their athletic abilities. Betting in basketball can account for huge winnings. Want to take your chances? Visit this link

26. Undisputed Truth – Mike Tyson & Larry Sloman 

Mike Tyson shaped the sport of boxing and then emerged as a global superstar! Tyson has a somewhat successful reign as he was the heavyweight champion in the ‘90s. This book offers meaningful insight into the life of the Boxing Legend Mike Tyson. Readers get to learn a chance about the ups and downs Tyson Endured. Boxing is a sport of thrill and utter excitement. Make it more fun as you bet on boxing by visiting this link

27. Dust Bowl Girls – Lydia Reeder  

There was a severe outbreak of depression in the early 1930s. Amid such troubled times, this book tells the story of a female college basketball team. This time, the team does its best to lift the whole era out of the depressed period when women’s sport was having a hard time being accepted. 

28. A Life Too Short: The Tragedy of Robert Enke – Ronald Reng  

The author of this book, Ronal Reng, has penned this down as a tribute to his friend. His Friend was a Professional Goalkeeper, Robert Enke. Unfortunately, if you are a football fan, Robert Enke met a rather tragic end. In this book, however, the author tries to highlight the struggles of a person who, on the outside, has it all but secretly inside; he is struggling so much to enforce such a decision. In order to read more about the topic, feel free to visit the official website of the author.

29. Basil D’Oliveira: Cricket and Conspiracy: The Untold Story – Peter Oborne 

For those of you who are not Familiar, Basil D’Oliveira was a Black Cricketer who represented South Africa. The exceptional cricketer broke the stereotypes of his time as he played for the National team of England. This book happens to be a fantastic biography that feels more like a thriller. 

30. Broken Dreams: Vanity, Greed and the Souring of British Football – Tom Bower  

The author of this book, Tom Bower, is considered one of the most talented authors. In this work of art, he writes about the corruption that exists in the world of football. The author has written this book in such an enthusiastic manner that it highlights the dark side of the football world. 

31. In Black and White: The Untold Story of Joe Louis and Jesse Owens – Donald McRae  

Today, any American regards Joe Louis and Jesse Owens as iconic figures in the history of Sports of America. However, the author takes a step ahead as he discovers more about these men rather than the myths revolving around them. The author finds out how even such great athletes were suffering from contradictions just like any other human. 

32. The Ball is Round – David Goldblatt

This book sees David Goldblatt presenting a history of one of the world’s renowned games.Taking the readers back to the earliest incarnations of the game, the reader discovers the legendary teams and players that made football loved the way it is valued today. On the other hand, this book also provides an education on the roots of the game. 

33. King of the World – David Remnick  

There will never be enough books written about the Great Muhammad Ali.This is one of those books which Pulitzer prize-winning author David Reminick backs. This book pictures a detailed portrait of the man everyone knows as “The Greatest''. He also talks about the times in which he rose to glory. 

34. A Social History of English Cricket – Derek Birley 

Cricket is indeed one of the oldest sports to have stuck around today. This Encyclopedia penned down by Birley covers the history of this game which goes as far as including its origins. This book is a totally complete package of fun for anyone enthusiastic about cricket as it provides impressive information about the game itself. If you are interested in making good money, then you can bet on cricket matches by visiting this link! 

35. Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times – Thomas Hauser  

As already mentioned above, the sport’s history of the world sees Muhammad Ali as an influential figure. He even proved himself to be a compelling subject which made many authors pen down compelling biographies. However, this book is one of its kind. This book includes the family interviews of more than 200 people. This consists of the family members, friends, associates, and even opponents of the great one. Boxing can be predictable sometimes.

36. The Sports Gene – David Epstein  

The way David has written this book, it happens to be one of the most enthusiastic titles up here. This book happens to be an influential book as it gives insights on the old age question of “nature versus nurture.” This applies to the development of world-class athletes. The book sees the author examining the extent to which several factors such as body type affect an athlete’s performance depending on the sports they play. 

37. Into Thin Air – Jon Krakauer 

Surprisingly, Jon Krakauer was on an expedition to climb Mount Everest. Surprising as it already is, he was on that expedition during a period of an infamous disaster that took place in 1996. There were many scary blizzards which resulted in up to eight climbers passing away. In this book, the author gives a picture of his first-hand experience of the whole expedition. 

