Dafabet Review: Is It Trustworthy?

Dafabet Review: Is It Trustworthy?

Dafabet Review

Dafabet is one of the longest-standing online gaming operators seen in the betting industry today. Ever since its opening in 2004, Dafabet has witnessed a surmountable growth and comes off as one of the most recognized betting sites all around the world. The majority of the fame Dafabet gets is from the Asian continent as it has the most traffic from there. 

Considering how amazing Dafabet is, it’s time that we wrote a review on it and everything that makes it amazing! 

We have tried to add all the pertinent information about Dafabet so you can get a clear picture of it! So, let’s get going. 

About Dafabet 

The origins of Dafabet go as far as in the Year 2004. Dafabet is a betting operator based in Manilla in the Philippines. Dafabet comes fully licensed by the authorities present in the Philippines which makes it a trustable option for users all around the globe. Nevertheless, the corporate ownership of this betting site is listed as Bayview technologies. Bayview technologies have an address in the British Virgin Islands. From this information, we can take away that the people behind Dafabet clearly have deep pockets. Considering that, Dafabet has gained fame all around the world, but specifically in the continent of Asia. 

Due to its phenomenal fame in Asia, Dafabet comes off primarily as an Asian-facing casino. Considering that they are primarily an Asian-facing casino, it is prominent that they are looking for all the ways in which they could gain International traffic on their website. A clear example for proving this theory right would be that Dafabet is spending a huge sum of money to spend on sponsorships for major British soccer teams. If you are a soccer fan, you will notice many Soccer teams playing with the logo of Dafabet prominently displayed on their jerseys. These teams include Celtic FC, Sunderland AFC, Burnlea FC, and Blackburn Rovers FC. 

And it’s important that we mentioned that buying soccer sponsorship for such teams does not come at a steep price. Moreover, the teams also reserve the opportunity to sponsor them only for the big players available in the industry.  Considering that information, you can understand the position of Dafabet in the industry of online betting. 

Who Can Play at Dafabet?

Just like we mentioned above, Dafabet gets most of its audience and traffic from Asia which makes it an Asian-faced casino. As an Asian-faced casino, it is also very prominent in the look and the feel of the website and lobby pages of this betting website. Keeping that in mind, the platform allows you to play from all across the globe. Dafabet allows the players from various 20 different locales as it comes with support for 20 different currencies. The players can choose any option that suits their desires and choices. However, there are also some limitations about the people who can place their bets on Dafabet. This audience is usually held back from wagering on Dafabet from licensing regulations or from Software suppliers themselves. According to the terms and conditions of Dafabet, below are some countries which are currently unable to wager on restricted and cannot play any games at Dafabet: 

  1. Hong Kong S. A. R. 
  2. Macau S. A. R. 
  3. The USA or any of its territories 
  4. Israel 
  5. United Kingdom 
  6. France
  7. Spain 
  8. Portugal
  9. Switzerland 
  10. Ireland
  11. Cyprus
  12. Turkey 
  13. Taiwan
  14. Singapore
  15. The Republic of the Philippines

It might have come off as shocking for you to see countries such as the UK and Ireland listed in Dafabet’s list right? Especially, when you realize that Dafabet has spent money on sponsoring Football clubs in these countries. Here’s the big secret: The two soccer leagues that Dafabet sponsors have a huge global, specifically Asian following. Due to the Asian following, sponsoring those teams is still worth the price. However, let us mention that these restrictions have a tendency to change at any given time. Keeping that in mind, it would be best if you checked with the website of Dafabet before you went ahead and opened an account with Dafabet. This way, you will know whether or not your country is added to the list and whether or not you will be able to enjoy the games available on the website of Dafabet.

Dafabet Features

There are many features available on Dafabet. These features include: 

- Livestream and In-Game Betting

There are some bettors who want more action than just simply betting on the outcome of the game before it has even begun. Well, with Dafabet, you are in the right place! Dafabet offers its users live streaming of various major and minor sporting events. They have also thrown something they call “SpeedBets” into the mix. At its core, this happens to be an in-game betting feature where you will be able to bet on the next play, or the next scorer, or such things. What is so fun about this feature is that it allows the players to make in-match wagers on individual sports such as tennis points. Just put your mind to how many points get played in a match at the French Open! We can’t even fathom the count. If you ask us, this happens to be one of the best ways in which you can make a game much more interactive with a series of many micro-bets. 

