Need to know about online betting in India?

Need to know about online betting in India?

What you need to know about online betting in India

 With the easy availability of internet connection and advancement of mobile technology, online betting games in India are becoming more popular by the day. A popular and trust-worthy betting app provides seamless user experience and useful functionality. OPPABET has amazing features including live betting games as well.

Online betting games are estimated to grow at around 20% in India every year. There is a belief among some players that online betting games are not regulated in India. Even though it is true that the laws governing this industry are a bit complicated, they are not entirely unregulated. Even amid all this, there is no denying that online betting games are quite popular in the country. 

What are online betting games?

Online betting games are played to put bets and earn money. It’s almost like playing in a casino, but the only difference is that you are placing bets virtually. There are various types of online betting games such as sports betting, video poker, etc. Bets can be put through online payment using modes such as credit and debit card, internet banking, UPI etc. After that, it's simple, if you win, you get your money back with bonuses and if you lose, you don’t get the principal amount back. Only three things are required to play online betting games, that is a device such as a laptop or mobile phone, internet connection and most importantly money!

Who can play?

There is a bit of restriction on who can play these online betting games in India. If real money is involved, then the bettor must be at least 21 years of age.

How to play it?

Playing online betting games is very simple and easy, all you have to do is go to OPPABET and create an account with all the required details. There you’ll automatically be forwarded to your account where you can avail all kinds of features and even daily spins. OPPABET offers a joining bonus to the new users that they can use to first test the game before investing any money. You can easily find the data and information on the teams or such that you want to bet on. No need to download any software or anything.

Is it difficult to play?

Online betting games are fun and an entertaining leisure activity. You could play with your loved ones during the time you are locked inside homes due to the pandemic. Even though it's fun, it requires skill and a little bit of research with common sense. It requires the bettor to come up with solutions during a situation, a need for presence of mind.


Finally, is it legal?

It is not illegal in India to use offshore betting sites in India. What you need to know about online betting in India, is that there is no particular law in India that puts online betting in India as an illegal activity, but some of the states have their own restrictions. You can go for OPPABET which is safe and secure to use, otherwise there are sites which we do not recommend using as they can be risky. Therefore, please do your own research before joining any such site. Register for an OPPABET account today and get started on your first bet!

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