38. Angry White Pyjamas: An Oxford Poet Trains with the Tokyo Riot Police – Robert Twigger 

As the title of this book is funny, the content is too. In this book, the author attempts to get fit for the first time in his life. The author decides to take up a fantastic sport of martial arts in Japan, where he was temporarily residing. The author sets upon the rigid training required by the Tokyo Riot Police. This training gave him many experiences of his life, which he has shared in this book. Betting in sports can win you some huge profits. If you are interested about betting in Sports, then visit this link

39. Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life – William Finnegan  

In this book, the author expresses his love for the sports of surfing. The author conveys a message in the book. The main idea is that it is not necessary to have any connections with surfing in order to appreciate the effect it has on a person. Whether it be his early years or his later years, this book highlights the transitioning effect surfing has. 

40. Born to Run – Christopher McDougall

One of the bestsellers to have made its way onto our list of best Sports Books of all time. This book sees the author highlight the story of an injury-prone runner, McDougall. In this book, the runner is set out to find out the hidden truths of running in the Tarahumara Indian Tribe. Uplifting and inspiring, this book is definitely worth a go. 

41. Summer of ’49 – David Halberstam  

Sports can often provide relief and function as an escape from darker things to follow. This book shows the very thing we are talking about as it proves the statement mentioned. The whole nation turns its attention to baseball in the aftereffects of the second world war. Very much like sports, betting runs pretty old. If you want to make some money through sports, then you can bet on them through this link

42. Eight Men Out – Eliot Asinof 

They were dealing with the Famous Black Sox Scandal of 1919 when a few members of the Chicago White Sox were bribed to throw games in the world series sportsbook. While some people question the points made in this book since its time of publication, this book happens to be an exciting piece of work to this date. 

Little Girls in Pretty Boxes – Joan Ryan 

This book is penned down by a Sports reporter based in San Francisco. This book is a perfect gift for sports lovers. The author of this book challenged the way that the top female Olympic figure skaters and gymnasts receive their training. This book sees the author arguing that the movement these female skaters have has a negative effect on their health. 

43. A Season on the Brink – John Feinstein 

Better known as oftenly controversial yet highly successful in the history of College Basketball, this book talks about John Feinstein. This book happens to be one of the bestsellers of the 1985-86 season of the Indiana University Team. 

44. Total Time: The Secret Life of Tony Cascarino – Paul Kimmage 

The Author of this book happens to be one of the most Renowned sportswriters in Ireland. In the legend Tony Cascarino, the author found something that caught his eye; The legend might have been a rough-and-tumble man on the pitch, but this book paints the picture of his character off the pitch. 

45. Tom Simpson: Bird on the Wire – Andy McGrath  

Many Englanders know Tom Simpson as a Legend when it comes to cycling, who unfortunately met a tragic and untimely death in his peak days in the 1967 Tour de France. Although the autopsy showed alcohol and drugs in his system later, this book sheds light on the personality of the troubled man. 

46. Night Games: Sex, Power and a Journey into the Dark Heart of Sport – Anna Krien 

This title won both the Sportsbook of the Year as well as The True Crime Book of the Year in the same year of its release, 2014. The author takes an insight into the toxic culture which is present in the Australian Football rules. Through these rules, the author follows a rape trial that features some renowned players. 

47. Doped: The Real-Life Story of the 1960s Racehorse Doping Gang – Jamie Reid 

A Realistic story is written in the form of a gripping thriller. This book questions one of the Biggest Horse Racing scandals of Great Britain. Set in the late 1950s and early 1960s, this book follows the Flying Squad, trying to untangle the pool of corruption, which resulted in fixing the horse races. 

Although this topic covers a controversial topic, making money from Racehorsing is very easy by betting. If you are interested in betting in sports, then visit this link

48. Unbroken – Laura Hillenbrand  

This book was so gigantic and inspiring that it ended up getting a movie under its very own same name. 

Unbroken happens to be the inspiring story of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic Athlete. He was also an Airman in WW2. During his tenure as an Airman, the Japanese captured him, and this book highlights his experiences as a brutal prisoner of war. 

49. Playing the Enemy – John Carlin  

This book inspired the Clint Eastwood-helmed movie Invictus. This book happens to be a story of how the Newly elected Nelson Mandela brought the nation of South Africa together using Rugby. 

Rugby has even been associated with the white supremacist regimes in the country. However, under Mandela, this country Became a unified force as it hosted the Rugby World Cup in the year 1995.

50. Football in Sun and Shadow – Eduardo Galeano 

We continue our list with the best Sports Books of all time, with Eduardo Galeano. Going all around the globe, this book tells the story of Football in the most entertaining and witty way. This book travels from China to England and then to South America, and then beyond. 

Many big names of this game make an appearance in this book paired with Stories of heartache and joy. 

