A Complete Guide to Cricket Betting

A Complete Guide to Cricket Betting

Cricket Betting

In the world we live in, who doesn’t like cricket betting? Cricket is one of those sports that is played all over the world, and has created a massive fandom of its own. Have you ever had a quarrel with one of your friends who supports your rivalry team? Have you ever predicted which team will win the game tonight? We are sure you must have. Since the heap of excitement Cricket lights up in a person, people started placing bets on it. Though initially the bets were among a group of friends or family members, soon enough these bets were upgraded and are now played on International platforms. When it comes to betting, you may come across a variety of cricket betting platforms, strategies, experienced players, and a lot of similar stuff from which making your way out successfully, that too on your own can prove to be a daunting task. Which is why, on the odds that you are someone who is a huge fan of cricket, and want to know more about Cricket betting, then we are present here to help you out. Regardless of the team you are rooting for, we are writing down this article to educate you about what cricket betting really is, and how one can do it in a profound manner. With that being said, without further ado, let’s begin with our guide! 

Best Cricket Betting Sites

First thing first, cricket betting is done on an international level and is organized by numerous sites present on the web. 

But with that being said, this doesn’t really mean that all the sites you come across over the internet would suit best with your cricket betting taste, and would fulfill your needs and requirements. Cricket betting needs your personal information such as your name, your city, the address of the street you live in, and the most major one your credit or debit card. And with the increased amount of internet frauds, you can’t simply provide your personal information to any of the betting websites, as it may lead you towards serious consequences. Which is why we have narrowed down our choices to one of the best cricket betting platforms present out there. These choices that we are enlisting below are added in this article by our professional, hence you can be super sure that these cricket betting sites are reliable and trusted. OPPA888 is one of the best cricket betting platforms. All you need to do is sign up to their platform, get yourself enrolled, and make money in a profound manner. Looking up for some more information? Then read out the description of Oppa888 below. 

About Oppa888 

Oppa888 is one of the finest betting platforms to exist on the web today. Coming in handy with premium features and offers for its players. Oppa888 has surely got the needs covered of a person who’s new to the world of betting, or the professionals who are looking forward to enhancing their experience in betting. Cricket betting at Oppa888 comprises its own perks. The operations Oppa888 provides to its users while making them bet in cricket is simply tremendous. Coming in handy with ease of operation, betting on cricket has been made super easy by Oppa888 . All you need to do is to sign up for an Oppa888 account, access the sports betting page, look out the model that you are looking forward to bet upon, or the model that suits best with your taste, place your bets and get benefitted from it easily. One thing that makes Oppa888 stand out from the crowd is the fact that this Oppa888 happens to be a fully secure platform. While placing your bets on this platform, one can be super assured that their personal information would be highly secured, and won’t be shared ahead without players consent! 

Cricket Betting Strategy

It doesn’t matter whether you are someone who is new to the world of cricket betting, or you are someone who has been doing this from ages and is now has become a pro in cricket betting, there might be a phase where all of your experience would go in vein, and all you might have to do in order to win your bet back is by applying the right strategy. Refer to the cricket betting strategy as your moves, the more powerful moves you may play, the more chances you may have for winning. This is why, before jumping down to bet on a cricket betting platform and start playing, the professionals at Oppa888 advise you to rethink the strategy you are playing with, and benefit from it instantly! 

The Most Popular Cricket Bets

Now let's move towards the part that you all must have been waiting for. First thing first, if you are someone who has been doing cricket betting from quite a time, then there are high chances that you might be aware of most of the bets that we are going to mention below.

But that doesn’t mean that you should skip out on this section. Here, we are writing down this section while researching a lot about cricket bets. Which enhances the chances that you might come across a cricket bet in this list that you haven’t played before. This is why, for professionals better, it's preferred to stick to this section entirely to get a profound experience.

However, if you are someone who is just beginning with cricket betting and want to make a fortune from it, then we surely have got you covered as well. In the section below, we have tried to convey our message and our point as easily as possible.

We hope that this section would prove to be fruitful for you, and would enrich you with every single detail that you have been looking for on cricket betting. 

Match Betting

Match betting is one of the most common forms of cricket wager that you will ever come across.

Match betting happens to be a straightforward bet as you haven’t got much to select from this bet. If you have ever watched a game of cricket, then you might know that a match has only three possibilities. Either that match can be won by team A, either that match can be won by team B, or either the match can be drawn between both of the teams. Same is the thing that you have to bet on. Despite what your favorite team is, you need to evaluate the stats of both of the teams, and then have to predict and bet accordingly on the team that you think might win the match. Due to the simplicity and ease of operation this cricket bet comes in handy with, it is super popular among the betters, and is the highest cricket betting type lately! 

