Slot machine facts

Slot machine facts

Slot Machine facts that will blow your mind

Slot machine games are the most popular casino games in India and across the world. They are the computerized versions of the traditional fruit machines found at most of the good casinos. With online slots versions, there are more features such as scatter and wild symbols as well as bonus rounds and much more. Here are some interesting facts about online slot machine games and free daily spins that will tell you just the reasons why they are among the most loved in the world of online gaming. 

1. Slot machine games are the main games at the majority of the online casinos

There is a reason why slot machine games make up a majority of the online gambling world. People enjoy playing online slots. There are numerous online slot machine games that are produced every year. Online casinos in India like Oppa888 have this game as their star attraction. 

2. All slot machines come with a free demo

The best part about online slot machine games is that they come with a free demo at most of the online casinos in India including Oppa888. The free demo and daily free spins help players get an idea of the game before having to spend real money. Free slots with bonus rounds allow one to learn any complex rules without having any risks to your finances. 

3. About the first slot machine

The first slot machine was invented by a mechanic, Bavarian-born American inventor Charles August Fey. He designed it to be a game to play with cards in the year 1985. He inserted the card into a machine, which the players spin to land the same card combinations. The idea originated from the combination of poker. Initially, the game wasn’t built for a casino but as a game to play for fun in the gas station. 

4. Online slot machines used to be called one arm bandits

All of you know that you can play slots by spinning the wheel using the auto play button, but did you know that the original name for this game was one armed bandits. The name came from the lever on the side of the slot machine that was used to start the game. One needed to spin the reels using a handle or arm. 

5. Slot machines are sometimes called Fruit Machines

Early slot machines are known as fruit machines in England, pokies in Australia and New Zealand. The name comes from the fruit symbols on the reels that had images of various fruits such as melon, cherries and apples. 

6. First online casino with slots

Microgaming started the first online casinos with slots as the main focus in 1994. It is a private gambling software technology company based in the Isle of Man. 

7. Some online slot machines allow multiplayer options

There are some online casinos that allow tournaments to be held for online slots. This means that you can compete with other players by ranking up scores based on how many wins each player receives. The leaderboard keeps a track of who gets on the top of the grand prize winner. 

8. Players are likely to get hooked on slot machines

Slot machines can be highly addictive because of easy accessibility and rules. It is believed that players are more likely to get addicted to slots than any other gambling game. This is also the reason why gambling authorities/ developers focus on slot games. 

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