51. Proud – Gareth Thomas & Michael Calvin 

Rugby has always been known for its macho look, if not the Masochistic Culture. Due to this reason, Gareth Thomas decided to come out as a Gay Man and made a booming impact that went well beyond the sporting arena. 

The star became the most high-profile player in the whole world. This book compares the before and after the process of the player. 

52. The Summer Game – Roger Angell  

Many people Consider Roger Angell to be the best there is when it comes to writing about baseball. Straight from the man himself, this book happens to be a collection of multiple essays he penned down in the late ‘60s and the early ‘70s, all about baseball. 

53. Loose Balls – Terry Pluto

This book Talks about a Short-Lived professional Basketball league, “The American Basketball Association.” 

This league only lasted from 1967 to 1976. In this book, the author aims to provide a platform for players, coaches, executives, and even journalists to recount their own experiences in the league. Funny and Intriguing, this book is worth a reader’s while.

54. Keane: The Autobiography – Eamon Dunphy 

This book offers a collaboration between the duo of Irish Football’s most controversial characters. Seeing the topic it will be covering, no one in their right mind would consider this book to be a dull read. This book was so intriguing that even Keane might have regretted how honest this biography turned out to be. 

55. A Boy in The Water – Tom Gregory

Tony Gregory swam in the English Channel just at the age of 11, making him the youngest person to swim in the English Channel. This book covers how the 11-year old achieved something challenging as well as the maverick and the motivating coach who pushed him to embark on this challenge.

56. The Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France – Tyler Hamilton & Daniel Coyle 

A lot of people love reading Lance Armstrong’s “It’s not about the Bike”. However, it didn't cut us, mainly because the book contained a lot of passages that were found to be false following his admission of doping. However, in this book, the man features prominently. This autobiography from another cyclist sheds light on the life of the infamous cyclist.

57. Beware of the Dog: Rugby’s Hard Man Reveals All – Brian Moore 

Many people find Rugby Autobiographies a rather tedious affair as they are unwilling to give out too many details. However, this book defies such traditions and indeed is one of its kind. This book is an autobiography of the man known as “Pitbull” during his playing era. This happens to be one of the most detailed and entertaining autobiographies. 

58. Harold Larwood – Duncan Hamilton 

A cricketing legend, well-known for his unique Bowling Style. This book is a biography of the legend who bowled in the 1932-33 Ashes tour in Australia. 

59. Wonder Girl – Don Van Natta Jr.

Female athletes do not receive the same accreditation as men do in the sports world. They knew that it would be a pleasure for you to come across this fantastic biography of a legend in women's sports. 

60. Four Kings – George Kimball 

The Four Kings of the ring, written in the title, associates the book with the legendary boxers Roberto Duran, Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, and Tommy Hearns.

The bouts between these four players in the eighties energized the sports of the world.  

61. Levels of the Game – John McPhee

This book highlights the US open semi-final contest Between Arthur Ashe and Clark Graebner as the star highlight. However, the contents of this book reach far beyond Tennis. 

62. Four Iron in the Soul – Laurence Donegan 

If you like to read something funny and informative, then we have nothing better for you on this list than this book itself. This book sees a Young journalist Laurence Donegan act as a caddy for one of the Experts, Ross Drummon, for a summer. 

63. The Bad Guys Won – Jeff Pearlman 

In the mid-eighties, The New York Mets celebrated a relatively rare period of Dominance over their pin-striped neighbors, The Yankees. Highlighting those days, this book is a compelling read.

64. The Rodchenkov Affair: How I Brought Down Russia’s Secret Doping Empire – Grigory Rodchenkov  

As surprising as the appearance of this book might seem on the list, this book happens to be one of the best options on the list, winning the Sports Book of the Year in 2020.

65. The Lost Soul of Eamonn Magee – Paul D. Gibson  

This book sees the author covering the dark and troubled soul of a Boxer, Eamonn Magee. 

66. The Game – Ken Dryden 

Considered the best book to be ever written about Ice Hockey, this Autobiography is definitely worth reading. 

67. The Boys of Summer – Roger Kahn 

The book “boys of summer” is considered to be a love letter to the sport of baseball. Being written down back in 1972, this book evokes the images of baseball, which are hard to get witnessed today. Though, this book is accused of being too favorable towards its sports. However, this is yet the best book ever written for baseball. 

68. The Boys in the Boat – Daniel James Brown 

The boy in the boat is a non-fictional novel. This book was written on account of the US rowing team, who were making their attempt to get their hands on the gold medal at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.  In this book, Daniel informs us about the tiny details of the desperate rowers who were trying to achieve their Olympic dreams. 