Completed Match

As cricket games are played in different cities of different countries, the weather conditions of each state vary from each other. You might have seen that the cricket matches that are played in the eastern countries like Australia happen to be on the stakes as there are always high chances of rain to stop the match. And the matches that are played in Abu Dhabi happen to continue without any trouble; rain or other weather conditions are never an issue there. Hence, a completed match is the type of bet, in which you decide whether a match would end in the following day or not. This is yet another simple way of betting too. All you need to do is to say yes or no to the question of whether the match would end on the day of its schedule or not!  

Tied Match

All your life, think of how many cricket matches you have seen that get tied right in front of your eye? Yes, it's hard to even remember which last match you saw got tied. 

However this doesn’t mean that the match you are betting on won’t get tied. This is why, when we talk about one of the most thrillist bets, then one simply can’t exclude the name of the Tied match from the list.

This is yet another easy cricket bet, all you need to do is to say yes or no to the question of whether the match you are placing your bet on would get a tie or not. If only you managed to choose and place your bet correctly, then you would surely win your wager with ease! 

Innings Runs

Inning runs happen to be a tough type of wager. Have you ever predicted that a certain team would score this much run today? Predicting the exact amount of the runs a team would score happens to be a difficult task. However, for professionals, the experience they have makes it easier for them to predict the exact number of runs a team may make in an inning. In most of the sports books, you may probably find this best option to be as an under wager or over wager. 

This way to make it easier for the better to predict the runs a team would make in an inning. Do you want to know how? 

A sportsbook would generate a series of numbers for each inning. Now the betters have to bet whether the runs made in an inning would be lesser than or more than the number given by the sports book. 

This is yet another best cricket betting way you may ever find. 

Top Bowler

On the off chance that you are a cricket fanatic, then there must be a bowler whom you think is the best out of other bowlers. Hence, if you are looking to place your bet on a specific player, then the top bowler category might suit best with your preference. 

In this wager you have two choices, either you can bet that a certain bowler would be the best one in the match or you can pick a best bowler that may bowl the best for an entire tournament or for an entire series. 

This is the decision that you have to make. Choose accordingly, only if you manage to pick the right players, then you would surely be getting a good amount of fraction share from the sports book.  

Top Batsman

Another best specific wager one can place his bet on is on the top batsman. For being successful in this wager, you need to select a player of your own whom you think suits best to emerge as the top batsman of either a tournament, either a match, or either a series. Now this top batsman can be selected at random from any team. However, if you are a fan of cricket, then you must be aware of the fact that in cricket there are hundreds of good batsmen, and most of them compete with each other from a slight difference. Hence classifying someone to emerge as the top batsman and placing bets on it happens to be a daunting task. Which is why, if only you manage to select the top batsman correctly, then the fractional share you might receive would simply be incredible! 

Team of Top Batsman

On the off chance that you don’t know any past stats of the players, and you are not interested in cricket betting on an individual player, then this is the option that would surely suit best with your taste. Picking out a top bowler or a top batsman happens to be a difficult and troublesome task as you don’t know who might emerge to be the winner. The risk in individual betting happens to be more. But similarly to make things easier for you, we are presenting you with another wager that you can bet on. In the wager of the team of top batsmen you need to select from which team most top batsmen would emerge from. Now you don’t need to list out a name of the player, instead you would need to select a team at random. The chances of winning this bet is surely greater than placing bets on individual batsmen. You would be awarded with two choices, all you need to do is to pick the team from both of the options. Coming in handy with ease of operation and having greater chances of winning, this is the wager that would surely provide you with a heap amount of profits.   

Bowler Match Bets

If you are fed up with dealing with the biggest betting wager, and are seeking for something that comes in handy with ease of operation and provides you with a profound experience. Then going for bowler match bets might prove to be a good option for you. This is the wager, in which you would be given two options. In these two options you would ask which of the two players would take most wickets in either a match, in either a tournament or in either a series. You would have to choose a bowler whom you think would take the most wickets, and place your bet on him. If you select the right option, then the experience you may get from it would surely be incredible! 

