Bet365 Review: Pros, Cons & Key Features Explored

Bet365 Review: Pros, Cons & Key Features Explored


Choosing the right betting site happens to be one of the most important tasks for all the best lovers out there. 

If only you managed to get your hands on premium betting websites then we are sure of the fact that you would be having more fun at betting while not being burned by the niggling issues that arise with average betting sites. 

When we talk about one of the biggest, yet one of the best betting websites in entire Europe then it’s none other than Bet365. Over the years, bet365 has managed to develop quite a reputation for offering people a massive amount of lines and is now considered to be one of the go-to bookmakers for live streaming purposes. If we really look for the reason why people these days are in love with Bet365? Then the reason behind this is that people are welcomed on this platform with a pretty welcome bonus. Which gives you an even better picture of what perks and worth this Bet365 might have held for you if you become their regular clients. This is why here we are about to provide you with in-depth detail about each and everything that you might need to know about bet365.  This guide here comes from experts, hence it’s preferred that you should stick by it till the end so that you don’t miss out on any important detail on Bet365. 

Overview of Bet365 

First thing first, we believe that when we are about to sign up to a platform, especially the one where you are about to invest your hard-earned money, then you should know each and every detail about it. 

And in this regard, here we are providing you with a comprehensive overview of Bet 365. 

Bet365 is a sports betting website that was first established in 2000 and is owned by a British Family. 

Despite the fact that who owns this betting website, its headquarters are located in Stoke-on-Trent which happens to be the hometown of the Coates family, who own the business. When the operations of Bet365 first began, there was a bit of trailblazer witnessed among the other betting sites that were already existing on the internet. 

In order to stand out from the betting sites, apart from offering the usual sports such as horse racing and football, Bet 365 started offering lines for a vast range of soccer leagues around the world. But the thing doesn’t stop here, Bet365 started including more sports niches to their betting website which most of the betting sites couldn’t even think of adding. 

And if you are wondering what sports were they? Then they were none other than darts, golf, and cycling. The owner and mastermind behind this betting website were to make and turn bet365 to be the first sports betting website that is easily available to all the British bettors that used to be live 24/7. The perception of old times was that if you couldn’t find a Uk market, then there surely be something going on somewhere in the world! Talking about the modern age, today bet 365 happens to be one of the most profound betting sites that have been committed to delivering markets for a wide range of worldwide sports. Offering more lines than any other sports betting platform, bet365 is still tended to be the go-to sports betting site for all those bettors who think of themselves to be prepared to tackle anything that a higher league or competition may come with them. 

Things To Consider Before Signing Up 

Though we all agree to the fact that bet365 is surely the best sports betting platform that you may ever find on the entire internet. However, it is good to consider some things before you sign up for this betting site. 

The factors we are asking you to consider is: 

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonus happens to be a courtesy that is only offered to the players that are new to a betting platform. 

Though each betting platform comprises its own welcome bonus style, however, the style that’s common is “offering a risk-free bet to the new players”. The thing that you have to consider while going for the welcome bonus of the firm is the terms and conditions it comes with. Many firms ask their players to deposit some amount of cash first to get their hands on their welcome bonus. This is why it becomes necessary for you to not overlook this factor while signing up to any betting site out there.


Talking about most bettors out there, the only thing they live for is “promotions”, which is again one of the reasons that keep all the bettors intact with the betting website they are already using. 

Before signing up or agreeing to the terms and conditions of any sports betting website, it becomes obligatory for you to check whether the sportsbook comes in handy with any kind of regular promos or not. 

If they do offer players regular promos, then you should take a glance at what these promos actually are. Also, you need to look at whether the promos the betting website is offering are worth it or not? 

If only you get answers to all the questions we asked you above, and you get satisfied with the answers, then only you should sign up to the betting site. 

Sports Variety 

Third and one of the most important factors that one needs to remember while signing up to any betting website is the fact that the sportsbook in question offers lines to you for the sports you are interested in. 

Online casino  

One needs to be aware of the thing that all the best and good sportsbooks offer people with casinos, hence this isn’t the thing you should get overwhelmed on so easily. The factor that you need to look at here is that the casino your sportsbook comes with should have a good game variety, provide you with regular bonuses along with promos, and should be able to provide you with a good interference.

