Shangri La Review: Is It a Scam Site?

Shangri La Review: Is It a Scam Site?

Shangri La Review

Shangri La happens to be one of the most recent betting sites to have made their impact on the internet today. 

When you navigate to their website, you will find yourself in awe when you see that they offer about 21,000 Live sports events. 

In addition to the 21000 Live sports events that it offers, this website also offers more than 250 betting types for the users. 

Talking about the games, they have more than 500 online and live casino games from a lot of top-of-the-line software providers on the market. Considering that they are a very recent betting option, this information is more than enough to convince you that Shangri La can offer enough things to make you expect great things from them. However, we would appreciate it if you saw it for yourself! With that being said, let’s jump into our review of the Shangri La betting site! 

Shangri La Overview 

As a brand, Shangri La has been around in the betting market ever since 1992. It has been running and operating casinos all around the four capital cities. However, it developed its online presence only in 2017 by the name of This betting option comes off from an Eastern-European background. Talking about the license, this betting bookmaker has a license from Curacao. If a betting website has a license, then it is not likely to be a scam. Nevertheless, this bookmaker has Everymatrix to thank for making them an amazing website.Talking about the general and majority of the traffic, you will see that the focus of this bookmaker is mostly focused on some specific countries. These countries included Germany and Canada. Both of these countries bring a good chance for this betting site to be able to bring in more profits for their website. 

However, Shangri La has been trying to shift its focus to spread its business on a global scale as well. Unlike many other options out there, you will notice that his bookmaker comes with many high odds. Moreover, they also offer a great range of alternative bets as well as quick withdrawals. These are all the features that make a betting site a good option for people interested to get their part in the betting action. 


Talking about payouts, here is something important that you should know. The pre-match section of Shangri la is bringing them about 95% of the overall payout that they are receiving. However, when we talk about some of the top football leagues, the rate of overall payout increases up to 96% or even more! We are talking about some of the famous football leagues such as the Premier League of football, and the La Liga league of football at the 1X2 markets. But this is not the case when we talk about secondary league and other bets. We are talking about bets like Both teams to Score. Such bets drop to a below-average payout. Also, the Asian Handicaps are also going to have below-average odds should you choose to bet on it. 

Talking about the 96% rate, this situation is also going to be applicable when we talk about NBA totals as well as handicaps. However, this rate is not going to be applicable when we talk about the Match winner market. This betting bookmaker provides more than thirty-five sports and allows you to do a little extra on just about every football match. In any football match, the bettor has the option to waager on over 230 extra bets. For example, betting on Corners, Cards, and Anytime scorers. 

Good News for Basketball and Tennis lovers

If you have an immense love for basketball as well as tennis, you will find Shangri La a good option as it offers a lot of Alternative HCs. Additionally, it will also offer you to make more than 200+ exotic bets, period bets, race to points, and player props bets as well. However, you will notice that Shangri La has its shortcomings as well. Shangrila lacks important features such as Edit my bet and bet builder. These features can be of immense help when it comes to betting on sports. One of the biggest and probably the best reasons to consider Shangri La is the long betting options it can offer. Its live betting section can offer you up to 25,000 events on a monthly basis which makes this a good option. If you have any prior experience when it comes to betting, you will see that having many options happens to be a good thing for making a good and safe bet that can offer you great profits. Other than the famous sports that we have mentioned above or in the article at some point, you will also have the option to bet on even more sports other than them. These sports include features such as indoor games like table tennis, ice hockey, Volleyball, and even floorball. These games are indeed some of the interesting ones and people feel tempted to try them out as well! Moreover, seeing that there are many options available for you to bet on, you will also be able to narrow down the sport that you love the most. As you narrow down the sports that you love the most, you will find it easier to win the bets. Since you will know all about the important factors in a game, you can blow the other competitors out of the park who are clueless about what is happening in the game. 

Payouts for Diverse games

Now that we have mentioned that there are many different types of games on which you can bet on Shangri La, let’s talk about their payouts as well. Talking about the payouts for games like volleyball and table tennis, the payout offered by Shangri la for these games stands on a market average. The market average for such games is 93% and on some occasions, there are chances that it might even stoop down to 90%+. Talking about every football match, however, you will be able to place up to more than 80 extra bets. These extra bets are available for the users to make the most profit from their bets. These bets are used in a situation such as the Next goal to be scored, both teams to score at every half, or the number of corners obtained by each of the playing teams. 

Live Streams or not?

When we talk about live streaming, Shangri la falls back on this aspect too as there is no live streaming option offered by Shangri La. Moreover, this disadvantage of a lacking feature also stands when we talk about the quickbet feature offered by Shangrila. However, the cashouts are still there and you are allowed to wager your bets up until the injury time happens. 

Nevertheless, things are different when we talk about partial and automatic cashouts. If you go for either of those options, you will need to act quickly. Shangri La only accepts bets placed within four seconds so make sure to be very thorough with the choosing decision on which side you decide to bet. 

A dedicated app for betting?

Here goes another disadvantage for team Shangri La. In today’s world, a lot of people like to place bets using their smartphones. And we don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t try to bet using their smartphones. After all, smartphones are portable, fast, quick, and they make it very convenient for a person to bet through them. And if your views align with our views, then you would be disappointed to find out that there is no dedicated app for betting provided by Shangri La for mobile bettors. However, all hope is not lost for the people that bet through mobile. Since this bookmaking does not offer you a chance to bet through a dedicated app on either apple or android devices, you will be able to bet through their website. And you will be pleased to know that their website happens to be well-optimized for use on smartphones. If you don’t know what optimization for a web page means for a betting site, let us be the ones to tell you. So, often when you open a website using the browser of your phone, do you notice a weird layout of the website? The website looks incomplete or broken. You are likely to think that your website hasn’t loaded properly due to your internet. It’s not the internet at the fault; it’s the website itself. Those websites are not optimized to be used on a smart device. We are talking about smart devices such as a tablet, or a smartphone. 