Batsman Match Bets

Just like the bowler match bet wager, this batsman match bet wager happens to be the same. On the off chance that you don’t know about bowlers that much and are someone who has a good interest in batsmen, then this is the option that you should go for. This is the wager, in which you would be given two options. In these two options you would ask which of the two players would score more runs in either a match, in either a tournament or in either a series. You would have to choose a batsman whom you think would score more runs, and place your bet on him. If you select the right option, then the experience you may get from it would surely be incredible! 

Tournament Outright Winner

On the odds that you are seeking to place a cricket bet on a whole cricket tournament, then this is the best wager you would ever come across. This is the kind of cricket betting in which you would be picking out a team for yourself whom you think is capable of winning a whole cricket tournament. As most of the teams are fighting for the winner title, it can surely be difficult for you to determine which of the teams would be able to win the tournament. Hence, when you go to place your bet on a particular team, you would be shown a sportsbook in which the list of predicted teams would be present. You may require to place your bet on any one of the teams. If only you managed to guess the right answer to the wager, then the profit you might be getting would be huge. Why? As a matter of fact, this is a wage that the whole world looks forward to. Hence the more people puting cricket bets on this wager, the more profit you would get if you won.

Now you must be aware of what you are getting yourself into! 

Series Winner 

In case that you are someone who is super new in the world of cricket, and doesn’t even know a thing about betting on cricket as well, then we have surely got you covered. You might not be aware of the fact, however it’s common that two teams come face to face in a series, or more commonly called a chain of matches, by agreeing to certain terms and conditions. These matches are mostly played in the country of the host, who invites the other team for a series. Now, this series of matches can be of any outfit. It can either be a series of test matches, a series of an ODI, or a series of T20 matches. In order to make things much simpler for you, in a series, instead of playing one match, two teams have to go under a chain of matches. 

Now, the series comprises five matches. Each match is held from time to time. The team that wins the first three games would be declared as the winner of the series. Hence, in this wager, you would be told the names of the teams that are facing each other in series. Now you would have to choose the team who you think would win the series. The bet placed on the set of series happens to be a large one. Thus, only if you managed to choose the right team to bet on, the heap amount of profit you would be getting from your bet would simply be incredible. 

Over/Under Score

Have you ever met a professional bettor in your life, ask him what the best and favorite type of wager he places his bet on, and you would be surprised to know the fact that will ask you to go for an over/under score. In this wager, a sportsbook would run an algorithm and would come up with a number that they believe that a team would score by the end of either a match, either a series, or either a tournament. When the number would be finally generated from the scorebook, now you have to choose whether the score a team would make would be more or less than the number that is proposed by the scorebook. 

Only if you guessed right, then the heap amount of profit you might be getting would simply be incredible. 

Series Score 

Since we have talked about a lot of stuff about series above in the article, now here we are introducing you to another wager that you can place your cricket bet on, which is none other than Series Score. You might get a glimpse of what we are about to say next, however if you don’t then we surely have got you covered. In this wager, you would be asked to bet on the overall score a team may make in a series. Now as you all know the series happens to be of five days, thus it becomes hard to determine the total amount of score a team may manage to make by the end of the series. This is why, to make it easier to perform cricket betting, a sportsbook would introduce better scores. The people would need to decide whether the score of the series of a team would be greater or lesser than the number that the sports book proposed. Only if you guessed right, then the heap amount of profit you might be getting would simply be incredible. 

Method of Dismissal

This is yet one of the most profound, or more call it to be, the more fun way to perform cricket betting. If you are a huge fan of cricket yourself, then you might be aware of the fact that there are numerous ways in which a batsman can be dismissed and sent back off the pitch. Talking about the dismissal ways, the most common ones are if the catch of the batman is taken, if the batsman is bowled out, if the batsman is run out, or if the batman gets a ball hit right in the pad. And having so many ways of batsman dismissal, it becomes even more troublesome for a player to think of the way a batsman will get out. 

Hence, in this wager, all you have to do is to think of a way in which the batsman you are placing your bet on would be dismissed. If only you managed to place your bet in the right order, then the profit and fortune you would be making from this bet would surely be a profound one! 


Cricket betting is yet another way to boost up your love and affection for the sports that you actually adore from the beginning. On the off chance that you are new to the world of cricket betting, then you might need to take some time and ease yourself first. In order to learn and get hold of the things, it’s preferred that you start placing bets on smaller amounts of wagers, so that if you don't manage to win the bet, you would still be protected from losing a lot of your money.

Betting is not something that one can learn overnight. You need to spend your day and night looking for the elements that make you walk on the road of success. Hence, we believe that the article we have provided you above would surely be fruitful for you, and would provide you with a profound experience!

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