Unibet Review 2021: The Ultimate Guide

Unibet Review 2021: The Ultimate Guide

Unibet Review 2021: The Ultimate Guide

Unibet happens to be one of the most profound sportsbooks to exist currently in the United States. Providing its services in states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Virginia, Unibet has managed to create quite a fandom of its own. 

On the odds that you are here because someone suggested you go for it whenever you feel like performing sports betting, then you really need to give that person a cheer, as signing up to the platform of Unibet would surely be one of the finest decisions that you may have ever made for yourself. In the guide below, we have tried to cover each and everything that a person who is new to the world of Unibet would need to know. Thus this is why, we expect that you would be staying with us throughout the whole guide, as it surely is hard to find the guide that we are providing you. With that being said, we think that enough introduction has been done. Hence without any further ado, let’s begin with our guide! 

About Unibet 

While getting started with the review of Unibet, we thought why shouldn’t we give you an overview of what Unibet Really is. 

The people who do know something about Unibet must be aware of the fact that the parent company of Unibet is the Kindred group. This parent company has a long history of serving its services in the International market, which therefore makes this Kindred Group emerge and get ranked as one of the largest online betting operators. Though that Kindred group is not a name that’s popular in the whole of the United States, however, this soon is going to get changed as it would soon be expanding its branches in a couple of states. Now there is a list of several other brands that operate under the Kindred Group, which is not limited to but includes Bingo, 32Red, Maria Casino, and a lot more. However, the brand here we are talking about is Unibet. 

Unibet is one of the best sports betting platforms that you would ever come across.  

Slowly and steadily the progress Unibet has managed to get is one of the finest ones. Take the name of Unibet in any English-speaking state of the world, and you would see how much people would be knowing about this sports betting platform. The reach this sports betting website comprises has urged even the Kindred group 5 to describe this platform as one of the most premium products that the group has ever produced in its entire life. 

Want to know what makes Unibet earn the success it has right now? We know you do. 

Unibet’s reputation has been increased due to its fast payouts and the fact that it comes with a slick mobile betting interface as well. This innovative phone technology has turned the Unibet platform to become a significant player in the world of online gambling. With all being said, Unibet is now facing stiff competition in every city in the United States as it enters with an image of the next most competitive online gaming landscape of the world. 

Unibet Licenses and Partnerships  

In order to make you aware of the fact that Unibet is a legit sports betting platform, and is the website that will keep you protected from all the scams that usually happen on a sports betting website. 

Following are states in which Unibet shares partnerships and licenses. 

New Jersey:

In this state, the partnership of Unibet is Licensed by the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE). This partnership is with Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.


In this state, the partnership of Unibet is Licensed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB). This partnership is with Mohegan Sun Pocono. 


In this state, the partnership of Unibet is Licensed by the Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC). This partnership is with Horseshoe Hammond. 


In this state, the partnership of Unibet is the Licensed Lottery Board. However, there is no partnership on record here as under the necessary VA law. This partnership is with Argosy Casino Alton 


In this state, the partnership of Unibet is Licensed by the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB). 


In this state, the partnership of Unibet has Licensed Hollywood Casino in anticipation of Ohio legalising mobile betting. 

Unibet Sportsbook Review 

The past operations of the Unibet that were held in other countries were used to be an accurate predictor of its approach towards sports betting in the United States. Currently, Unibet happens to be a sportsbook operator that comes in handy with extensive betting options that are considered to be competitive advantages to the entire world of sports. The number of wagers or bets that are offered to Unibet every day happens to be a lot more than what other sport betting platforms might be getting at all. You don’t trust us with that? Let us provide you with an example here. One day, Unibet had 51000 individual betting markets open, that too for international soccer alone. This was done on the day when BettingUSA published this historic moment in the world of sports betting. This fact that we stated above is in addition to about 1200 football wagers that happens to be more than 1000 baseball wagers, which is a hundred more than the sports that are considered as the world’s major sports. Unibet has got you covered in every sport. It covers professional games, high-profile international events, and all types of college sports with diverse waging options. The options we are talking about are not limited to but include money lines, point spreads, futures, totals, and in-play betting. 