- eSports and Numbers Games: 

So are you done betting on all the options available in the world to bet on? We don’t think so! 

Dafabet now allows its users to place bets on Virtual games as well. Dafabet offers its bettors a comprehensive eSports betting platform. Moreover, it also comes with Twitch feeds built right into their betting pages. The Twitch integration allows the player to jump right into the world of betting on people that play video games. Especially in Asia, the eSports world has gone considerably huge which doesn’t make it surprising to see about a dozen or more live feeds with an enormous following.

So, if you are even a real betting junkie, then Dafabet also offers numbers games for you as well. Number games are very close to games like Bingo. So basically, there are about 75 numbers. Now, imagine if you had the option to bet on those numbers very much like you do in roulette? The betting patterns share many similarities and as for the odds, there are odds present on individual numbers and combinations of numbers or high/low. There’s more. There are literally hundreds of games that you can play on Dafabet. Having said that, if you are in search of patterns or favorite numbers that still haven’t any hits, you can do all the research unless you feel comfortable. In the Asian market, betting on numbers games and numbers games are very common. And the novices of Numbers games can visit Dafabet for getting just the perfect options. 

Dafabet Pros and Cons

Before you go on to try Dafabet, it is imperative that you know about the good and the bad that Dafabet has to offer. 

To start things nice and slow, let’s begin with listing the Pros of using Dafabet before we list the cons: 


- Jackpots

In betting, Jackpots can mean a huge thing. Especially if you are a jackpot junkie like many other people, we assure you that Dafabet happens to be the perfect place for you. This may come off as surprising for you to know, but the minimum amount of Jackpots that are offered by Dafabet are about 65,000,000 United States dollars for the live jackpots! This money, however, is subject to increase or decrease by the platform. However, this amount is the one stated by the platform at the time we are writing this review. This jackpot is available across a huge number of slot games and table games. Considering the number of USDs, it’s safe to say that this amount happens to be the largest pool of progressive games of any casinos that you will ever see online. But, that just adds to our curiosity as no one actually has ever won these jackpots considering how huge they are. But, if we are being honest, if you are hesitant about giving a shot to the sports and games that offer such a huge jackpot, you are just missing out on an opportunity that will set you for life. The way that jackpot information is, we can’t help but adore this factor the most about the roster of games as set by Dafabet! 

For instance, let’s talk about a game. There is a lost machine Jackpot giant which has a current progressive of almost 7.5 million dollars in total. As you click on the game in the Jackpot tab of the lobby, you will notice a pop-up window coming up with a graph. This graph will be indicating the rolling jackpot total which will come to the screen of the device which you are using to access the website. As you see this pop-up, you will be able to review if there has been any winning recently. You will also be able to find out just how quickly the game is receiving contributions in the past few days. If you are a player determined to time a potential jackpot bursting, this information is rather crucial and important for you. We encourage all of the readers wanting to go big that they jump in on such opportunities specifically. In some cases, these jackpots are long gone before they have turned too big! 

- The Mobile Application

As the world is progressing, we see that people are moving more towards smartphones and they prefer to use computers and laptops less with every passing day. After all, this does not come as surprising at all. The mobile phones of today’s world have become so powerful that some even exceed the powers of the old computers. And seeing now that cloud storage is in the play as well, it makes sense as to why wouldn’t someone want to carry out a laptop weighing ten pounds just about anywhere they go. Considering that many people have started to use mobile phones, the bookmakers understand that online bettors these days would rejoice at the thought of being able to bet using the small device that they are holding in their hands. 