69. Touching the Void – Joe Simpson 

The tale that the users would be reading out in the book “Touching the Void” by Joe Simpson is considered one of the best examples of surviving against the odds. In this book, Joe Simpson mentions his close contact with death. Which will surely make you have goosebumps while reading this book! 

70. Back from the Brink – Paul McGrath & Vincent Hogan 

Back from the brink is undoubtedly the fearless and honest autobiography you would ever read from an Irish author. This book is filled with the battle McGrath fought with Alcohol, which was leading him towards a strange way of living. This is the book that would surely provide you with a profound experience. 

71. Football Against the Enemy – Simon Kuper 

You must be surprised to know the fact that the word enemy in the title of the book isn’t referring to an actual enemy.

However, the enemy here is the racism and corruption that exist in sports and infiltrates the beautiful game. Simon Kuper wrote this masterpiece after traveling the whole world and by observing the games on different continents. 

72. True Blue: The Oxford Boat Race Mutiny – Dan Topolski & Patrick Robinson  

Are you looking for one of the most entertaining sports books ever? Then this book is undoubtedly your viable pick. True blue tells us all the story of the mutiny of the five rowing members who were part of the team of the Oxford rowing crew back in 1987. Topolski was serving as the coach back then, and in this book, he describes the action done by those mutineers. 

73. Brilliant Orange – David Winner 

Brilliant Orange by David Winner is a book in which the author takes down a deep dive over the decades of Dutch football back in 1960 just to know the fact that why this tiny nation has such an overwhelming impression in the world of football. 

In this book, you would be receiving pen-portraits of famous Dutch players, which would surely provide you with a profound experience. 

74. Inverting the Pyramid – Jonathan Wilson 

If you are looking forward to reading only a single classic book about the history of tactics used in football, then look no more, as this book has undoubtedly got you covered. In this book, Jonathan Wilson goes back to the early stages of football association to investigate how different nations have now become a part of the game and how tactical thinking has been evolving over time.  

75. Dark Trade: Lost in Boxing – Donald McRae  

While talking about the foremost boxing writers in Britain, the name of Donald McRae is included in one of the best ones. In this book, he explores the reason behind what compels people to fight. You would find the five years’ interviews of the top names in the world of boxing, which provide you with a chance to peer into the heart of one of the most violent sports.  

76. The Fight – Norman Mailer  

The Fight by Norman Mailer happens to be one of the most famous books in town, as it comprises of the momentous clash that took between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali back in Zaire. In this book, Norman Mailer covers each and every detail about the fight. From the fighters’ camps to the fight day, you would find each and everything in this book for sure! 

77. Addicted – Tony Adams & Ian Ridley 

An antidote to the score of bland footballing comes out almost every year. 

This book happens to cover the account of the turmoil that was faced by one of the famous England players, who almost derailed his career by being addicted to alcohol. Just like in the version of Paul McGrath, there is nothing sentimental in the story of Ian either. 

78. The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game – Michael Lewis 

The blind side is the very first of the two books written by Michael lewis. This book features two main storylines. The first one is where Michael explores how the tactics of American football have been evolving over the years. And the second one portrays the life journey of Michael Oher about how he lived his life of poverty and became a star college athlete. 

79. Best American Sports Writing  

This is the sports magazine that has been written down ever since 1991. 

Covering up each and every little news of sports, this is the best thing a sports fanatic could read every year to get a know-how of what’s going on lately in the world of football. 

80. Tiger Woods – Jeff Benedict & Armen Keteyian

This book solely depends upon the personal traits of Tigerwood and provides the user with a chance to know the famous golfer much closely. For the tiger woods fans, this book is a must-read. 

81. The Miracle of Castel di Sangro – Joe McGinnis 

Being composed of snapshots, Joe spent in one of the most profound eras of sports soccer. This book happens to be the real treat for sports fanatics who are looking forward to reading the complete story about the rise of the team of Castel di Sangro to Series B back in Italy. 

82. Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson – Geoffrey Ward  

It is an in-depth biography of one of the most complex boxers, Jack Johnson. Geoffrey follows Johnson through the hardships of this cruel discriminating world. Johnson struggled through his childhood. He faced and conquered his fears and problems. 

Started from the bottom and pushed forward till he was at the top, Johnson became the first black heavyweight champion after winning the most valued prize in American sports.     

83. A Good Walk Spoiled: Days and Nights on the PGA Tour – John Feinstein 

This book digs deep inside the mysteries of golf and the lives of golfers. The book takes us beyond the so-called luxuries of playing golf. Feinstein takes his readers on a ride full of thrilling emotions felt by a golfer before and after a gold game. 