Payment methods 

When the thing that people don’t usually consider while signing up on a sports betting website is the payment method it comes in handy. You should consider that the payment method the betting platform offers to you should be the one that you can go with. This is really necessary as on a betting website, you would be needing to withdraw and deposit money for daily purposes, hence you simply can’t overlook this factor. 

User interface 

Watching out for the user interface of the thing you are buying is something that applies not only to the sports betting website but to every new product you are trying for yourself. 

Before signing up, explore the betting site, take a look at the layout of the website. See whether it was easy for you to navigate through the website or not. 

If you feel comfortable on the betting platform, then only you should sign up for the site! 

Bet365 Broken Down: What’s It Got? 

Sports You Can Bet On  

One of the reasons why this sports betting website stands out from its competitors is that it comes in handy with a comprehensive range of sports that a person can bet upon. 

If you want to see the list of the sports this site offers to you, then all you have to do is to go to their site, visit the sports section, scroll down to the A to Z category, choose your best pick and you are good to go! 

The coverage bet365 provides to the users happens to be highly competitive, however, it still offers users the category of sports that are hard to be found on the other sports betting sites. 

Hence, the experience you would be getting here is surely hard to find in any other sports betting platform.    

Markets, Lines, and Odds 

If you are a professional bettor, then you must be aware of the fact that the market, lines, and odds are really good for every sport, especially when you are going with the major ones. Before even getting started with any game, you can click on that particular sport, and bet365 will update you with all the events that are going to come in every league cover.  

When we talk about the lines bet365 offers, the coverage you might be getting here would simply be exemplary, and most bases are covered. There’s not a chance that you won’t find the bet you were looking for on this platform. For example, while betting on football, this site allows you to bet on literally every operation that happens in football. 

Live Betting 

The factor that counts as the best one in bet365 is none other than “live betting”. This is the option that has been provided to the players for the sake of the wealth of markets. If there’s an ongoing game and you know about it, then this offer provides you with a chance to join that game in between and tell people about the betting skills you have got. 

In addition to that, you can also stream on it too. 

Casino & Poker 

Like all the other good sportsbooks, bet365 comprises an online casino that can really be accessed by simply clicking the casino tab on the top of the page. 

The layout happens to be really simplistic, which makes this betting website to be more highly enriched in the user interface. Want to find a thing that suits best with your preference here? Then all you need to do is to type the thing in the search menu, and it will be presented right in front of you. 


Thanks to the global pandemic we all just witnessed, eSports have involved themselves in the sports betting world in an incredible manner. And since we are giving you this news, we would also like to inform you of the fact that bet365 actually offers virtual and eSports. It becomes really important for you to not get confused between these two. However, if you did get confused, then the instructions and help you would receive at the bet365 platform would help you clear your things out. 

User Interface 

Getting your hands on the right type of user interface has never been an easy task for a professional bettor. 

The user interfaces the other betting platform usually provides aren’t up to the mark and isn’t something that everyone can start with. Considering the following problem, the user interface that you would witness at bet365 would simply be incredible. 

Starting with the adoption of muted colors of the site, and ending things with easy transaction modes, it’s hard to find a person who isn’t attracted to the interface bet365 carries. Though, just like all the other betting sites, it would take some time for you to get used to the layout of bet365. However, the thing that we are so sure about is that once you get comfortable, there are literally zero chances for you to leave this platform.

Payment Methods  

As stated above, bet365 provides bettors with a wide range of payment options. Hence, if you are worried about not being compatible with the payment methods of bet365, then we will tell you that you are taking stress, which doesn’t even exist! 

Bonuses and Promotions: Bet365 Offers 

If we do look behind the actual reason why people simply love bet365 is that it offers a handsome amount of bonuses, promotions, and special deals to its existing players, as well as the players who just have signed up to the platform. 

From a huge list of standouts, here are the ones that are simply adored by every man out there. 

Welcome bonuses: 

When new players sign up to the platform of bet365 and deposit their first and initial five euros, then bet365 promises to fill their account with 100 euros worth of bet credits. 

However, you should be aware of the fact that the exact amount of bet credit you would be getting would be solely based upon the specific criteria that you may have to meet. 

Early payout offers: 

One thing that makes bet365 stand out from the other sports betting sites is that it offers users with an early payout option.  