Additionally, regardless of how optimized a website is for use on mobile browsers, there are chances that the website can feature some lag as well. Considering how cut-throat betting can be, even the slightest delay can be deadly for someone who is betting on sports betting. That is why Dafabet has just made a mobile application. Considering how well they have made their mobile application, it’s safe to say that Dafabet is the forerunner of mobile gaming technology. They have come with an app as an alternative for accessing their website which the users will be able to download for most android and apple devices. Using the Dafabet betting app, you will be able to enjoy all the games that include casino, poker, and many more. Moreover, the look and feels that the app offers when being used is nothing short of excellent. You must notice that and acknowledge that people in the online gambling space have always been very progressive. Nevertheless, the mobile operators have taken their time to catch up to what Dafabet is offering. For some legal reasons, there are many countries, in which it is not possible for the residents to download the Dafabet mobile app. If you are someone located in a country where it is restricted to download the betting app due to legal reasons, there is still hope for you. You can still be amused by what Dafabet has to offer as you open their website using the mobile browser that comes on your smartphone. 

Even if you have to use the platform through your mobile browser, we are very confident that you are not going to be disappointed. 


- The Bonus amounts are not listed in Multiple currencies

This might seem like a very small thing to pick on. However, seeing that Dafabet is pulling all the stops to draw more attention from the International audience, then it is essential that they work to fix this problem. When you access their website, you will notice that all of the promotions listed on their website are in Malaysian currency (Ringgit). It doesn’t matter even if you are accessing the website from an English country and you are also viewing the site in English language either. If you are someone who just got to know about promotions in the world of online casinos, this stuff can come off as rather confusing. Depending on the country from where you are accessing the website, you will need to navigate to google to check the conversion rate from the Malaysian currency to your country’s currency. This inconvenience adds an increased step to the process in which you have to convert the money to your currency and see whether or not it's worth the trouble or not. Things would be better if they just added some functionality to the website which allows the website to show the money converted into the designated currency beforehand.

- Weak Welcome Bonus

The people behind Dafabet are in search of the people that just don’t want to misuse the platform for a first deposit bonus. As soon as they get the bonus, they decide to leave. Due to such people, Dafabet has decided to cut down on the Welcome bonus. The Welcome bonus on Dafabet is very small, as compared to what other online bettors are offering which makes it considerably unexciting. The welcome bonus is a match bonus of up to 150 USD. Considering the exchange rates, this is the sum of money that Dafabet is offering as a starting bonus. 

Dafabet has also set restrictions on how they will be able to earn the bonus depending on if the players are playing at the casino or any other sports. However, Dafabet is spending more time in marketing its jackpots and promotions. These promotions come at a cost of a low bonus. 

The Sportsbook

At its core, Dafabet is rightfully a sports betting site. You will be able to observe this detail as soon as you navigate to their homepage. The sports logos and information places in prime locations kind of give it away. The Dafabet sportsbook runs the iCore platform through Comtrade gaming. It’s safe to say that this platform happens to be very robust as it can support a significant number of betting options and sports options for the people betting on the website.

The speed of this platform when you search for different bets makes it a great option! 

The Different Types of Sports

Dafabet is famous for many reasons. One of the best things about Dafabet is that there is no shortage of sports that you will be able to bet on using Dafabet. As a matter of fact, a considerable number of leagues and games available at any time can come off as overwhelming. Even with the knowledge we have about sports gambling, we found it amazing to see just how many options are available at Dafa bet. 

Just to give you a quick picture, here are some options on which you will be able to bet using Dafabet: 

  1. UEFA Champions league. 
  2. English Premier league
  3. German Bundesliga
  4. Spanish Primera liga
  5. Italian Serie A
  6. French Ligue I 
  7. Holland Eredivisie 
  8. Belgium Jupiler pro League
  9. Scottish premier league
  10. Portuguese Superliga

This is just the tip of the iceberg as we have mentioned only some famous soccer leagues where Dafabet thrives. There are some other Asian and African soccer leagues in which Dafabet is also a prominent part of betting as it drills down to 3rd and 4th divisions where it is possible. Dafabet also allows the users to bet on various sports ranging from NBA, MMA, eSports, Tennis, and so much more! 

Final Words

Here goes our complete review on Dafabet. We have made sure to include everything that makes Dafabet special and everything that doesn’t. Moreover, we also have most of the features that Dafabet offers to its bettors. In our opinion, Dafabet happens to be one of the safest, secure, and trustworthy options available.

Additionally, it also offers a huge range of odds and also comes packed with a chance to win high-quality bonuses! So, to put an end to this blog, Dafabet will make for a great option for betting.

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