Unibet App Review 

You must be surprised to know the fact that Unibet offers a standalone mobile app for people who are not a big fan of using laptops, PCs, and love betting at their ease. At first, when the app for Unibet was launched, it was launched for casino games only. However, once it starts reaching the potential it truly deserves, the masterminds behind the app added the sports betting option in it. The result of this addition was that Unibet now doesn’t really need to download a new app to perform a different task. Now no matter what you are thinking to do in Unibet, all of your operations can easily be done within a single app. 

On the off chance that you are someone who is new to the world of Unibet, then you can easily search up the Unibet app on your IOS and android devices. This is a plus point as well, now that Unibet is compatible to be played on either Android and IOS devices, nobody is now restricted to get access to this app. This simply means anyone having the access to a phone can literally sign up for the Unibet app, that too with ease. 

Not so sure that the version of Unibet you have on your phone comprises all the latest updates and stuff, then you can download the apk file of the Unibet app from google. 

All you need to do is to search it up on the Unibet website and press the download button. According to the review that was posted in BettingUSA about Unibet, they say that the experience they had with the Unibet app was simply incredible and they really don’t have any error to report. The app comes enriched with a brief list of leagues, open wagers, and a couple of menu items that lead you towards in-play betting, account settings, new and latest promotions, and much more. 

The Unibet app also comes in handy with a play betting interface that happens to be so profound that one simply falls in love with it, that too in a single glance. The premium interface also included a digital game tracker which displays people with real-time stats, telling them how their actions are unfolding! 

Unibet Desktop Experience 

The Unibet betting interface happens to be mostly the same as the other sports betting sites out there. 

Coming in handy with a list of all the ongoing and off-going leagues on the left-hand side, and all the current wagers being displayed prominently in the middle of the screen. If you ever get a chance to open the website of Unibet on either a laptop or on your PC, then you will see that the desktop website uses a three-column display.  The first column shows all the ingoing leagues, the second column shows individual games a player can play, and the third and the final column would be containing all the wagers and would be present in the middle of the screen so that all the players can navigate to it with ease. 

Meanwhile, the Unibet mobile app goes with the standard screen-by-screen navigation setup in order to save a good amount of space. In much simpler words, navigation happens to be the factor on which the whole of the Unibet app and user interface relies on! When you click on any of the odds of the wager, it would create a betting slip for the customer which can further be used to size their bets, create their parlays and view the risk they might have on their plate for their every pending wage. 

Truth be told, all of this makes it comparatively easy to calculate all the outstanding bets you might have on your plate along with the areas that need adjustments. Unibet’s underlying program is based on the software that uses the technology from Kambi, which was once the premium subsidiary Kindred spun off the Kindred Group B2B, later it was turned into a separate company by the end of 2014.  This Kambi software is also behind supplying the software to the other big sports betting websites, which is not limited to but includes DraftKings, believers, and barstool sportsbook. With vast experience in providing users with premium sports betting solutions to one of the biggest sports betting platforms, the Unibet software by Kambi is literally worth the wait! 

In-Play Betting Review  

We would like our readers to be aware of the fact that Unibet surely maintains an active Play betting schedule that usually covers all the major sports leagues including golf, tennis, soccer, and other events that happen to be in demand. For context, Unibet used to have in-play betting markets for one NFL game, seven altogether NBA games, seven MLB games, two esports competitions, four tennis matches, and four soccer games at the time when the review about Unibet was published by BettingUSA. The in-play interface that Unibet comes with provides users to view live stats, scoring data, and animated graphics that simulate everything that’s happening in the field or in the court. For example, oddly Unibets includes a game tracker for all the ongoing games of the NFL and starts recording their current yardage and the outcome of every play. 