Ensuring a website is optimized for mobile, you can ensure that the website loads properly. When the websites load properly and you are able to see all the aspects of the website clearly, you are likely to have a good time on the website. 

It might even make you want to place a bet through Shangri La as the layout of their website looks very amazing to us. 

So using their website, you will still be able to bet through your smartphone. It won’t just be through an app. However, you must not worry about any inconvenience about betting using the website on your smartphone. 

Talking About Deposits

When it comes to deposits, the punters seated at Shangri La can help you considerably. The punters at Shangri la will be able to top up their accounts using as many as fifteen various payment methods. Apart from the ones that we commonly know and use, there are other options too. By common, we are indicating options such as cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and other traditional payment methods. Talking about the unique. Shangri La comes with payment method options such as Yandex, Interac, and MuchBetter. It also has support for some cryptos as well. You can top up your account using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The withdrawals will be concluded within 48 hours for the people using e-wallets and cryptos. But if you go with bank transfers, it might take as long as five days. 

Shangri La Pros and Cons

Just like every other thing, the Shangri La sport betting website also comprises some pros and cons too. Though, according to our experts, the weightage of the pros side happens to be much more than the cons side, still, we believe that we are obliged to provide you with every single detail about Shangri La. This is why a comprehensive guide of pros and cons of Shangri La is being provided to you. Weight the pros with the cons of Shangri La, and conclude on your own, whether you should go with this sports betting platform or not.  


Some of the Pros of Shangri La are provided below. 

- The Excellent Live Betting Platform

If you are someone who loves to perform betting live, then Shangri La Casino happens to be the best place where you should fulfill your desire. Coming in handy with user-friendly goals, Shangri La offers users an interactive and a live betting platform full of entertainment.Though the platform of Shangri La is filled with numerous types of games. However, the games that are counted to be one of the most demanded games are none other than cricket betting, horse racing, football, and a lot more.

If you take a glance at the sportsbook category, then you would surely be amazed to see that Shangri La casino comprises over 30 sports which are available for you to bet upon, that too for free.  

- Amazing Esports Betting Site 

Do you know why these sports betting platforms are considered to be among one of the finest ones? Then let us tell you, this is because Shangri La makes sure that it provides users with maximum betting options, regardless of what time of the year it is. You might be amazed to know the fact that the match options that one might receive in Shangri La ranged between 250 to 300. While having all these options being easily available, Shangri La provides users with full control over the structure of their bet. 

- Generous Bonuses and Promotions

People these days are simply fond of online betting bonuses and promotions. If only you take a look at your own self, we are sure of the fact that you must have worked for a bonus, or must have asked your boss for a promotion. 

This is because, unlike others, the bonus and promotions that are offered by Shangri la doesn’t end in the welcome bonus package. The bonus you might receive while being at the platform of Shangri La are as follows 

- Reload Bonus

According to the policy of the company, if a player makes an additional deposit of around 1700 Indian rupees or more then that person would surely be awarded a 25 percent match bonus that counts to be somewhere around 6600 Indian rupees. 

However, you might have to wager this amount and have to pay 15x. Then only you would be able to withdraw this amount of yours. 

- Free Spins  

Free spins happen to be that part of Shangri la that is auto-generated by the system. Every time someone deposits a couple of cash in his account, he would be awarded some free spins. 

However, the thing that people need to be aware of is that the free spins you would be receiving from Shangri La have to be used within a 24 hours time limit, or else the free spin option might be taken away from you. 

The same procedure goes for this as well. You might have to wager this amount and have to pay 15x it. Then only you would be able to withdraw the amount you win from free spins. 

- Accepts Cryptocurrency  

Cryptocurrency happens to be a thing of the modern world. As many nations have legalized the practice of using cryptocurrency, people still can’t use crypto on sports betting platforms.

However, this isn’t the case when you are at Shangri La. This sports betting website allows you to bet on the games using it. 

When we say that Shangri-La happens to lie in one of the most top Bitcoin casinos in India, then there is no option left for you, then to believe us. 

- Dedicated Mobile App

Last but not the least, many people have simply fallen in love with the mobile phone application Shangri La comes in handy with. Many people in India don;t have access to laptops and PCs, but they surely own smartphones with them.

By launching its mobile phone application, Shangri La has made things much easier for people. Now all you need to do is to sign up for the application on your phone and start benefiting from it. 


Some of the Cons of Shangri La are provided below. 

  • When compared to the other sports betting platform, most users think that this platform seems to be somewhat outdated. 
  • According to the professional bettors, they say that while betting on Shangri La, there are huge chances that you might encounter an occasional bug in the website. This commonly happens when a player navigates through the other landing pages of the website rapidly. 
  • One of the greatest drawbacks of going with Shangri La is that it doesn;t accept UPI as a source for funding your account. Well, this is the facility that will soon be added to the platform of Shangri La. 
  • The platform of Shangri La comes in handy with a withdrawal limit. And this is the factor that is often considered to be annoying to many people. However, every withdrawal channel comprises its own limitations and ends. Which a person can optionally set according to his personnel preference. 
  • On the odd chance that you are someone who is looking forward to competing with foreigners, or from a friend of yours who resides outside India, then Shangri la might not be the best platform for you.  

Final Words 

While wrapping it all up, we believe that now you must be fully aware of the insights of the Shangri La sports betting platform. 

For your convenience, we have provided you with a detailed pros and cons list above. People who aren’t interested in going through the whole guide can refer to that part to decide whether they should go with this betting platform or not! Want to read more reviews? Go to our main blog section!

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