He describes the hardship a golfer faces during the PGA tour and gives us a time of the top tiers where even the greatest can crumble. 

84. The Damned United – David Peace 

A biography is written on the famous foot manager Brian Clough. This book follows Brian through his short and futile stretch as manager of Leeds United in the 1974 season. As a manager, Brian couldn’t reach out to the team members. Leeds United faced rough seasons during this tenure and couldn’t find that chemistry between a team manager and the team players. 

85. My Father and Other Working Class Heroes – Gary Imlach 

This book is a tribute written by TV sports presenter Gary Imlach to his father, a footballer.This tribute is a mix of different emotions as Imlach takes us back to the 1950s when footballers earned very little and had to face many hardships. He has beautifully covered his father’s footballing career writing all his ups and downs as a working man and a footballer. 

86. Provided You Don’t Kiss Me: 20 Years with Brian Clough – Duncan Hamilton  

This book portraits Brian Clough, one of the most excellent football managers. Hamilton covers the career of Nottingham Forest’s most outstanding manager from their double European Cup championship to the breakdowns between the club members and Brian’s addiction to alcohol. 

Nottingham Forest had a hell of a ride in the 20-year managing career of Brian Clough.         

87. Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game – Michael Lewis 

Moneyball charts the journey of a baseball team as they try an analytical approach to hone the skills of their players and build a solid and formidable team. The players face many problems and financial crises being of them almost causes them to collapse. But still, in the hope of beating their rivals, they move forward.

88. Ball Four – Jim Bouton  

This book is a piece of art. It is the first sportsbook ever to give an honest and most revealing account of the luxurious life of a professional athlete. 

Bouton illustrates his season of 1969 with the Seattle Pilots and takes the readers on a ride full of emotions as he recalls his baseball career in which he mostly played for the New York Yankees. 

89. Only a Game? – Eamon Dunphy  

This book is an account of a season of Millwall footballer Eamon Dunphy. The book follows Millwall FC through its ups and downs in the season. Eamon beautifully charts a very hopeful season for his team, which ends in his name written in the transfer list. 

90. A Rough Ride – Paul Kimmage 

Written by an Irish journalist, A Rough Ride is a biography that follows the writer’s childhood and his growing obsession with cycling. The book covers his short-term professional cycling career. The book covers Paul’s disappointing experiences and his hardships as a cyclist. 

91. Paper Lion – George Plimpton 

Paper Lion is an autobiography of Plimpton as he considers that an average person is a professional athlete.  He tries his best to get selected by an NFL team, but he gets turned down every time due to his lack of physical activity. 

But during the 1963 season, he finally got his chance to play as a quarterback for the Detroit Lions.  

92. Open – Andre Agassi 

An autobiography starts from Agassi’s brutal childhood continuing to his midlife where a drug-addicted and almost bald Agassi pushes on for the love of tennis and finally ends on one of the most remarkable tennis careers made by a tennis player. His book is a roller coaster ride of emotions, hard will, and sheer effort.

93. Seabiscuit: An American Legend – Laura Hillenbrand  

Set in the 1930s, this book takes us back to an American era where race horses were very dear to the people, and the industry of horse racing thrived prosperously. Seabiscuit, a thoroughbred, is the underdog and has the potential to become a legendary racehorse. With the help of a handful of unlikely men, it sets off to do miracles.

94. Friday Night Lights – Buzz Bissinger

This piece of art shadows the Permian High School football team from Texas in their hardships and tremendous effects to win the state championship.I am sure that by the end of this marvelous journey written by Bissinger, you will be rooting for this team and will develop a bond with the players you encounter.    

95. Fever Pitch – Nick Hornby

This book is an autobiography expressing the love story of Nick Hornby and Arsenal, a famous football club. Hornby talks about his attachment to Arsenal and how he enjoyed watching their matches, mainly at the Arsenal Stadium. 

He has described in each chapter an Arsenal match he remembers watching and the effect it had on his life. 

96. The Sweet Science – A.J. Liebling

A book comprises essays by the famous New York writer A.J Liebling. This book is written in the 1950s and is a roller coaster ride featuring hard-willed and wise men against a canvas of grubby gyms and glum pubs. A good snack for boxing lovers willing to dwell in the hardships of old-time boxers.


While wrapping it all up, if you managed to make your way to this end of the article, then we may assume that you may have loved every bit of our content. Though there are high chances that you might disagree entirely with our chosen list, however, we hope that you may have discovered some new ideas for your next read. With that being said, give the above-mentioned stocks of books a shot, and we promise you that these books will keep the inner sportsman charisma of yours maintained! 

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