Guide to playing Matka Gambling and its origins

Guide to playing Matka Gambling and its origins

Guide to playing Matka Gambling and its origins

Matka gambling is clearly one of the most famous lottery games in the country. During the pre-independence era, it was limited to betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton at the Bombay Stock Exchange from the New York Stock Exchange. So, it has always been played in the country albeit in many different forms. A game which was once known as ‘Aakada Jugar’ meaning ‘calculation gambling’, soon transformed into Satta Matka post-independence, and has now evolved into an online-only avatar.

Is Matka Gambling legal in India?

Gambling in India has been illegal since the British Raj. For those who don’t know, the Public Gambling Act cleared by the British Parliament back in 1867, made all forms of gambling illegal in India. Thus, even now, gambling is illegal in the country, except of course in the case of lotteries and horse racing. Gambling comes under the State List and thus, every state has different laws regarding it. In spite of that, most states have banned gambling, sparing a few games which have some level of skill involved. Since Satta directly means gambling, it too comes under the ban and thus is illegal. However, the online form of Matka gambling is legal.

How was the term Matka Gambling coined?

After the independence, i.e. in the 1950s, the game turned into a full-blown game of lottery and relied heavily on luck. However, it had to undergo transformation once the New York Stock Exchange terminated the old practice in 1961. To keep the game afloat, everyone involved started looking for alternatives. A new tweak was finally brought in by a Sindhi migrant named Ratan Khatri, who was later known as the ‘Matka King’. The new game had small pieces of paper with numbers from 0-9 placed inside a ‘matka’ (a pot), hence, the name Matka gambling. An individual would pick a piece of paper from the pot and read out the winning numbers. But as times changed, so changed the rules. These days, three numbers are drawn from a pack of cards, and the entire matka gambling has shifted online. From the 1960s till the mid-1990s, Ratan Khatri ran an illegal gambling network around the country and had thousands of punters working for him. He died back in May 2020 and thus, these days, whoever wins a lot of money from matka gambling is called a Matka King.

Types of Matka gambling games

As mentioned above, Matka gambling is only played online these days. Though the rules have largely remained the same, there are a few changes that had to be made to make it a seamless experience for all. So, instead of a person picking the cards from the deck or the piece of paper from the pot, the numbers are now randomly generated. 

While there are tons of Matka gambling games available on online platforms and on apps these days, always opt for a reliable platform. This is where Oppa888 shines. We have an unbiased platform that follows a customer-first policy.

Currently, there are two major types of Matka gambling games played online – one being the Kalyan Matka, and the other is the Worli Matka.

  • The Kalyan Matka is played all through the week – on all seven days.
  • The Worli Matka is only played during the weekdays i.e. from Monday to Friday.

Top Matka Gambling tips to help you win

  • Find the right platform: While there are hundreds of online platforms that claim to offer an unmatched Matka experience, only a handful are reliable, so choose wisely. We at Oppa888 have successfully created a platform that not only keeps your data private/ encrypted but also offers a robust gaming experience.
  • Know the game first: For any online gambling game, first, learn the rules of the game and look for strategies if any to beat the odds. Believe it or not, but you can’t win a game unless you are properly acquainted with the regulations.
  • Bet small and proceed with caution: Even if you do not have a dearth of money, don’t bet big on a game. Start with small bets and gradually increase the amount over time. This way you would be able to enjoy the game more.
  • Set low profit targets: If you are new to Matka gambling, try setting low profit targets. Even if you end up losing games, the losses wouldn’t hit you hard. Placing higher bets or by playing for high profits you actually draw the losses quickly.
  • Don’t be greedy: Never try to win all the games and be satisfied with what you’ve won. Many gamblers or punters often end up losing their fortunes because of their greed for more profits. Know where to draw the line – when to stop. Addiction to such games would only bring you to ruin.

Key takeaway

Matka Gambling still has a lot of popularity and has many big-time enthusiasts. There was a time when celebrities used to pull draws for people. Although that charm is no more and the same has been completely automated, it still has a huge fan following. Connect with us at to find out more about the range of games on offer, and don’t forget to sign up!

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