Though this offer only is eligible to be applied to specific sports, still it becomes a great deal as other betting sites fail to provide even this opportunity.  The team of bet365 would even pay you out on the single bet if the team you were with goes 5 runs ahead in the MLB. They would even pay you out on your single bet if the team you were supporting in the NBA gets 20 points ahead of their opponent. 

Accumulator bonus: 

According to the current policy of the bet365 betting platform, they are offering a huge amount of accumulator bonus that goes up to 70 percent on tennis and soccer matches. This bonus here is highly available in select leagues and tournaments. 

Price Promise: 

If you ever come across a phase where you think that the pricing odds bet365 is offering on a particular space is not of premium quality, then you can simply let the team of the bet365 know and they will deliver you the best odds. 

Bore Draw: 

On the off chance that you were betting on your lucky day, and somehow the football match gets drawn with a 0 -0 score, then you would surely get your money back if only you had either a half-time or full-time, or the correct score bet! 

What Others Are Saying About Bet365 

Most of us have the habit of looking at the reviews of a particular thing, before opting for that thing for ourselves. 

For the sake of balance, fairness, and transparency, here we are providing you with a glimpse of what existing customers of bet365 have to say about this sports betting platform. 

By reading the reviews of the people, now you must know how happy the customers of this sports betting website are. 

If only you give this platform a short, we are sure of the fact that next time it would be you giving positive feedback to this site for sure! 

Bet365 Frequently Asked Questions 

As we are proceeding towards the end of the article, we are sure of the fact that you still might have some concerns or some questions regarding this sports betting website. 

We do actually care about you, and thus this is why we couldn’t resist adding this section in our guide.  

Here, we have tried to cover the questions that most people usually have in their mind, hence we think that in case you still have any doubt about this bet365, then it would be cleared once you get past this section. 

Where Is Bet365 Legal? 

Though people or bettors who reside in Uk are the constant users of this sports betting platform. However, this site isn’t only for UK users. If you are someone who is living in the following countries, then you can easily avail the services of this sports betting site. 

  1. Australia 
  2. Austria 
  3. Argentina 
  4. Bulgaria 
  5. Canada 
  6. China 
  7. Croatia 
  8. Denmark 
  9. Germany 
  10. Hungary 
  11. Iceland 
  12. Ireland 
  13. Italy 
  14. Norway 
  15. Russia 
  16. Spain 
  17. Sweden 
  18. Switzerland

Is Bet365 Safe?

The simplest answer to this question is “Yes” Bet365 is protected by 128-bit SSL eruption technology that provides users ultimate protection against ethical hackers. 

This sports betting website is hundred percent safe, and really not a scam that you should be afraid of! 

Will Bet365 Restrict My Account? 

On the odds that if a sports bettor keeps on winning every game he bets on, then usually the other sports betting websites restrict that particular person’s account. This act is usually done by the platform to secure their profits and keep them safe from going towards fraud. The truth here is that yes, bet365 has been known to restrict the winning account of the players, but this would only happen if you win a lot of money consistently for a specific period. 

However, the account ban would be lifted once the platform would think that it’s good to take you back on board. 

What Are Cashouts Like?  

When we talk about the cashouts, then undoubtedly bet365 happens to be one of the most profound sportsbooks that let you cash a heaping amount of profits. If the bet you have placed looks good, that too after just a few minutes of your placing time, then there are high chances that you would already be in some sort of profit, without even winning the bet. 

What's Customer Service Like? Is Live Chat Available?

One of the many reasons why people simply love this sports betting website is because of the premium customer support it comes with. This platform supports live chat, which means that you can have all your queries answered one on one basis with the employee of the company. Moreover, this platform has numerous other ways to deal with your queries and inquiries. Hence, there is simply zero chance that you would ever get bizarre with this platform. 

Final Words \ Conclusion 

First thing first, we are really are glad that you take out your time and managed to get to this end of our guide. 

Bet365 comprises all the makings that a top sportsbook should come with. It’s super easy to explore the website, it does provide users with profound experience and covers a variety of sports, leagues, and tournaments, to provide people just the thing they were looking for. 

On the odd chance that our guide here managed to convince you that this site is right for you, then the only thing stopping you from getting into the world of bet365 is the signing process. 

What are you waiting for? Sign up now! Want to read more reviews? Go to our main blog section!

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