Football Betting Tips to help you win bets!

Football Betting Tips to help you win bets!

The best football betting tips

Football Betting Tips make it easier to bet on football matches than it ever has been in the past. A lot of platforms have come up which allow for a seamless and safe experience while betting on football matches and other sporting events. 

Football is hands-down the world's most popular sport and it has billions of fans around the world. More than a hundred nations play football on different levels and there are thousands of football leagues, in a single calendar year. 

For some people, football betting is just a one-off thing and they indulge in the same on some occasions. On the other end of the spectrum, there are very serious punters who take football betting very seriously. These are the people who apply their minds the most, take the most amount of risks and stand to win or lose the most amount of bucks. If you happen to be a novice or an amateur, this piece is going to be very important for you because today, we will gloss over top of the most important football betting tips to increase your chances of winning in football betting. For some people, football might be a game of pure luck and chance, but these people aren't the experts who study the nuances and aspects of this game in excruciating detail. It is possible to win in football betting in the long-run with time-tested strategies and tricks, and there have been many people who have done the same. You can do the same for yourself if you follow some of the football betting tips that are going to be shared for the betterment of all football betting fans, right from the amateurs to the experts. 

Football Betting tips to help you get started today

1. Go for surebets

If you think something like a 'surebet' doesn't exist in this segment, then you are clearly limited about your understanding of the sport. Surebets do exist and the experts place these bets at all times in sports betting exchanges. 

The experts take to online sports betting exchanges because of the higher odds available on the same. Sometimes there is a very high fluctuation of odds on other betting sites and this provides the scope of sure bets. It's fairly easy to understand and depending on how you bet and at what odds, you can easily ensure that you end up on the winning side, regardless of how the game pans out. For more info on this, try looking into something called, "less than 2.5 goals". This is actually one of the best football betting tips and one of the surefire ways of making money while betting on football outcomes.

2. Lay the favorites

Don't be like the cattle at all times and don't always bet on the favorites to win. Sometimes, the underdogs also have skin in the game but that is something which is ignored by most of the punts. Don't do this. Don't be just some other guy who is trying to make money by betting on a sure thing because there is actually no sure thing and no guaranteed results in football. Sometimes the underdogs have very high odds and you can either take a chance and go for the underdogs. Or you can consider betting both of them at different intervals and opportune times of the match to ensure that you win, regardless of how the game pans out.

3. Consider long-term bets

One of the main benefits in the favor of long-term bets is that sheer value on offer. Sometimes online bookies err in this area because the probabilities get very difficult to determine over long periods of time. Don't get it wrong, there's nothing sure about long-term bets and they are a long-shot in every sense of the world. But sometimes it pays to deviate from your usual strategy and take a punt at longer odds. 

4. Check the single bets comparison

If you are game for putting big money on the line so that you are assured of a win at the end of it all, then you might want to look into this. Here, all you need to do is to compare the odds of different individual games. Then, choose about half a dozen games that provide the same odds for the favorite of the event. Analyze all the different 6 games and once you are done with it, then you will understand which game is the most safest of them all. The odds might be low on this, so you need to be prepared to bet a little more than you normally do. This strategy has worked wonders for a lot of punters but beware especially if you happen to be a newbie, because you will need a lot of experience to ace this approach.  

5. Bet on a tie

Betting on ties or draw events, is actually a literal goldmine as the draws for such events are always above 3. The best way to begin would be to pick a team and bet a particular amount on a tie, every team plays a match in a league. The high odds ensure that you don't always have to be right, to emerge a winner at the end of it. Even if you win 1 out of 3, you still will get back your stake and then something on top of it. Look at the focal points in the calendar where draws are mostly played out like away games of favorites, home games of underdogs, derbies and matches in the French league. 

6. Estimate the odds on offer

No matter what bet you make, you need to do your study and analysis before putting any money on the line. If you don't happen to find enough info on the game that is scheduled, then you don't necessarily have to bet on it. Don't be an impulsive punter, or else you will be on a one-way ticket to a town called - financial ruination. Don't chase losses either. If you have been bleeding money, then simply take a break and then get restarted with betting after you feel refreshed. One key way to become a master at football betting would be to work on odds and then compare with the ones that are being offered by the bookies.

7. Bet on late goals

It has been seen in most games and especially in favorite games that last goals are almost always scored in the final quarter of an hour. This is mainly because the underdogs are exhausted and have lost all motivation to compete further. This opens up a golden opportunity for the favorite team to score a goal. This opens up an opportunity for you as well if you make a bet for a goal between the 76th and 90th minute. Expect odds of around 2.0 for this sure thing.

8. Follow the experts

Football is the world's most popular sport, and the biggest leagues have a fanbase of their own. Every move of the players in the match is analyzed ad infinitum. The performance of the teams is discussed and post-match analysis is conducted after each. This sport has its experts and they are paid to express their views on the same. Some are hired by TV networks, some write for magazines and newspapers. All in all, there's actually an endless supply of information out there for you to read and then understand the finer nuances of aspects of this glorious game. Doing this will help you in improving your understanding of the game and it will help you in separating the wheat from the chaff. 

Most newspapers print 'today football prediction' or some variant of it and the same is carried by online newspapers and magazines.


There you have it, those were the top 8 football betting tips that you can use to improve your chances of winning in football betting. If you use and implement such tips, you won't turn into an expert overnight, but it will surely expedite the process of you becoming a better football betting punter with every passing day. Further over and above all this, the betting site that you might use for placing bets might run "today betting prediction" features and you can consider taking into account while placing your bet because the experts hired by such sites tend it get it right, more often than not.

And now that you have learned some tips and tricks, it is best to put your knowledge into practice. Sign up now or log in to your Oppa888 account and start betting!

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