Similarly, a game tracker is placed in the soccer game as well that shows who has the ball right now, who’s attacking with the ball, and all the other important stats.  Depending on the event, Unibet might provide you with even more detailed information. For example, the game tracker that was placed on a high-profile game would show all the ordinary stats and events to you, but it wouldn’t stop right there. It would show you the tiniest information about each and everything that is going on in the high-profile game.  

The play betting options at Unibet also include standard game outcome wagers, game totals, next team to score, and extra-short-term wagers that are filed by Unibet under the “Action Betting” category. This action betting market usually gets resolved within a time span of sixty seconds. Moreover, it also deals with the things like the outcomes of the person who is going to bat next in a baseball game, or who would be doing the next hoop in the NBA game! Only the small change that Unibet can, or should significantly make to improve the in-play betting experience for the users would be by adding the calendar of all the upcoming events at one single place.  It can prove to be a lot frustrating to visit or check the in-play area, again and again, to find whether there is any indication provided by the Unibet management about the event that is going to be coming this week. However, Unibet says that it would be offering live betting for some of the games, and this news really makes up for the above drawback that we mentioned! 

Unibet Deposit Methods

One of the greatest advantages that players have at the sight of Unibet offers users a wide range of deposit methods. 

That too with giving ease to the user of deciding whether they have to complete the deposit method online or in person. 

Following are some of the deposit methods that you would find on the website of Unibet, once you make up your mind to give this sports betting website a shot. 

Credit and Debit Card: 

For your information, Unibet accepts all Visa cards and Mastercards. Though the Unibet platform does comprise some issues that still automatically block the online gaming transactions of the player. However, you don’t have to worry about that as this is one of the rarest cases that happens once a year. But, somehow if you got stuck in the deposit method, then you can surely opt for any of the deposit methods that we have explained below. 

Online Bank Transfer: 

Here is the list of the banks. If only you are someone who used the service of any of the following banks can easily utilize the online banking transfer opportunity. The list of the banks are as follows:

  1. Bank of America 
  2. BB&T, Chase
  3. HSBC
  4. ING Direct
  5. PNC
  6. Regions
  7. SunTrust
  8. TD Bank
  9. US Bank
  10. Capital One 360
  11.  New York Community Bank


You might be relieved to know the fact that Unibet Supports payment from PayPal. However, in order to avail of this service, people need to have their sports betting account get linked to their PayPal account. With that being said, we are sorry to inform you that Unibet doesn’t accept the payment to be made from debit or credit card deposits that too via Paypal. 

Otherwise, this happens to be a good option for most of the users. 


eCheck happens to work like the online bill pay option that we have provided you above. However, you should know that the on-line paying option is only available within the premises of the United States. Customers really don’t need to have a bill pay feature being attached to their bank accounts. All they need to do is to submit their personal information at deposits, and confirm their transaction, as easy as that!  

Unibet Prepaid Play+ Card:

Last but not the least, this is the feature that has been doing wonders for most people. Play plus is generally a custom-based prepaid debit card that is issued by Unibet. This debit card is one that can be easily funded online after depositing cash. But the fun doesn’t end here. Play plus users are provided with the physical card via the help of the mail that they can easily use at the local ATMs to withdraw cash or to make purchases in the mall, etc. If the fact that we told above doesn’t make you feel positive about the Unibet sports betting platform, then we don’t know what will. 


While wrapping it all up, we believe that if you managed to get to this far of the article then you must now hold good know-how of Unibet. Since the time Unibet was created by the Kindred group, it managed to create quite a fandom of its own. 

With that being said, we can proudly say here that we covered each and every necessary information that one should be knowing before signing up for the Unibet sports betting platform. 

We hope that the above-mentioned information would have made you interested in getting along with Unibet and hope that our guide here would prove to be fruitful for you.

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